3 Charlotte Restaurants With Private Party Rooms

Everyone loves a good party, hosting one or attending. 

The thrill of witnessing a personal or business moment that changes the landscape of your or your loved one’s life is always a reason to celebrate.

Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday bash, business dinner, or something else entirely, the restaurants listed below can easily meet your need with their private party rooms.

What restaurants in Charlotte, NC have private party rooms?

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a private party room in Charlotte, NC, you have a lot of options to choose from. Some of the best restaurants are Steak 48, a fine-dining steak house, or The Capital Grille, a slightly more casual but still very classy option. True foodies will also love the Fig Tree Restaurant.

Each restaurant will have its own unique flare that will be inspired by the food offered on the menu. 

Décor and atmosphere will reflect the cooking style and menu choices.

Whatever your party or event theme is, these established restaurants can customize their menu and décor to fit your needs, including the size of your private party.

If you live near or in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ve already experienced the numerous dining choices that make it hard to select where to go on a Friday night for dinner. 

What you may be unaware of is the fact that some of those restaurants offer private dining rooms and others do not.

The restaurants have different sized rooms, menus that are unique and customizable, and staff members eager to please and provide an exceptional dining experience. 

Each has a knowledgeable staff with experience in party planning and can help you create a successful event.

To get more details about the individual restaurant, its menu, décor, and the private rooms they offer, you can click the link to access their website.

It’s also possible to contact them via email and phone for details like menu choices, private room décor, and reserving your date.

Steak 48 – 4425 Sharon Road

3 Charlotte Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 1

This Magnolia Room private dining experience will wow guests with its walls of glass and cozy setting that is perfect for private parties under twenty-five.

Located directly off the Bar 48, the Magnolia Private Room is the perfect location for an intimate dinner celebration or cozy corporate dinner. 

The atmosphere is warm and inviting.

The Cardinal Room shares that same toasty atmosphere that guests will find comfortable but can accommodate a slightly larger party of up to twenty-eight guests.

The Wine Vault Room hosts a slightly larger crowd with up to forty guests. 

The atmosphere falls in line with the other rooms, relaxed, classy, and comfortable.

The Upper Lounge overlooks Bar 48 and provides a space for up to fifty guests. 

The Kitchen Dining Room can accommodate up to thirty-two people in this semiprivate area.

The Chef’s Dining Room can fit up to thirty guests, and when combined with the Kitchen Dining Room, it can fit more.

Depending on the type of party you are hosting in one of their private rooms, they have numerous menu options designed to fall in line with the various party themes. 

From buffet to sit-down dinner, they have something to satisfy every taste and preference.

The Capital Grille – 201 N. Tryon Street

3 Charlotte Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 2

This restaurant is a perfect choice for party planning with a personal event planner that assists throughout the process. 

This restaurant’s two private rooms can comfortably seat up to fifty guests in the Exchange Room or up to twenty-eight in the Wine Room.

Each room comes with audio and visual equipment for presentations or other event media needs.

Both rooms have a unique energy and décor that can easily fall in line with the theme of any private party. 

The trained staff is eager to assist with every aspect of the private party planning and ensure that your event is pleasantly surprising.

The chef can easily create the menu individually, including selections of entrée and wine for lunch, dinner, or something else. 

Food is locally sourced whenever possible, and the menu options change seasonally or as local food sourcing inspires.

The Fig Tree Restaurant – 1601 E. 7th Street

3 Charlotte Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 3

For that extra special something that only some restaurants can offer, the Fig Tree Restaurant will easily hit the mark. 

This restaurant is located in a historic house, serving foods inspired by Italy and France; this restaurant is a lovely surprise.

Rooms within this restaurant can be booked for a private party that hosts anywhere from ten to thirty-eight on the porch or indoors.

The restaurant’s cozy home-like feel and the close proximity to the center city make it a great place to host any party event.

Multiple fireplaces add to the atmosphere, and the namesake Fig Trees on the outdoor property gives that warm, natural feel that makes one want to sit and stay awhile.

The expertly trained and knowledgeable chef can customize a menu to suit your parties’ preferences by serving dinner and dessert. 

The knowledgeable staff can assist with every aspect of your party planning, from booking your reservation.

Is it necessary to have music or other entertainment at a private party?

It is not always necessary to have music or other entertainment at a private party, and it really depends on the type of private party you are hosting.

Business parties might not need such entertainment and prefer to engage guests with surprise public speakers.

Weddings are always better with music and other entertainment, but that doesn’t make them necessary for a successful and beautiful event.

If the budget and restaurant space allows, it is always nice to have something for the guests to do in between meal courses.

The type of event affects whether or not you should have music or entertainment.

The guest list, the private party budget, and many other factors determine what is and isn’t acceptable including music and other entertainment.

If music is to be provided there are numerous ways to keep the cost down including using a phone and audio, and visual equipment that is often provided to add that special touch to your next event.

Closing Points

Private parties require a private space when hosting outside your home or office environment.

Choosing the right location that aligns with your private party and a menu that elevates your guests dining pleasure to a new level can be a challenge with numerous options to choose from.

Thankfully, you have this handy list to get you started on your journey!