What are some of the most romantic beaches to get married in North Carolina?

Some of the most romantic beaches to get married in North Carolina include the town of Corolla, Cape Hatteras, Wrightsville Beaches, and the Beaches of Bald Head Island, to name a few.

The most romantic beaches to get married in North Carolina are the ones a couple discovers and selects based on how they feel.

What is most important is for the couple to figure out what they are searching for in a wedding destination at the beach.  Important things to consider are the theme of the wedding as well as how many guests are attending.

North Carolina has a perfect beach for every wedding.  Each beach will have its unique atmosphere, setting it apart from the others.

From a small intimate Island Inn hosting a few guests and an intimate beach wedding to a grand resort that offers all-inclusive packages for larger parties, there is something for every couple to choose from.

Town of Corolla, and Corolla Beaches

The town of Corolla has fifteen beaches to choose from where couples can host their wedding ceremony.

With lighthouses and uncrowded, clean beaches, this area provides a perfect atmosphere for either an intimate or elaborate wedding ceremony.

Couples can choose to either view the Atlantic Ocean or Currituck Sound during their wedding ceremony.  An added perk for this series of beaches is that they do not require any permits to host a wedding ceremony on the beach.

With restaurants, hotels, resorts, and inns,  the couple will have no trouble selecting a reception venue that provides them with precisely what they are looking for to celebrate their big day.

This town and its fifteen beaches are perfect for a destination wedding because they are not overly crowded despite the amenities and beauty.

What are some of the most romantic beaches to get married in North Carolina?

Numerous beaches with fewer people mean the wedding ceremony and reception will be the perfect moment every couple is looking for on their wedding day. 

Each wedding guest and the bride and groom will absorb every aspect of the moment to the fullest.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

With four beaches to choose from, couples can select their perfect location from this area’s protected, clean beaches.   Every beach along this stretch will have a variety of ideal wedding spots for everyone’s big day.

From small, uncrowded nooks to vast stretches of glistening sand, there are a variety of locations to choose from.  Each will have uniquely spectacular views.

When selecting a ceremony spot in this area, it is essential to consider parking and accessibility.  Each parking lot area will accommodate a certain amount of cars.  How far the wedding ceremony site is from the parking will be a factor as well.

There is a permit fee that must be paid to the National Park Service and, of course, specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to by all wedding guests.  These rules can be found online and can be printed out if the couple needs them.

Another excellent option for couples who want a unique wedding ceremony is Bodie Island and on the grounds of one of the lighthouses.  Online resources provide all the details for a particular ceremony location.

While the basic permit fee covers small intimate weddings for under 50 guests.  Those who wish to have a complete package including chairs, arch, and other accessories will require a different permit that can be obtained through the National Park Service.

It should be noted that this park closes off areas to protect wildlife and nature during certain seasons, which can affect choices of ceremony locations.  Also, specific beaches do not allow the setup of wedding ceremony equipment during lifeguard season.

A beautiful and unique location in this area for a beachside wedding in the area adjacent to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, but there are many prime spots for small or large wedding ceremonies.

The area also offers various choices for hosting the after ceremony reception, from on the water vessels to houses, restaurants, hotels, and other locations. The engaged couple will have no trouble finding a perfect spot.

Wrightsville Beach Town

With clear blue waters and glistening sand beaches, this oceanside town has a few stunning resorts and restaurants that can provide a memorable beach wedding experience, no matter the size.

Pricing can be tailored to suit the couple’s needs with numerous choices of ceremony and reception locations.  This area is special because it provides all-inclusive packages to help the bride and groom feel less frazzled before and during their wedding.

Expert staff from any resort or restaurant will create a memorable wedding experience from start to finish, handling every detail with care and consideration of the bride and groom.

For couples who want their guests to be entertained before and after the wedding event, there are numerous activities to enjoy.  There is something for every guest at your party, from kayaking to sailing, shopping, and walking tours.

Bald Head Island

What are some of the most romantic beaches to get married in North Carolina? Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island is another great option for hosting a beach wedding with its unique resort atmosphere and old-world charm.  To access the Island guests will take a ferry or water taxi and use the Islands unique transportation system.

For those adventurous and outdoorsy couples that want, hosting a beachside wedding and outdoor reception beside the Islands lighthouse, Old Baldy may provide a most romantic spot to remember.

Why are permits important for getting married on a beach in North Carolina?

Permits are not required for a beach wedding on every beach in North Carolina. Still, permits are important for getting married on specific beaches in North Carolina to protect the wedding event.  When a wedding or other event is reserved with a permit on the beach, no one else can utilize that location at that time.

This provides a more private event experience that all guests can enjoy and a more blissful wedding for the bride, groom, and wedding party.

The couple reserves their wedding ceremony spot with a permit at a specific time on a particular day so no one else can use it on that day and time.

This reservation means that no one will roll their beach blanket out close to the wedding ceremony site.  There won’t be significant distractions or anything getting in the way of this special moment.

Fees for permits vary from one location to the next.  When choosing the beach for a wedding, the engaged couple should use online resources to learn where to acquire the permit, how much it costs, and other rules and regulations.

Romantic beach wedding Coral Bay Club Atlantic Beach NC

Final Thoughts

Having your wedding ceremony on a beach is breathtakingly beautiful, to say the least.  Choosing the right beach is essential for this big day.

While there are many beaches in North Carolina to choose from, these three beaches offer diverse wedding experiences as they each have something for everyone.

There are many other beaches to explore and perfect spots on each of those beaches to say your “I do’s” to each other.  With a bit of research, you are bound to find the one that suits your taste, and as they say, you’ll know it when it’s right!

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