7 of the Best Coffee Shops in Charleston, South Carolina

There is something extra special about starting your day off with a really good cup of coffee or tea.

And what better place is there to enjoy it than at a coffee house, be it big, small, outdoors or in.

Coffee houses have the right atmosphere to make projects come together, romantic gestures flow better, friendships blossom, and business meetings more agreeable.

No matter what type of coffee beverage you like, hot or cold, latte, espresso, cold brew, or something else, there are plenty of places to grab a quick cup in Charleston, South Carolina, and continue with where you’re headed.

What are the best coffee shops in Charleston?

Charleston, SC has tons of great coffee shops. Some of the best locally-owned ones are:

  • The Harbinger Café
  • Muddy Waters Coffee Bar
  • Mixson Market
  • City Lights Coffee
  • Vintage Coffee and Café
  • La Patisserie
  • Kaminsky’s Dessert Café

I know some of you out there that have yet to find that perfect cup of java that makes your heart sing with joy.

Just when I think I have finally found it, whatever city I am currently visiting, another great coffee shop pops up to surprise me with something even better. That’s what my list was made for, finding the best of the best coffee shops!

7 of the Best Coffee Shops in Charleston South Carolina 1

The Harbinger Café

1107 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403

(843) 637-3410

While few people would put healthy and coffee together, is coffee shop certainly does on its menu.

Featuring breakfast, lunch, and snack options that are locally sourced and change seasonally, this coffee shop is all about ways to make things healthier.

From gluten-free to vegan and vegetarian options, there are plenty of choices for every dietary need. 

Food and beverage items are locally sourced whenever possible.

Muddy Waters Coffee Bar

1739 Maybank Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29412

(843) 795-0848

If you enjoy art with a smidgen of caffeine blended in, this coffee shop should be your go-to spot.

Small in size, but big on coffee with unique flavor blends and art for sale from local artists.

This place has a pleasing aesthetic outdoor atmosphere with seating in a garden area when the weather permits. 

The iced caramel macchiato is delicious, and other unique flavors like lavender latte, which might seem unusual but is quite interesting, and tasty if you ever wanted to know how lavender coffee tastes.

If you like to shop for unique handmade items and enjoy looking at them while sipping your coffee, this little coffee shop has plenty to go around with hand-crafted jewelry, paintings, candles, and other décor and personal items.

Mixson Market

4338 McCarthy Street, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405

(843) 471-2850

If you’re looking for some artistic energy to go along with your morning java, this is a great place to start. 

With a lovely menu featuring chefs’ artistic creations of sandwiches and other food, alongside specialty coffees and other beverages and shopping to boot.

This coffee shop is located in an eclectic neighborhood in the Charleston area and serves up sandwiches and other items on a to-go menu in a beautiful neighborhood.

7 of the Best Coffee Shops in Charleston South Carolina 2

City Lights Coffee

12 Line Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403

(843) 853-7067

For a delightful coffee experience that’s delivered by an Irishman, this little gem of a coffee shop is a place you have to visit at least once.

If you like the energy and vibe of an Irish pub with your coffee, it won’t disappoint.

Vintage Coffee and Café

219 Simmons Street, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

(843) 352-7552

For those who adore breakfast so much they want to eat it at every meal of the day alongside a steaming or chilly cup of coffee, this is the place to try.

Egg sandwiches, pancakes, and other breakfast fare are endlessly served up to patrons beside an endless list of beverages and treats.

La Patisserie

404 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403

(888) 820-5271

Located in a posh Charleston Hotel, this bakery blended with a coffee shop ss a great stop to act like you’re in Paris offering something from an exciting French menu.

If you want lovely charm and style while having a macchiato and éclair, or something else entirely they have everything you could imagine.

Kaminsky’s Dessert Café

78 North Market Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401

(843) 853-8270

For an extra special coffee break at a coffee shop that serves up just as many delightful desserts as they do coffees this is the best place to go when in Charleston. 

The atmosphere and décor are pleasant and inviting, a welcoming start to your day or night.

What should I order if I have never been to a specialty coffee shop?

There is no right or wrong thing to order if you haven’t been to a specialty coffee shop before. 

It can seem a little intimidating the first time you are there to figure out what to order, especially if people are waiting behind you to grab their beverage.

If it becomes too much pressure, you can always order something you’ve had before, whether at a friend’s house while dining out at a restaurant or somewhere else. 

Then you can compare how that coffee shop compares to the other place.

Coffee shops are everywhere, and while it may be your first visit, it doesn’t have to be about pressure, stress, or feeling rushed. 

A coffee house is a fun place, often filled with people of diverse backgrounds that have once been in your shoes themselves, wondering what they were going to order and feeling the pressure to hurry and figure it out.

Sometimes choosing a regular coffee that is flavored and seasoned with just the right amount of sweetener and cream, or not is the best way to get through the first experience. 

Once you have your coffee, you can kick back at a table for a few minutes if time permits and watch the other people coming and going to see how they manage it. 

In Conclusion

Great coffee is a must for many of us, and when it’s combined with some really good food or snacks, the more, the better. 

Finding that go-to spot in your neighborhood, while on vacation or on business travel doesn’t have to be hard.

You need only use this list to find the best coffee shops in Charleston and start sipping to discover which one suits your personality the best!