6 Great Places For Kids Parties In Charlotte, North Carolina

Hosting a kid’s party can be a lot of work and fun at the same time. Sharing a special time in a kid’s life, a birthday, graduation, or other event is both memorable and exciting for everyone involved.

The possibilities are endless for the type of event you can plan, with decorations, activities, and food-based upon a particular theme or memory.

Choosing the right location is highly important and it should be a location that fits into your budget and be able to accommodate the number of people you plan to invite.

Some restaurants have great rooms for hosting a kid’s party, while separate event and catering halls or rooms can offer interesting options. Kid-themed activities, like sports facilities, arcades, virtual shops, and others may also have rooms that can be tailored to fit your kid’s party.

Charlotte is a beautiful southern city that offers endless possibilities for food and activities that can fit nicely into any kids-themed party.

What are some good places to host a kid’s party in Charlotte?

Charlotte has a lot of great venues for a kid’s party. Some of the best are:

  • It’s An Art Party
  • Ninja Nation
  • PrincessMe Parties
  • Party Pets
  • Monkey Joe’s
  • Sports Connection

Below is a list of great places to host a kid’s party in Charlotte, North Carolina, each location will have its own unique pricing and capacity, as well as other options like whether the food will need to be catered from outside, or not.

In some instances, they may be able to help with every aspect of the catered event from start to finish, or at any step you need assistance.

It’s An Art Party

There is a bit of an artist in us all and for some kids, art is their favorite activity. 

For kids of all ages that love to make art and want a painting party, this location is perfect. 

Hosting a party at this location allows for an activity that everyone can share painting.

The painting project can be based upon the theme of your kid’s party event, and pricing starts at two hundred and forty dollars for up to eight kids. 

Any kids after this will be at a fee of twenty dollars.

There is a small security deposit that is required to reserve the room which is deducted from the party’s total cost.

The party lasts from one to two hours and the skilled and knowledgeable staff of this location are available to assist with every aspect of party planning. 

6 Great Places For Kids Parties In Charlotte North Carolina 1

Ninja Nation

For a party that is nonstop action from start to finish, this facility is a perfect choice to host your kid’s party.

For an hour and a half guests can enjoy the open floor gym for activities and exercise that is sure to bring out everyone’s inner warrior. 

This indoor obstacle course will challenge, excite, and inspire kids and adults to work hard and play hard while having a lot of fun.

Once the playtime is over, kid’s party guests will have a half-hour to enjoy celebrating the event with some food, drinks, and other fun!

The staff of this facility is there to assist with every aspect of your kid’s party planning.

PrincessMe Parties

For kids that want a magical theme for their party, this facility is the ideal spot. 

The party is tailored to suit your kid’s dream and your budget. 

Kids spa packages are designed for kids from two to sixteen with sixteen spa packages to choose from.

For parties that can come to you or your event location, they will bring a bus filled with everything to host your kid’s party successfully.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff of this party company has everything covered so you can rest assured knowing the kids are safe and having a blast.

Party Pets

This traveling party brings the pets to your next kid’s party event with a hands-on petting and learning experience for the whole party of guests, it is sure to be a memorable experience. Whether you choose to host the event in your backyard, a park pavilion, or a catering hall they will bring the fun with them for your next party event.

This is a great choice if you want to obtain an inexpensive park permit and host your event outdoors if your backyard is not a good choice.

This cuts down on the cost of the event without sacrificing quality and fun.

6 Great Places For Kids Parties In Charlotte North Carolina 2

Monkey Joe’s

For kids twelve and under this party location is perfect with nonstop fun in the form of bouncing, jumping, and arcade games.

From an available concession to a private party room and inflatable fun, there is no end to the possibilities for a kid’s party here.

They have packages that cover everything from the invitation to the cake and host.

They can accommodate up to twenty-four kids during regular hours but can also rent out their entire facility for larger parties.

Any number of add on’s to the package like balloons or goodie bags are available for an additional fee, but they also allow you to bring in your own as well.

Pricing is based upon the type of package you choose the items you include, the time and day you reserve as well as how many kids attend.

Sports Connection

This sports facility offers many diverse activities and packages for your kid’s party needs. With three locations in Charlotte where they host these indoor events, the party guests won’t ever want the fun to stop.

From bowling to laser tag and game-themed parties you and your kids will have a hard time choosing which is the best

Each party can be tailored to suit the event or particular kid’s preferences and based on budget.

Food and beverages are offered at each location and can be tailored to suit your kid’s party. 

Additional items like party favors or a cake can be added for an extra fee.

Closing Points

Parties are work but a fun kind of work, especially when they are for kids with all their energy and zest for life.

Hosting one doesn’t always have to be hard with these great locations listed above. 

Knowledgeable and friendly staff are always there to assist in making your next kid’s party everything it should be, memorable, engaging, and of course fun!