Explore These 5 Castles In Puerto Rico Before You Leave!

Puerto Rico provides various castles that convey the country’s rich history. So, what are the best castles to explore in Puerto Rico?

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What are the best castles in Puerto Rico?

Some of the best castles to explore in Puerto Rico are; the Felipe Del Morro, Morovis Castle, and Seralles Castle and Museum. Other castles around Puerto Rico include; El Fortin Mirasol and Fort San Cristobal. These castles have unique features and thrilling activities you can engage in.

Puerto Rico provides a unique place to learn about various cultures and legacies due to fascinating landmarks and places to visit. As a matter of fact, the island receives a lot of visitors per year.

Traveling to Puerto Rico allows visitors to enter a world rich in culture and charisma by visiting museums, castles, and forts, among other historical features. Here, the American and Spanish influences converge to create a cultural haven in the Caribbean.

One of the main historical features that bring people together is the castles because they represent the heritage of Puerto Rico and provide a great place to learn and appreciate history. 

Most of the castles have historians and other volunteers who will teach you about various features present and show you the kind of activities to do. The following are some of the castles to visit in Puerto Rico and what you will explore:

The Felipe Del Morro Castle

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The Castillo Felipe Morro, named after the king of Spain, is located in old San Juan. 

The main objective of constructing the castle was to protect the Spanish people from attackers on the high seas and monitor the entrance of San Juan bay. One benefit of visiting El Morro is that the place is open every day a week from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

Additionally, adults are required to pay$10 per individual, and kids under 15 will not pay for any entrance costs. When you reach the opening of El Morro, you will need to ascend to a path that goes through the front Fort to access El Morro.

In the Fort, the National Park staff will collect your entrance fee and welcome you at the door.

Outside El Morro, you will find park officers who take people to tour around the castles, barracks, sleeping areas, and kitchens, among other amenities, that the Spanish soldiers utilized. 

If you want memorable photos, you can visit the lowest part of El Moro near the water’s shore. In this place, you will get a better capture of the Fort and the castle inside. 

You will also see a small island across the water known as El Cauelo.

San Cristobal Castle and Fort

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San Cristobal castle and Fort, located in San Juan, was constructed to protect the Spanish against land-based conflicts through attacks. 

To visit San Cristobal, you must pay $10 at the Fort, but kids under 15 will have free entrance.

In San Cristobal, you will see the fort center that served as the location for soldier’s drills, inspections, and other official gatherings.

Additionally, the Spanish soldiers used about 11 prison cells to imprison their enemies. You will also see the officers’ quarters, barracks, storage areas, kitchens, and restrooms.

Another exciting area in San Cristobal is the dungeon that exhibits authentic drawings created by unidentified prisoners.

In the 18th century, dungeons used to serve as a way of letting people die naturally rather than using murder devices. Therefore, there are a lot of places to visit in San Cristobal.

El Fortin Mirasol Castle

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The El Fortin mirasol castle is a castle and Fort constructed in 1845 and is situated in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Therefore, it provides a perfect place to visit and learn about its history. Typically, if you want to visit the area, there is no entry fee, but you can freely donate money to ensure that its renovation takes place.

When you enter El Fortin, you will meet welcoming employees with a great selection of historical books and eye-catching children’s books available for purchase. 

You can also meet with intellectuals familiar with El Fortin’s history and ask questions concerning the place. 

On the Fort’s exterior, you will be able to view cannons used as weapons to attack enemies and protect the Fort and the castle.

El Fortin also features a lovely gift shop with a wide selection of unique things you can buy if you want to purchase a souvenir for your trip. Additionally, you can view Isabella’s colored buildings near the Atlantic shores with unique and colorful architectural designs.

Morovis Castle

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The Morovis castle is an abandoned castle built by an artist who never managed to finish the construction because he died. 

Therefore, Morovis has permitted everyone to visit and explore the castle as long as they don’t steal or damage any resources present in the place.

One exciting yet sad activity is that all the artist’s scattered belongings are still present in the castle, and you can search and learn about the artist’s plans and other related information.

If you want to access the Morovis castle, you will need to leave your vehicle parked on the road’s primary side to alert the neighboring individuals that there is a person in the castle.

As you proceed down the pathway, you will be able to access the castle, start exploring it, and learn about its history. 

One of the benefits of visiting this castle is that you do not pay any entry fee, and you can visit the castle at any time as long as you respect the property and any resources present in it.

Seralles Castle and Museum

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The Seralles is a castle and an agricultural museum found in ponce, Puerto Rico. After the castle was abandoned, the owner turned it into a distillery and a sugar factory, and recently, the owner converted it into a museum in 1991.

The museum is open to visitors who want to visit and learn about its history.

The museum contains sections such as Crucets El Viga and a butterfly garden where you can take your children for a tour to play with the seasonal butterflies.

Additionally, there is a beautiful garden where you can go for picnics with friends as you enjoy the view of the museums and other unique scenery. 

Keep in mind that the museum’s Administration does not allow its guests to roam on their own in the museum; there is a group of tour guides that you should follow to explore the place. The only place you are allowed to roam in the gift shop.

Typically, the museum comprises 4 floors where each floor exhibits different aspects of the building. 

The first flour contains sugar processing machines, and it was formerly used as the castle basement. 

The second floor used to be a vehicle garage, which has been renovated into a gift shop. The third floor features restrooms, other sleeping accommodations, and other items such as furniture, while the fourth floor provides a stunning view of the city. 

Therefore, you can do fascinating features and activities at Seralles Castle and Museum.

Key Takeaways

  • Puerto Rico is a region full of culture and charisma
  • There are several castles located around Puerto Rico
  • Most of the castles have been made to be hotels and museums
  • Every castle in Puerto Rico has its history
  • There are a lot of activities to do in the different castles in Puerto Rico