3 Best Places To Eat In Durham, North Carolina

Everyone loves to eat great food for its sustenance and the pleasure of the senses, especially in a place like North Carolina, which has such a rich foodie history.

The smell of that perfectly cooked Bar-B-Q, the sight of a colorful salad, the sound of fried chicken as it hits that oil, and the tasty flavor explosion of a perfectly constructed taco, nothing could be better than that!

Locating good eats while on vacation or during business travels shouldn’t be a daunting task or take up tremendous amounts of time

It should be quick and easy to find a place to provide sustenance.

So, what does one do when they travel to a new place and want to grab something to eat? For starters, they can research online resources for all the details about restaurants in an area.

Another great way to find out where to eat is through the locals.

A time-honored way of making connections and gaining information about a particular town or area that is quickly being lost is through word of mouth—chatting with the concierge at a hotel, talking to business colleagues that live in a particular city, and so forth can provide information about that local hole in the wall that serves the best sandwiches.

What are the best restaurants in Durham, NC?

The best restaurants in Durham, North Carolina are Nana Steaks, a fine steakhouse, NuvoTaco, a casual, fresh Mexican eatery, and Guglhupf Bakery, Café and Biergarten, which specializes in baked goods and beer served in their outdoor beer garden.

Below is a list of the best places to eat while visiting Durham, North Carolina. 

These establishments will provide you with great food, a beautiful atmosphere, and the kind of dining experience that has patrons returning repeatedly.

Nana Steaks

3 Best Places To Eat In Durham North Carolina 1

Diners at this restaurant will find the staff pleasant and efficient at what they do. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting with a new modern twist.

Their drinks are exceptional, as it is clear they know how to precisely mix a proper cocktail and serve up wine or beer.

This restaurant is located next door to the Durham Performing Arts Center making it a great spot for some of the finest dining offered in this upscale area before or after an event.

Whether it is the appetizers or main entrée, the portions are large, leaving dining guests satisfied and more than pleased with what they get for their money.

It is clear to anyone who visits this restaurant that their chef and staff know how to serve extraordinary food and service. 

If pricing seems a bit much to certain dining patrons, they soon learn that it is well worth the cost at the first bite of their amazing offerings.


Everyone loves Tacos and finding a great place to eat them while on vacation can make that time even more enjoyable.

Another exceptional eatery in the Durham area that serves up tacos from an old gas station turned restaurant.

Platters of food are large, and diners feel as though they got their money’s worth at the end of a visit.

A local favorite, this restaurant will not disappoint with margaritas and other drinks on their menu, rounding out a meal that will leave diners imagining when they can find time to return.

Food can be ordered for take-out or dine-in. 

They offer a bundle pack that feeds up to six people on various tacos that include chicken and other meats and beans and all the fixings.

With shareable options on their menu for those who want to split a plate and a kid’s menu, everyone in a dining party will find something to satisfy.

Pricing is reasonable, the staff is more than friendly, and their catering makes it possible for locals to host a party with a Mexican taco, burrito, and quesadilla theme anytime they want!

Guglhupf Bakery, Café and Biergarten

3 Best Places To Eat In Durham North Carolina 2

This European, German restaurant serves up various foods for breakfast through dinner, drinks, and dessert. They offer indoor and outside dining in a relaxed but friendly, artistic environment.

When dining guests visit, one thing that is clear is the artsy atmosphere, artistic creations can be seen throughout this establishment, and many of them are created using repurposed materials from a southern local artist.

The long lines and wait can are well worth it once the food is tasted and diners experience the lovely décor and atmosphere. 

There are menu items to suit every dietary need, including vegan and gluten-free options; this is a nice perk for diners with numerous dietary restrictions.

After sharing a meal in their beer garden, no guest should leave before ordering a few baked goods to take with them as a memory of their visit here.

Is Durham a foodie city?

Yes, Durham, North Carolina, is considered a stunning foodie city. This city has a reputation as a foodie city with recognized and celebrated chefs for their creative and inventive food creations.

With numerous dining options that offer cultural and international inspiration linked to this city’s southern charm, it is a perfect spot to sample some of the south’s best food.

Chefs are inspired by the warm, naturally beautiful environment and the friendliness and culture of this city and bring to the table their knowledge, skill, and unique perspective on food.

Local ingredients are the focus, with many establishments like breweries and seafood shops integrating the local flavors of this area into both traditional and new-age food dishes to delight all the senses for diners.

According to locals and magazines throughout the nation, this city has a reputation as a very tasty town and a small-town food gem in the south. 

What makes this town so special is its ability to change the way people see food and dining while maintaining its charming southern roots.

In Conclusion

Durham is a foodie city with a lot to offer locals and visitors. 

Dining options that meet everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are offered throughout this beautiful city.

Diners need only to look around, do some research, and have a friendly conversation with a local to find the best eats right around the corner.

While the options listed above are just a sampling of these fine cities’ dining options, you should definitely give them a try when looking for a place to grab some grub that is memorable in all ways!