Cruise Puerto Rico In A Catamaran From One Of These Rental Companies!

Catamarans offer an efficient way to sail through Caribbean water in Puerto Rico. So, what are some of the best Catamaran trips in Puerto Rico? 

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What are the best catamaran rental companies in Puerto Rico?

Some of the best Catamaran trips and services to use in Puerto Rico are the Island Adventures trips, Sail Gateways trips, Caribe Bliss trips, Aqua adventure trips, and Traveler Catamaran trips. Each Catamaran offers unique services to different areas in and around Puerto Rico Island.

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The Best Catamaran Trips in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is convenient for a holiday or weekend because of its majestic mountains, delicious food, adventure, and beaches. 

Here, you will experience a perfect balance of history, culture, and unique travel destinations. The people in Puerto Rico are very friendly and welcoming to visitors.  

Additionally, the place comprises pleasant and welcoming people ready to teach you about their culture and way of life. 

Additionally, since Puerto Rico is an island, most individuals love to go to the seas using a Catamaran and enjoy the lovely sea breeze.

The island has a majority of Catamaran services. The services offered by each boat agency might differ depending on your budget, carrying capacity, and the kind of services you want to receive, among other factors.

 Therefore, it is advisable to look for the activities of each Catamaran service before you decide to book one. 

The following are some of the best Catamaran services and trips they will take you in Puerto Rico:

The Island Venture Sailing Trips

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The island venture is one of the most popular Catamarans used in Puerto Rico because of its comfort and thrilling experience.

The Island Ventures is suitable for visitors who want to sail from Caja Muertos Island to Puerto Rico. 

Since there are no shopping malls or shops on the island, you will be required to carry your snacks because Island Ventures offer a limited selection of food and beverages. 

You have to plan about this well in advance, otherwise, you are going to be inconvenienced. 

If you wish to eat in the boat, you will need to make an order in advance in the morning, and it will be freshly prepared while you have fun on the island. 

One of the main benefits is that you can go a round trip for only$60 and get additional tickets for meals and drinks.

 One drawback of using the island venture is the need for more privacy since it is a public boat. If you love having peace and silence during your trip, then it is advisable to book a private Catamaran.

Sail Getaway’s Sailing Trip

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If you want a private Catamaran where you and your family or friends can spend time having fun, sail Catamaran getaways are a boat you should book. Here, you will get the privacy that you may want.

Typically, the Catamaran is suitable for guests who want to go to Icaco Island and the eastern part of Puerto Rico Island.

Additionally, the boat has been certified by the US coast guard, and its operators have been considered fit to carry only 26 passengers.

The Sail Getaway crew offers you the necessary equipment you require, such as puke bags, life jackets, and other essentials that will be helpful during the trip. 

You can also order different kinds of food and drinks at an affordable price, and you will get discounts depending on the amount of time you spend on the boat. 

The sail getaway is operational every day; it starts its operations at 7:30 am and closes at 9:00 pm. Therefore, book with the Sail Getaway Catamaran for an exciting sailing experience around Puerto Rico.

Caribe Bliss Sailing Trips

Caribe Bliss is one of the most exclusive Catamaran services to book because they will provide an exciting boat trip experience on the East Coast of Puerto Rico. 

The Bliss team allows you to explore the Catamaran bot, which is known as Tortuga, and the white sandy beaches and clear waters surrounding Puerto Rico and other islands such as Vieques Island.

Caribe Bliss is one of the few Catamaran boat services that offers its guests the ability to swim in the water while having a trained lifeguard beside them. You can also decide to stay on board and enjoy different food and complimentary tropical refreshments prepared by trained chefs and bartenders. 

Even though the security and comfort of the visitors are the top priority of Caribe Bliss, the team ensures that the marine life is conserved and protected against any harm. 

Therefore, you cannot throw plastic bottles and food in the water, and you have to be sensitive to the environment all the time. 

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Traveler Catamaran Sailing Trips

The traveler Catamaran has the experience of offering its visitors a guided trip to the eastern parts of Puerto Rico Island. The Catamaran is a 54-foot boat that will provide you with memorable moments of sailing and diving into the water. 

The boat also features a large deck where you can sunbathe, onboard restrooms, and a skilled staff who will guide you in case you need assistance.

Like the Bliss sailing trips, you can also go for a guided dive and explore marine life or remain on board and enjoy food and tropical refreshments. 

Another benefit of using a traveler Catamaran for your trip is that the boat remains safe even in strong waves. Therefore, it is safe to bring children who are at least 3 years old with you to enjoy the sailing experience.

Aqua Adventures Catamaran Trips

The Aqua Adventure offers visitors memorable trips along the clear water of the Caribbean seas in Puerto Rico. They also take guests who require going to Culebras water or those who want to float next to a manatee along the Fajardo’s breathtaking beaches. 

The Aqua Adventure offers its guests diving suits and scuba guide divers to enable guests to enjoy the marine life and natural resources around the waters surrounding Puerto Rico. 

Additionally, the Aqua Adventure also offers food, tropical drinks, and beverages at an affordable price.

You can bring kids over the age of 3 years because the Aqua Adventures Catamarans are very stable even during high storms and waves.

Key Takeaways

  • You can book for Catamaran services to enjoy different areas in Puerto Rico
  • Ensure to check if the Catamaran services are certified before booking
  • Most Catamaran trips have onboard and off-board activities
  • You can bring your family and friends to enjoy the Catamaran sailing experience