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8 Amazing Fishing Charters in Morehead City

Morehead City is a coastal community where commercial and recreational fishing is the predominant activity. The Gulf Stream and the scenic estuaries in this part of the state offer an amazing deep sea fishing experience for anglers. These waters are home to several different inshore and offshore fish species, such as white marlins, blue marlins, and sailfish.

Are you looking forward to an exciting fishing trip in Morehead City, NC County? Maybe you want to fill up your freezer with great-tasting fish,  or you plan to practice catch and release. Either way  a massive part of your ocean adventure will depend on which fishing charter you use.

Here are eight of the amazing fishing charters in Morehead City:

  1. Sandbar Safari
  2. Anchorage Marina
  3. Atlantis Charters
  4. BreakDay Charters
  5. Carolina Traditions Charters
  6. Dancin’ Outlaw Charters
  7. Emerald Isle Adventures
  8. Homer’s Point Marina

The good news is that you don’t have to look hard to find a suitable fishing charter in Morehead City. Let’s now explore these top eight fantastic fishing charters you can find around town.

1. Sandbar Safari

Sandbar Safari offers top-notch fishing expeditions and ecotours out of Morehead City, and up to Swansboro, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville. This tour and fishing charter company is strung along the water edge in the small Cape Carteret community. 

If you want to enjoy the warm Morehead City NC weather with your family over the vast blue water, consider booking a trip with Sandbar Safari. Its guided fishing trips are suitable for adults and children alike.

Divers and anglers can book reservations for fishing adventures like casting nets, catching clams, and collecting shark’s teeth and sand dollars. The company provides licenses and fishing gear on all trips. Aboard the 22 ft Bay Rider by Kencraft, even families and groups who have no fishing plans can enjoy the inspiring sights of diving dolphins, scenic marshes, and lush barrier islands. 

2. Anchorage Marina

From avid anglers to casual mariners who delight in seeing some Morehead City NC attractions over a magical sunset, everyone can find an adventure to love from the convenience of the Anchorage Marina. You can find this charter company around Canton, about five miles away from the Key Bridge.

The Anchorage Marina offers both long-term and short-term docking options on its secure deepwater harbor. You’ll also find different sizes of vessels available to rent. Every item you will need for a successful fishing adventure can be found onboard, from food and drinks to safety equipment and fishing gear.

3. Atlantis Charters

Atlantis Underwater

Both divers and anglers can explore the Crystal Coast with the experts at Atlantis Charters. This local Atlantic Beach charter company is well-known for its 46′ long, 16′ wide dive boat, the Atlantis IV. 

The unique pink fishing vessel is designed to provide you with the comforts of home. It offers a broad range of convenience features, including a climate-controlled salon, a spacious cockpit, and comfy bunks for guests’ relaxation. 

With an expert leading the way, vacationers will visit some of the fascinating wreck sites along the Crystal Coast and the most favorable fishing spots offshore.

4. BreakDay Charters

Are you looking forward to spending your break day onboard a lively boat, enjoying the ride over the Morehead City, NC beach? Consider booking a trip with BreakDay Charters. From novice to experienced and child to adult, BreakDay Charters offer an excellent boating service to spread the fun around.

All you’ll need to bring is your food and refreshments. BreakDay Charters will provide you with all the necessary fishing expedition items onboard. These items include the fishing license, bait and tackle, and safety gear. Some of the common species you can expect to reel in include king mackerel, speckled trout, flounder, and drum.

5. Carolina Traditions Charters

Carolina Traditions Charter is a family-friendly coastal fishing charter service based out of Beaufort, North Carolina. Their vessels usually depart from Discovery Diving Center and cruise along the inshore water in search of productive fishing spots.

The fun and adventurous fishing excursions are suitable for both novice and expert divers and children and adults.  A professional captain onboard offers incredible assistance to anglers by using modern equipment and secretive fishing locations. Fishermen on board can expect to reel in different aquatic species, including Spanish mackerel, blues, and other top feeders.

6. Dancin’ Outlaw Charters

When you want to explore the coastal waters to catch good game along the Crystal Coast, you need to contact an expert with the relevant fishing experience and qualifications for a guided excursion. Fortunately, Dancin’ Outlaw Charters is one of those experts.

This fishing charter company in Morehead City is famous for winning incredible prizes in the Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament, the Ducks Unlimited Tournament, and the Big Rock Fishing Tournament With friendly and professional guidance on every aspect of Crystal Coast angling, Dancin’ Outlaw Charters simplifies fishing to the tiniest bits. 

Additionally, vacationers can choose from different custom fishing ventures, including a full-day or half-day expedition along the Gulf Stream and seasonal Bluefin Tuna trips from November through February.

7. Emerald Isle Adventures

fishing trawlers

From enjoying an expert-guided fishing expedition to renting a boat for a leisurely cruise, there’s plenty of reasons to book a fishing trip with Emerald Isle Adventure. You can find this fishing charter company at the center of the community, just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and the Bogue Sound.

Emerald Isle Adventures offers a 2019 Sabalo 27′ boat and top-of-the-line equipment for adventurous fishing trips. The vessel launches from the NC Wildlife Public Boat Ramp adjacent to Chapel By The Sea. It can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers and cruise at a minimum speed of 50 mpg. One outstanding feature of Emerald Isle Adventures is its fabulous in-house beach portraits, which allows vacationers to create and capture beautiful memories.

8. Homer’s Point Marina

Booking a fishing trip with Homer’s Point Marina is a sure way to enjoy a premium sightseeing experience while cruising along the Emerald Isle shoreline. This company is a full-service fishing charter offering local seafood, boat lifts, boat rental, boating supplies, and marina services. 

You can find Homer’s Point Marina at the heart of the Crystal Coast in the small town of Salter Path. They offer two boat types for rent on a half-day or a full-day basis. These boats: a 25′ ft. long Aloha Pontoon Boat and a 21′ ft. long Carolina Skiff, are super comfortable and easy to navigate. 

Final Thoughts

The North Carolina coastline stretches more than 300 miles. Across this length, you’ll find a string of lovely beach communities, world-class golf courses, and untouched natural landscapes known as the Outer Banks. 

North Carolina Coastal Travel exists to help you curate memorable experiences on different trips along the coastline. It’s important to us that you arrive successfully at your destinations and gain seamless access into the remotest parts of the region.

Are you planning to visit these amazing fishing charters in Morehead City? Here are five rental properties in Morehead City Port that I recommend:

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