4 Spectacular Places to See and Go Zip Lining in Arizona

Ziplining is one of the best outdoor adventures anyone can take that brings them up close and personal with nature while providing thrills and beautiful scenery. 

Finding the right spot to participate in this fun activity while on vacation can seem hard to do.

With so many locations to choose from in Arizona, it can be difficult to know which location offers the safest zipline experience without breaking the bank account. 

Everyone wants to feel well cared for and that the guides helping them on their tour are knowledgeable and skilled at what they do and friendly.

Where can I zipline in Arizona?

The best places for a ziplining excursion in Arizona are Arizona Zip Line Adventures based out of Oracle, the DukOUT premier adventure company in Scottsdale, Route 66 Zipline in Williams, and Flagstaff Extreme in Flagstaff. Each of these companies offers a spectacular ziplining experience through Arizona’s breathtaking natural landscapes.

The below-listed locations offer all those things and more with spectacular places to see and enjoyable scenery on a ziplining tour.

Arizona Zip Line Adventures – Oracle

Ziplining at its best, visitors can enjoy the view of the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Sonoran Desert.

Visitors can choose to zip line or hike if they prefer to keep their feet planted on the ground. 

The views and atmosphere are exceptional no matter which is chosen.

The eco-friendly zip line tour allows visitors to choose the length amongst five different, from four hundred to fifteen hundred feet in length. 

Tours last up to two hours, with the scenery and atmosphere providing a memorable experience.

Exhilarating tours are offered by fun and friendly staff that provide exceptional service. 

The mountain views offer a lovely backdrop for this thrilling adventure that can be taken during the day on an eco-tour, moonlight, or sunset for an even more thrilling experience.

The sunset zip line tour is exactly the same as the eco-tour. 

Still, it offers the breathtaking sunset as a backdrop for the experience.

Through the use of glow lamps and headlights, the moonlight tour offers an entirely different perspective as zip liners fly through the night sky beneath the canopy of stars and the moon.

4 Spectacular Places to See and Go Zip Lining in Arizona 1

DukOUT – Scottsdale

Ziplining tours are just one of the adventures this facility offers. 

From sightseeing to hiking and ziplining, this location brings outdoor life and fun together like no other.

With various tours and adventures throughout the entire state of Arizona, this tour company knows how to bring people and nature together.

Guides are seasoned specialists that strive to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm for the great outdoors to everyone they encounter on tour. 

Each is skilled and friendly, and their passion for these thrilling adventures that include zip-lining shines through from the moment you first meet them.

Many of the adventures this tour company offers are or can be combined to create an unforgettable weekend or weeklong experience where the sights and beauty of Arizona are experienced at length.

Route 66 Zipline – Williams

4 Spectacular Places to See and Go Zip Lining in Arizona 2

This location offers the perks of being near the Grand Canyon’s South Entrance, making it a nice diversion from that area’s breathtaking views and scenery.

For a bit of nostalgia with your vacation, this zip line is easy and fun for families of all sizes. 

Ziplining is easy, and family and friends can share the experience together while riding side by side along their aerial journey.

It travels along the famous Route 66 highway, over the town of Williams, and of course, Grand Canyon Boulevard.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the atmosphere fun and exciting. 

They offer discounts for groups and most of all there are no reservations needed.

No reservations needed is a nice perk for travelers returning from the Grand Canyon that want to add a bit of excitement to their day without getting too carried away if they have issues with heights or health problems.

What makes this location so spectacular is its close proximity to the Grand Canyon entrance and the way the zip lining is provided.

Tandem riding is great because it allows hesitant visitors like children or seniors to fly together and have a great time participating in a new experience.

Flagstaff Extreme – Flagstaff

With an adult course and a kid course, this zip line location has everything a family or group needs to keep everyone occupied and happy. 

Each course and zip line adventure has the added bonus of obstacles that add to the fun.

Each adventure is geared towards a different skill level that ranges from minimum or no experience to advanced skill. 

Adults can participate in zip lining at thirty different courses making this a spectacular place to enjoy an adventure while in Arizona.

The ziplines are located in the Ponderosa Pines and range from fifteen to eighty feet in height. 

Along with the ziplining, the adult adventure includes obstacles that must be completed to finish the task.

Each participant must be at least over fifteen unless they are accompanied by an adult and should be physically capable of completing the course after the offered training.

Local hotels listed on the website offer special packages for visitors who want to stay the night and enjoy an afternoon of fun ziplining.

What makes this location spectacular is the close proximity to numerous other thrilling adventures and travel ideas. 

Flagstaff offers unimaginable amounts of dining, shopping, nightlife activities, culture, history, and other possibilities for encounters with nature and wildlife.

While this list is not exhaustive, it highlights the best options for zip lining while visiting Arizona, which will add to the delight one gets from all the adventures one can have while making this journey.

What should I do if I become afraid when I go zip lining?

What you should do if you become afraid when you go zip lining is talk to the tour guide if possible.  Many people are afraid of heights or trying new activities that can seem dangerous.

Talking with a tour guide as soon as you feel this anxiety or fear allows them to help you during this situation and provide insight into the experiences of others and reassurances so you can enjoy your day.

These individuals have a great experience with the activity, and they also have experience with people who have had the same issues in the past.

Closing Points

Arizona is the perfect state to get out and explore nature, wildlife, and beauty. 

There will never be a dull moment from famous locations like the Grand Canyon and amazing cities like Flagstaff.

Numerous locations in this great state offer amazing zip lining for an unforgettable outdoor experience that brings the thrills of aerial travel to life in a very personal way.

What can be seen and viewed from a zip line, high above the ground, is an unforgettable experience not to be missed by anyone, wherever they may decide to go!