3 Durham Restaurants With Private Party Rooms

Sometimes in life, we just need to throw a really good party. 

Maybe we are having a celebration of a special day like a wedding or anniversary. Other times we have something creative and innovative to share with our work colleagues or potential clients.

Whatever the need, hosting a private party in a private room at a restaurant is often necessary to accommodate the number of people you are entertaining.

If you live in or around Durham, North Carolina, you already know there are numerous dining options to satisfy everyone’s need for great food in a beautiful place. 

You may not know which restaurants offer private rooms for these types of events.

What restaurants in Durham, NC, have private party rooms?

The best restaurants in Durham, North Carolina that also have private party rooms for patrons are Parizade, a Mediterranean restaurant whose private rooms can seat up to 60 guests, Mez, a contemporary Mexican restaurant that can seat 80 private guests, and the Tobacco Road Sports Café, which can seat up to 55 private guests.

The restaurants listed below offer unique menus, an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and everything you need to perfectly host your next private party event.

These three restaurants offer rooms of various sizes and menus that can be customized to suit your party’s needs. 

Often the staff of these restaurants has someone in-house knowledgeable in party catering and event planning. 

Their knowledge will be indispensable to you during the planning and execution of a successful private party.

Each restaurant with a private room offers the highest quality service, food, and atmosphere, which can make your next party perfect. 

If you wish to get more information about the individual restaurant, click the link, and this will redirect you to their webpage for more information.

You can also contact them via phone or email to get more details about their menus, restaurant, and private rooms so you can make the best choice possible for your next party event. 

Parizade – 2200 W. Main Street

3 Durham Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 1

If you are looking for a unique place to host your next private party, this restaurant is the spot. 

With three rooms that fit various sized groups, this Mediterranean flavor restaurant can easily accommodate your party.

The Club Room can fit sixty people and offers a bar, audio and visual equipment, and private restrooms. 

This is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding reception or another family gathering.

The board room seats up to twenty people and is perfect for a cozy get-together with family and friends, such as an anniversary or rehearsal dinner.

For a more stunning setting that blends outdoor nature, beautiful décor, and appealing food, the outdoor courtyard is perfect for a wedding or larger reception for up to one hundred and fifty guests. 

Lighting, trees, music, and a beautiful waterfall make this spot wonderfully romantic and unique.

Should a party be larger than one hundred and fifty guests and outdoors don’t fit your private party’s theme or style, the entire restaurant can be utilized. 

The restaurant can accommodate two hundred and forty guests for any event.

The full-service menu can easily be tailored to suit the party’s needs, with drinks and dessert to complement the dining event.

The cuisine is richly Mediterranean and locally sourced whenever possible, the service is courteous, friendly, and helpful, and the atmosphere remarkable. 

No one will be disappointed when choosing this location for their next private party.

Mez – 5410 Page Road

3 Durham Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 2

If you are looking for that Mexican flair to compliment your private party brunch, dinner, or something else, this restaurant will fit nicely into your plans.  

With a private room for up to eighty seated or one hundred and ten guests standing, this restaurant will add just the right amount of spice, color, and flavor to the event through décor, atmosphere, staff, and food.

The restaurant offers various room setup options to accommodate diverse types of private events. 

There is audio and visual equipment for use and a private bar, restrooms, and a lovely terrace for guests to enjoy where the atmosphere is perfect for conversations and enjoying the view.

The restaurant, which offers Mexican food with a twist of American influence and Pan Latin flair for good measure, can customize a menu that will inspire your party guests while satisfying their need for exceptional food.

This restaurant utilizes local ingredients whenever possible and takes great pride in the friendliness of its staff, food that awakens the senses, and an atmosphere that puts a smile on everyone’s face. 

They can accommodate any meal from breakfast to brunch, lunch, dinner, or anything to suit your private party needs.

Tobacco Road Sports Café – 280 S. Mangum Street

3 Durham Restaurants With Private Party Rooms 3

This small chain of restaurants offers comfort food at its best. 

If your next private party is all about down-home cooking with class, this restaurant will make your event memorable.

Whether the occasion is a small gathering of ten guests or a grande event of five hundred, they can easily accommodate your guest list. 

Their private dining room can accommodate up to sixty-five people, the lounge, which is a bit smaller, can fit up to twenty-five people, and the patio can accommodate from ten to six hundred.

Each room has its own unique style and décor that falls in line with the restaurant’s relaxed elegance and its own private audio and visual equipment for private parties that have a need. 

The patio is an outdoor setting that can fit larger parties but can also be subject to weather conditions, so plan accordingly.

The menu can be customized to suit your preferences and dietary needs and offers sports bar food with a southern twist, such favorites as fried green tomatoes and tobacco road cheesesteak. 

Food is scratch-made by professionally trained staff that aim to make every bite unforgettable.

At the sports café the employees are helpful, courteous, and friendly.  

The menu and food is heavenly which makes this establishment a winner for any private party, no matter the size.

In Conclusion

Private dining rooms are a great place for families, friends, and businesses to host a private affair or party. 

The accommodating atmosphere, staff, and delectable food choices will make the event memorable.

Choosing the right restaurant is important for making the party special, and the above-listed establishments do just that, helping you make the events of life special!