Campgrounds With Showers Near Yellowstone

As the world’s first national park, Yellowstone is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful parks for seeing wildlife and exploring nature.

Nothing can compare to a trip to this amazing national park whether you travel and stay in a nearby hotel or other lodgings or decide to RV or tent camp. 

Whatever your sleeping style, there is something for everyone who visits this great park.

At over two million acres one can only imagine how easy it is to get lost and rediscover yourself and your connection to the land. 

And after all this adventure-seeking and exploration almost everyone will want to get cleaned up somehow.

When we travel, and especially while we are camping outdoors, cleaning up after a long day of fun is usually a top priority, right after a hot delicious meal. 

When visiting this national park, you might wonder where the showers are, and if and when they are open for use.

What campgrounds in Yellowstone have showers?

Only one of the twelve campgrounds located in Yellowstone offers hot showers on a seasonal basis. Canyon Campground is the only campground that offers hot showers, and they charge a small fee. There are a few other places you can get a shower in Yellowstone such as hotels, lodges, and private cabins.

Yellowstone is known for many things, and great outdoor adventures with nature are one of them. One of the other amazing things about Yellowstone is despite being a national park they cater to everyone’s needs.

Some people don’t enjoy sleeping outside with wildlife, others might need a break from sleeping in a tent, or simply want a cozy couple of nights in a lodge to enjoy some quality time with their family and friends away from the work of taking care of fire and tent.

Whatever the case, Yellowstone has something for everyone so that they can rest easy, enjoy the park’s amenities, and get on with their vacation without sacrificing creature comforts like showers. 

Canyon Campground is located in a beautiful area of the park, it offers hot showers and flush toilets seasonally but also other amenities like cellphone service, ice, and firewood for sale.

This campground offers hot showers for a fee during peak or active seasons.

Campgrounds With Showers Near Yellowstone 1

Located in a Pine Forest, this campground is beautiful to behold with or without the showers, but having a hot shower makes it a convenient and comfortable campground to call home while you are visiting this national park.

This campground is open from the end of May until the middle of September, the summer season only.

Does Madison Campground Yellowstone have showers?

No, the Madison Campground Yellowstone doesn’t have showers. 

This campground which is open from May to October offers a sanitary dump station for RVs but no utility hookups or showers for camping guests.

Travelers who visit and set up camp at this campground will have to use more primitive forms of cleaning such as splashing off with bottled water or portable solar showers. 

Both provide a minimal footprint but allow hikers and campers to keep clean during their stay here.

Does Mammoth Campground have showers?

This campground which is the only one that is open year-round doesn’t have showers. 

The campground has a few other features that can make staying here easier for campers, like a potable water source and flush toilets but no showers or dump station.

Campers who travel in RVs, camper vans, or any other types of self-contained sleeping areas as well as tent campers can utilize the same methods as listed above for the Madison Campground.

Are showers open at Grant Campground Yellowstone?

Campgrounds With Showers Near Yellowstone 2

As quite possibly the largest campground in the park, Grant Campground Loop doesn’t have shower facilities, but they do have seasonal potable water and flush toilets.

The campground has a seasonal dump station and other amenities that both RV, camper, and tent camping travelers will enjoy taking advantage of during their stay.

While not having an easily accessible hot shower may seem like a “bust” for a camping vacation the beauty of this national park far outweighs the negatives. 

Many people who camp, whatever way they sleep are used to this and have learned to make do with what they have, meaning baby wipes or washcloths and water heated up on the fire.

Some camping travelers prefer to rough it and losing a hot shower isn’t the total loss that many hotel dwellers might consider it to be while they stay in this vast park.

In Conclusion

Visiting Yellowstone is a completely memorable experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

How a visitor sleeps while they are in the park will vary from one person to another and there is no wrong way to take a vacation adventure.

While the park might not have many campground spots with hot showers, a little creativity and thoughtfulness can get the job done easily!