5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, is nicknamed a beautiful city to visit and experience. With its beautiful views, trendy restaurants, and the location at the edge of the rocky mountains, it’s a breathtaking city to call home.

For those city dwellers who call Denver home, fun and thrills are the norm, with numerous indoor and outdoor activities and events to enjoy.

What are some good places for a kid’s party in Denver?

Denver has a ton of different options for parents looking for a venue for their next kids’ party. A few of the more fun options are:

  • K1 Speed
  • Mad Science
  • Warrior Challenge Arena
  • Butterfly Pavilion
  • Water World

With so much to do; it may be hard to choose the perfect spot for hosting a kid’s party. Thankfully, these venues listed below offer the right balance of fun in unique locations as inspiring as the great city.

K1 Speed

5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Denver Colorado 2

For the speed racer in us, this venue offers a mix of wild fun and safety that’ll keep all the kids attending your kiddie party safe and happy.

If your teen, younger kid, or even an adult wants to enjoy go-kart racing at their next birthday bash, this place will not disappoint. 

Parties are available for at least eight guests or more and can be customized to suit whatever party plans you have in mind.

For junior racers, teenagers, and even adults, it will be a memorable experience with group photos, handing out awards to the winning driver, and catering packages.

Packages include a twelve-lap warm-up race and a twelve-lap final event race, 1-hour celebration event with pizza, drinks, and decorations.

Medals are handed out to the top three drivers and the birthday kid. Dessert or cake can be added to the event fee, or you can bring in your own dessert and cake.

These events are nonstop fun in a safe environment that ensures everyone has a good time during the party.

Mad Science

For kiddos that are more into beakers and lab coats than racing gear, this venue is the perfect spot to choose.

Event planners on staff will assist with making your next kid’s party unforgettable from the invitation sent to the party favor that goes home at the end.

They can host your next party at their venue or help you choose another location for the event. They offer a wide range of pricing options and packages, both standard and customized to suit your party’s needs.

From the food to the decorations and activities, they will make the event enjoyable and educational without being stuffy and boring. 

Add-ons like rocket launches hover crafts and cotton candy will bring added wonder, excitement, and laughs to the kid’s party for everyone from the youngest toddler to the oldest adult.

The party event includes assistance from their knowledgeable staff, set up and clean up afterward; and all the help needed to make your party perfect.

They offer specialty parties like Tesla Party Package, Blacklight Park Package, and Dinosaur Expedition Package to name a few. 

If your kid wants to add laser lights and a sound machine for dancing, they can do that too!

Warrior Challenge Arena

For the kid that likes to engage others with physical contact and skill like a gladiator, this venue will not disappoint for your next party.

Each package is designed to suit the age group of the kids attending the party. 

Knowledgeable staff members help design the right warrior challenge that is safe and fun for your party.

Each party will include kids challenging themselves individually and within a group or team setting as they explore their personal physical limits and the activities and games on hand.

The excitement at this arena is nonstop, with over a hundred and thirty different activities that kids can participate in during the party.

Staff monitor during all events to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy.

Your party guests will use the entire arena during the event, which can accommodate from six to over one hundred and fifty guests. 

An optional add-on is a private celebration room for food and celebrating the kid’s party after the fun.

Food can be added on for an additional fee, or you can bring your own. 

You must provide the decorations and paper products, and they do the cleanup afterward.

Butterfly Pavilion

5 Great Places for Kids Parties in Denver Colorado 1

If you want to host a beautiful kid’s party that’s environmentally friendly and nature-based this is a good choice.

This venue offers a fully customizable party experience that begins by consulting their knowledgeable staff members, which helps you through the entire process.

They take the work off parents as they help with planning, setting up, and cleaning up afterward.

Each party package includes access to the exhibit and must include a minimum of thirty guests. 

With eco-friendly decorations and paper products, you know you are taking care of the environment while hosting a great party.

Two different packages can be customized if they don’t exactly suit your needs.

They can include an activity, craft, or both and one-and-a-half-hour party room use if needed. 

The beautiful butterfly release during your party will be a memorable moment that both kids and adults are sure to enjoy.

Water World

Nothing is more fun than spending the day enjoying the outdoors and water fun when at a kid’s party! To host such an event, this venue is the perfect location.

This water park offers three packages from just over three hundred to over six hundred for eight guests. 

Parties that include more guests can upgrade their package to reflect the additional guests.

The packages include all-day admission to the water park, lunch, and dessert by using their wristband. 

They offer a semi-private patio area for the party with a host on hand for assistance during the event is included as well. 

The packages also include sharable funnel cakes for the kids to enjoy and souvenir photos.

The specific packages are designed for certain times of year and days of the week, but all can be customized based on party needs. 

Electronic invitations are included, and early check-in can be done online for party guests on the day of the party event.

In Conclusion

Kid parties are all about sharing laughs, having fun, and making memories, and thanks to the numerous venues in Denver that host these types of parties this can easily be planned.

While planning such an event can seem exhausting, the staff of these above-listed party venue locations is available to assist in whatever way they possibly can to make it enjoyable.

With that stress and worry taken care of, planning your next kid’s party is sure to be a breeze!