Campgrounds Near Moab With Showers

Everyone longs for a hot shower after a long day hiking, exploring, and checking out nature and wildlife on their outdoor vacation.

Finding one may be easy or hard depending on where your travels have taken you unless you are creative and think outside the box, using portable showers and pots of water and wash clothes when needed.

When visiting the great state of Utah, you may wonder where you can grab a hot shower after your fun-filled day and this article has those details for you.

What campgrounds near Moab, Utah have showers?

Most of the campgrounds near Moab do not have showers because of Utah’s strict water use rules. The closest state campground to Moab with showers is Green River State Park. In Moab, Sun Outdoors and Moab KOA Holiday are RV resort parks that have shower facilities.

Below you will find details about where you can grab a quick shower to wash off the trail dust while visiting some of the most beautiful outdoor destinations and parks in this state.

Almost all of these are located in privately owned campgrounds or resorts that cater to camping travelers who want to connect with nature, enjoy the privacy, and quiet nature of camping without sacrificing modern conveniences like showers.

Some State Parks in Utah offer showers but finding a National Park in Utah that offers showers is a bit more challenging. 

Most National Parks don’t offer showers, if by chance they do it is usually the larger parks and there is a coin fee for this service.

State Parks

5 Campgrounds Near Moab With Showers 1

The two closest state parks to Moab do not have any showers and water is limited in this area. 

Dead Horse Point State Park and Utahraptor State Parks have unique outdoor activities and sights to be explored but no showers. Those campers that wish to camp and stay in a state park must go a bit further out.

Green River State Park

Green River is located just under an hour’s drive northwest of Moab and over fifty miles away. They have modern restrooms with hot showers for campers staying in the park.

Green River has a campground that has recently been updated to provide water to almost all the sites. 

They offer RV and tent camping as well as cabins for those individuals that want a modern camping experience while visiting Moab, Green River, and the surrounding area.

National Parks

There are no national parks in the Moab area that have showers for camping guests.


For campers that are looking for a slightly different camping experience while visiting this area, glamping may be the perfect choice to have your shower and enjoy your adventure too.

The location is a bit further out, at about forty miles and minutes.

Off-Grid Stargazer Bell Tent makes a nice meet-in-the-middle vacation for couples that want a whole lot of home while still being one with nature. There are multiple glamping tents available in the location so groups or families can reserve together.

This glamping tent has an available shower, toilet, and kitchen but no potable water. 

You can enjoy your wi-fi in between outdoor explorations and even though your pooch isn’t allowed there are still many perks to staying in one of these glam tents, least of all being a wonderful shower at the end of the day.

5 Campgrounds Near Moab With Showers 2

Where can I shower while camping in Moab?

There are numerous spots where you can camp and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a hot shower while you’re visiting the Moab area.

These places are privately owned while the state and national parks in this area do not have on-site showers. This is due to the low water table in this area.

Sun Outdoors Moab Downtown

This privately owned campground that was once known as Canyonlands RV Resort and Campground is open year-round and suitable for all ages, even your pet can come along for some family fun.

The campground offers modern amenities and features that make camping in this area less stressful and more about the fun and adventure. 

With hot showers, an outdoor swimming pool, playground, gas station, dump station, picnic areas and splash pad for kids this resort is a perfect stop for those who prefer modern to rustic and roughing it.

The showers are clean, well maintained, and modern offering campers of all sorts a hot shower after a long day of fun outdoors.

Moab KOA Holiday

Like all other campgrounds in this organization, this Moab campground offers numerous amenities and modern features for campers to enjoy including hot, clean, modern shower conveniences for guests to enjoy.

It is conveniently close to the state and national parks making it a good spot for visitors to this area who want to explore Dead Horse Point State Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park.

Other features of this campground are a bike washing station, the biggest pool in Moab, a playground, and a dog-friendly campground.

Are there showers in Arches National Park?

No, there are no showers in Arches National Park. There are toilets and potable water for other uses. 

Campers who travel to this area must think about how they are going to care for their hygienic needs and prepare accordingly.

If that is not something campers want to worry about it is probably best that they stay outside the park in one of the many privately-owned campgrounds and resorts for convenience or not shower at all during their stay.

Where can I shower in Utah National Parks?

The only National Park in Utah that offers showers is the Glen Canyon, National Park.

Glen Canyon National Park offers showers in their Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area, they are free showers but cold.

Where can I shower at Arches?

You can’t shower in Arches unless you have a portable shower system and follow the park rules and regulations. Aside from that, you can use baby wipes or other methods for maintaining hygiene while camping in this National Park.

Final Points

Utah offers some of the best outdoor experiences campers and other travelers can imagine. With the national and state parks in the Moab area, it is easy to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, history, and wildlife.

When visiting the Moab area these parks don’t have showers but thanks to some amazing privately-owned campgrounds and resorts that shouldn’t be a problem. Unless of course, you want to rough it and forget the shower, in which case the state and national parks are perfect!