The 5 Least Crowded Beaches In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a popular place for vacationers to visit in South Carolina. Beaches get crowded, so finding the least crowded ones is important.

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What’s the least crowded beach in Charleston?

The least crowded beach in or around Charleston is Edisto Beach, located in Edisto Beach State Park. In addition, you will love the exclusivity of Kiawah Island, Bull’s Island, Caper Island Beach and Folly Beach.

We spoke with tour guides and experienced locals who know the area well. They gave us great insight into the least crowded beaches in and around Charleston, SC.

Which Are the Least Crowded Beaches in Charleston, SC?

Edisto Beach

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If you don’t mind driving a bit further from Charleston, then you’ll love Edisto Beach State Park. Since many folks love places in and around Charleston, you can enjoy spending time away from crowds.

Edisto Beach is a gem and is surrounded by the most fantastic views. Visitors are in for quite a treat, no matter the season. 

Here, you can only find a few families and many nesting sea turtles. Sea turtles make up this area’s biggest population of fauna.

The best time to visit Edisto Beach is during summer. Time your visit from June to August; you can rub shoulders with thousands of baby sea turtles hatching. The beach is under the Edisto Beach State Park, which protects the sea turtles and makes sure to safeguard their natural habitat.

This area is rich in Native American history, and there’s much to do. If you happen to carry your hiking shoes, there are numerous hiking trails you can explore.

There’s also an environmental education center in the state park where many ‘green’ exhibits are displayed.

Visitors can enjoy 1.5 miles of scenic beach and 2 open-front picnic shelters, and 2 campgrounds in the state park accommodate tents and RVs. Apart from camping and picnicking, you can enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing.

Kiawah Island

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Another perfect place to check out when you want to avoid crowds is the magnificent Kiawah Island. The Island has pristine beaches and enjoys exclusivity all year.

Kiawah Island is a perfect barrier island 10 miles off the Atlantic coastline. The sheer beauty of this magnificent place will keep you in a trance as you lie on its beach. 

Its beauty has won the Island numerous awards, including the 2021 top 10 islands in the Continental US by Travel + Leisure.

20% of Kiawah island is made up of wild waters. This is the perfect place to be when you want to see loads of marine life. Dolphins, sea turtles, and fish all over the place thrive in this natural habitat.

Once you get to the Island, it’s time to relax and enjoy amazing sights and sounds. And the best part is you can bike all over the Island with your family and friends. 

There are paved paths that follow scenic trails and have lots of shaded spots.

Horseback rides are another fantastic activity to enjoy on the peaceful Kiawah Island. This is home to the Seabrook Island Equestrian Center.

Book horse rides along the beach and discover more scenic trails on the Island.

The Island is open to the public, and accommodations are available if you want to stay overnight. Depending on your preference, you can access the Island by car or boat.

Bulls Island

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Bull’s Island is another exceptional place to visit near Charleston, SC. And the best part is the Island is only accessible by boat. This adds to its exclusivity since people prefer easily accessible beaches in the area.

This amazing Island is protected under the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The protection ensures nature thrives, and there’s great scenery for all to enjoy.

If you want a place to enjoy nature and have lots of adventures, head to Bull’s Island. There are no resorts in the area, so this is about exploring and accessing the beach.

Visitors can enjoy swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating when touring Bull’s Island. Plus, there are many sun-bleached trees along the way for kids to explore. Pack a picnic and carry some umbrellas and other necessities during the trip.

A local ferry can take you on an expedition to Bull’s Island if you prefer not to enjoy boating. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes to reach the Island. There’s lots of marine life to enjoy along the way.

Pack shoes that can get wet without getting damaged and sun protection. Be mindful of the weather, and choose days with good forecasts to tour this serene place.

Folly Beach

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You are in for another exciting treat when you drive south of Charleston. Folly beach on Folly island is a lovely, secluded place when seeking a less crowded place.

This is a family-friendly beach where families and friends can have a blast. The main activities include picnics, fishing, swimming, and water sports. You can even enjoy more skillful activities, such as surf fishing in the surrounding waters.

Locals and tourists who discover Folly beach can spend time surfing the amazing waves. There are restaurants where you can share a meal and bars that serve various drinks. Folly beach also has several vacation rentals if you want to stay there for some time.

Check out the Folly beach pier that stretches almost 1000 feet into the ocean. Many souvenir and surf shops line the way, and the best picnic sites are around.

Caper Island Beach

Lastly, be sure to tour the natural and attractive Caper island. Since this Island isn’t developed, natural beauty rules the entire area. And the only way to reach the Island is by boat.

The beach at Caper’s Island is serene, and vegetation covers the landscape. Canoeing and kayaking are some of the top water sports activities you can enjoy.

Pack everything you need when spending a day at Caper island. There aren’t any restaurants, vacation rentals, or bars in the area. Still, the beach is perfect for sunbathing and having a picnic.

Key Takeaways

  • Many famous beaches in and around Charleston tend to be quite crowded.
  • Edisto beach is one of the least crowded beaches in Charleston.
  • Kiawah island is perfect for vacationers who want to spend the night.
  • Bull’s Island has no resorts, so pack a picnic.