5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Durham, North Carolina

Nicknamed “Bull City”, Durham, North Carolina is home to Duke University and numerous other educational institutions. 

With vast amounts of restaurants, nightlife, and outdoor activities there is plenty to do for adults and kids.

Hosting a party event for a kid wherever you live can be a budget buster if you’re not careful with the planning. 

Depending on how many guests are attending, the location is chosen, food and drinks, as well as decorations and the activities, plan it is easy to surpass that budget without even realizing it.

What are the best places for a kid’s party in Durham, NC?

The best places for a kid’s party in Durham, North Carolina, are:

  • Mission X Escape – Escape rooms
  • Gaming Unplugged – Mobile video games
  • Frankie’s – batting cages, laser tag, minigolff,
  • Parties on a Budget – affordable private event planning
  • Glitz and Gloss – glitzy pamper parties

The venues listed below are a small portion of the kid’s party places in this amazing city that won’t break the wallet but still provide tremendous fun and excitement.

Mission X Escape

Kids and adult parties for various sized groups will be nonstop thrills as party guests work together to find their way out of an escape room. 

Four different escape rooms accommodate different skill levels for all age groups.

Pricing is for the room or rooms chosen and is not based on per-person pricing. 

Pricing and party size must be small, up to ten guests per room. 

Fees for each room are for up to eight people; two additional people may participate for an add-on fee.

Once the escape room fun is over and all the kid’s party guests have solved the mystery, they can share a lunch or dinner at the Ale House across the street or for larger parties of up to eighty people they can use the Mission X patio area.

Food and drinks are an add-on for an additional fee and dessert and other items like decorations and party favors must be provided by the kid’s party host.

For larger parties, the entire escape room facility can be rented out to celebrate your kid’s party.

Gaming Unplugged

5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Durham North Carolina 1

This kid’s party venue is the right choice for kids of all ages with its mobile video game theater which brings the fun right to your kid’s door. 

This thirty-two-foot limousine-style theater offers stadium seating for guests and high-tech audio and visual technology.

The climate-controlled mobile activities truck with six indoor and two outdoor gaming areas keeps the fun going for larger parties with more guests. 

The party offers games that are age-appropriate based on your party guests.

This venue offers party packages for up to thirty guests or less with a two-hour package or anything above and beyond that. 

They can tailor your kid’s party to your guests, the theme, or anything else you wish.

They also offer a one-hour party if it is close to their home location.

While this venue doesn’t offer a private space to host the actual party or catering of the food and drinks it makes a great choice for parties that are being held in a backyard or outdoor space.

The truck can pull up, provide an amazing gaming experience for the kiddos, and then take off afterward. At that point, the party can continue with gifts, cake, and food at the location of your choosing.


If you’re looking to host a kid’s party that offers a great experience in a wildly fun place Frankie’s is the perfect place to choose.

With such activities as batting cages, laser tag, and mini golf to name a few, kids and adults will find something fulfilling to do during the party event.

Parties and group events hosted here can be customized to the theme of the party and for the number of guests attending.

There are a ten-guest minimum and fun packages don’t include food but there is also a food package that can be added to your party for an additional fee.

Pricing is based on the type of food package chosen, as well as any extra items you choose to add from the additional food menu.

There are five different packages with three different prices tiers, but additional package plans can be designed to suit your particular party’s needs. 

Knowledgeable staff members can assist with party planning and customizing your party package to suit your preference and needs.

This venue offers a wide variety of activities to choose from so everyone at the party can have a good time.

Parties on a Budget

For extremely budget-minded folks that need to keep the kid’s party finances tightly controlled this facility will handle everything with style without breaking the bank.

They offer a wide variety of dining options from full service to self-serve BBQ style and everything in between.

The detail-oriented and knowledgeable, caring staff members work very hard to ensure that your party is a success on your budget.

Finances should never interfere with how enjoyable a party is, and these people know how to have a uniquely exciting and enjoyable party happen.

They handle every aspect of your party from decorations to food and activities, and since they are highly concerned with keeping your budget and party wishes in mind, they work very hard to make it happen.

Glitz and Gloss

5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Durham North Carolina 2

For a party that is all about glamour and pampering, you won’t find a better location in Durham than this venue.

Skilled staff help with planning your kid’s party from start to finish with invitations, activities, decorations, food, and party favors. 

With four different packages to choose from you can customize your party to suit your budget and preferences.

The mini package is the most cost-effective but doesn’t include food, the mid-range deluxe and superior packages offer a mixture of budget and fun, and the custom superior package offers everything you can imagine for those who are not concerned with the bottom line.

Each party guest will receive finger pampering, tattoos, a runway fashion show, optional toe pampering, and other activities that can be customized to suit your party’s needs for an additional fee based on the set package plans.

In Conclusion

Hosting a kid’s party is a memorable experience, the thrill of seeing their joy and happiness during the event is priceless.

Planning the party shouldn’t be stressful or exhausting and with the above-listed venues, the friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always there to assist.

Next time you need to host a kid’s party in Durham it is possible to have a great time without unloading a ton of money to put a smile on a kid’s face!