Best Location to Stay in Nashville Without a Car

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Exploring Nashville’s vibrant music scene, delectable cuisine, and rich history is a must-do for any visitor. However, getting around the city without a car can pose a challenge. The right choice of location for your stay in Nashville can significantly enhance your trip. Here are a couple of options to consider:

Where should I stay in Nashville without a car?

Nashville is actually a great place to visit if you don’t have a car. Downtown Nashville has plenty of accommodations and is within walking distance of tons of great restaurants, bars, and attractions. Midtown or West End neighborhoods are also good options if you want to avoid saying in downtown proper but still want to be within walking distance.

Staying in the heart of the city in Downtown Nashville provides easy access to numerous attractions, restaurants, and bars within walking distance. Downtown Nashville boasts iconic destinations like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum, and the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

To add to its convenience, the city’s public transportation system, WeGo Public Transit, operates several bus routes that traverse downtown, enabling seamless exploration of other areas.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere while still being close to the action, consider staying in the Midtown or West End neighborhoods.

Just a short distance from downtown, Midtown is home to Vanderbilt University and a variety of excellent dining options. Meanwhile, West End is renowned for its shopping and vibrant nightlife. Both neighborhoods enjoy excellent connectivity to downtown via multiple bus routes, allowing you to navigate the city effortlessly without a car.

Regardless of the location you choose, Nashville offers a delightful blend of culture, entertainment, and Southern hospitality. By strategically selecting your base and utilizing the city’s public transportation, you can make the most of your Nashville experience without the need for a car.

Key Takeaways:

  • Downtown Nashville offers easy access to attractions and amenities, with walkability and public transportation options available.
  • Midtown and West End neighborhoods provide a relaxed atmosphere while still being well-connected to downtown Nashville.
  • Nashville offers a diverse range of accommodations, including hotels, vacation rentals, and hostels, catering to various preferences and budgets.
  • Public transportation, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, and shuttle options provide convenient ways to explore Nashville without a car.

Discover the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Nashville without a Car

If you’re planning a visit to Nashville without a car, there are several neighborhoods that offer convenience and accessibility, allowing you to make the most of your stay.

Before we begin, remember thatNashville has a style and vibe all it’s own. If you want to fit in and look stylish, check out our guide to what to wear in Nashville.

Here are some of the top areas to consider:

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Downtown Nashville

Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant heart by staying in Downtown Nashville. This bustling neighborhood puts you within walking distance of a plethora of hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Explore the iconic Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, soak in the history at the Johnny Cash Museum, or enjoy a live performance at the legendary Ryman Auditorium. Getting around is a breeze with the convenience of multiple bus routes and the Music City Circuit trolley.

The Gulch

Located just south of downtown, The Gulch offers a trendy and upscale atmosphere. Indulge in a variety of dining and shopping options, and be sure to visit the renowned Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Despite its upscale ambiance, The Gulch remains easily accessible by public transportation, making it a convenient choice.

West End/Vanderbilt

The West End neighborhood is an excellent option for those seeking proximity to Vanderbilt University or the medical center.

Enjoy the bustling energy of this area, which features a variety of dining and entertainment options. Public transportation, including bus routes and the Music City Circuit trolley, provides seamless connectivity to other parts of the city.


Situated just north of downtown, Midtown is a vibrant neighborhood brimming with dining and nightlife options.

It’s a popular choice among students and medical professionals due to its proximity to universities and hospitals. With several bus routes and the Music City Circuit trolley servicing the area, exploring Nashville from Midtown is a breeze.

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East Nashville

Embrace a laid-back atmosphere by staying in the eclectic neighborhood of East Nashville. This vibrant area boasts an array of unique shops, restaurants, and bars, along with charming parks and green spaces.

Although it’s slightly farther from downtown, public transportation provides easy access to and from East Nashville.


North of downtown lies the historic neighborhood of Germantown, offering a charming ambiance and plenty of character.

Discover delightful restaurants, shops, and green spaces while enjoying the tranquility of this area. Germantown remains well-connected to public transportation options, making it a convenient choice for exploration.

With a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, Nashville provides fantastic options for visitors without a car. Whether you prefer the lively energy of downtown or the laid-back charm of other areas, you’re sure to find the perfect location in Music City.

Hotels and Accommodations in Nashville

When it comes to finding the perfect place to stay in Nashville without a car, the city offers a diverse range of hotels and accommodations to suit every preference. Here are some of the top choices:


For a classic hotel experience, Nashville has several excellent options. Centrally located, the Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn Vanderbilt provide comfortable rooms and a host of amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Additionally, for those seeking luxury accommodations, the renowned Hermitage Hotel is a top choice.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are a fantastic choice if you’re seeking more space and privacy. Nashville offers a variety of options, from cozy apartments to spacious houses. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO offer a wide selection of vacation rentals to suit your needs.

Music City Hostel

For budget-conscious travelers, the Music City Hostel is a fantastic option. Situated in downtown Nashville, this hostel offers both dormitory-style and private rooms.

Guests can enjoy the convenience of a communal kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, and a delightful outdoor patio.

Attractions and Things to Do in Nashville

Music and Entertainment

The Music City, Nashville is synonymous with live music and entertainment. Experience the vibrant energy by catching live performances at honky-tonks along Broadway, the iconic Ryman Auditorium, or the world-famous Grand Ole Opry.


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Nashville boasts a rich history and offers captivating sightseeing opportunities. The Parthenon, a breathtaking full-scale replica of the ancient Greek temple, is a must-visit attraction.

Hop on a trolley tour to discover the city’s landmarks and historic sites. For fans of iconic musicians, the Johnny Cash Museum and Taylor Swift Education Center are popular destinations.

While you may not think of Nasvhille as being a city on the water, it is! Touring Nashville by boat offers a unique perspective on the Music City.


Nashville caters to diverse shopping preferences, from local boutiques to high-end stores. Explore the unique shops on Broadway for one-of-a-kind souvenirs or venture to the charming boutiques in the 12 South neighborhood.

Don’t miss the Opry Mills Mall, Nashville’s largest shopping center, conveniently located near the Grand Ole Opry.


Sports enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the excitement of Nashville’s sports scene.

Catch a thrilling game at Bridgestone Arena, home to the Nashville Predators hockey team, or visit Nissan Stadium, where the Tennessee Titans football team plays.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy public pickleball courts and explore the city’s parks, offering hiking and biking opportunities.

With Nashville’s accessible free bus service and scooter rentals, getting around the city is a breeze, allowing visitors without a car to embrace and enjoy everything Nashville has to offer fully.

Transportation Options in Nashville

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Walking and Biking

Downtown Nashville is a pedestrian-friendly city, allowing visitors to explore on foot or by bike easily. Many attractions are within walking distance, and bike rentals are available through the Music City B-cycle bike share program and local bike shops.

If you and your friends like biking and drinking, check out one of Nashville’s best party bike tours.

Shuttle Services

Several shuttle services operate in Nashville, offering convenient transportation to popular attractions. The free Music City Circuit shuttle runs throughout downtown, while Gray Line and Old Town Trolley Tours provide paid tours and transportation to key destinations.

Ride-Sharing (Uber and Lyft)

Uber and Lyft are widely available in Nashville, providing convenient and affordable transportation. These ride-sharing services are a popular choice for getting around the city, with drivers who are knowledgeable about local attractions and restaurants.


Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked through local taxi companies. While taxis may be more expensive than other options, they offer a convenient mode of transportation.

Public Transportation

Nashville’s public transportation system includes buses and light rail trains, offering affordable transportation within the city. The Music City Star commuter train provides transportation to destinations outside of Nashville.

Rental Cars

While not necessary for exploring downtown, renting a car may be beneficial for those wanting to venture beyond the city. Rental car agencies are available at Nashville International Airport and throughout the city.

Dining and Nightlife in Nashville

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Nashville is a haven for food lovers, and dining options without a car abound. East Nashville is particularly renowned for its diverse range of restaurants within walking distance.

Notable choices include Lockeland Table, offering Southern-inspired dishes made with local ingredients, and The Treehouse, a cozy spot with a seasonal menu.

There are so many great restaurants near Vanderbilt in Midtown that we wrote an entire article about them!

Quick Bites

Pizza enthusiasts will find plenty of options in Nashville. Five Points Pizza serves up delicious New York-style pies, accompanied by an excellent beer selection. For authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, head to DeSano Pizza Bakery in Midtown.


In addition to the famous honky-tonks, Nashville boasts numerous bars catering to different tastes. The speakeasy-style bar, The Patterson House in Midtown, offers creative cocktails, while The 404 Kitchen in The Gulch impresses with craft cocktails and an exceptional whiskey collection.

Planning date night? Be sure to bring your date to one of Nashville’s best restaurants for date night before hitting the bars!


For those seeking a vibrant nightlife experience, Nashville has plenty to offer. The Five Spot in East Nashville hosts live music every night, and The Basement in The Gulch is a popular venue for indie bands. L.A. Jackson, a rooftop bar, provides a more upscale atmosphere and stunning city views.

Nashville’s dining and nightlife scene thrives in neighborhoods like East Nashville and Midtown, ensuring a delightful experience for visitors without a car.

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More Nashville

There is so much to do in this city. We didn’t even get to discuss the incredible Nashville Zoo, or some of our favorite Nashville date spots. If you decide you can’t visit without having a car, you might even consider some of the fun day trips from Nashville to some attractions not too far away… or check out one of the local golf courses if that’s your thing.


Exploring Nashville without a car is made easier by choosing the right location. Downtown Nashville provides easy access to attractions and convenient public transportation options, while Midtown and West End offer a relaxed atmosphere with excellent connectivity to the city center.

With a range of accommodations from hotels to vacation rentals and hostels, visitors can find the perfect place to stay. From live music and historic landmarks to diverse dining and vibrant nightlife, Nashville has something for everyone. Utilize walking, biking, shuttles, ride-sharing services, taxis, or public transportation to navigate the city and fully immerse yourself in the charm and culture of Music City.