4 Great Places for Kids’ Birthday Parties in Columbia, South Carolina

If you are thinking about hosting a kid’s birthday party in Columbia, South Carolina many locations will fit every budget and kid. 

What are the best places in Columbia, SC for a kid’s birthday party?

The best places in Columbia, SC for a kid’s birthday party depends a lot on the age and preferences of your child, but some of the best venues are the Columbia Marionette Theatre (puppet shows for younger kids), Saluda Shoals (an outdoor activity center), Frankie’s Fun Park (arcade and bumper cars), and Fox Farm (a farm with a petting zoo).

No matter the age, interest, or time of year there is something for everyone on this list of the best venues for kid’s parties in Columbia, South Carolina.

Columbia Marionette Theatre

401 Laurel Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201

(803) 252-7366

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Everyone loves a good theatre production and what better way to enjoy it than by hosting your next kid’s birthday party at this location. 

Kids’ theatrical productions and the beloved childhood puppet show are treasured experiences that every kid enjoys even as they begin to grow up into adulthood. 

What you get when you rent this space is the use of the party facility for two hours, a gift for the birthday kid with a minimum of 6 party guests. 

Each party area seats up to 30 guests.

It is your responsibility to bring all decorations for the table, paper products, food, and drinks. You set up and clean up.

Light-up candles are allowed but glittered, silly string, confetti, gum, and pinatas are not.

Parties are booked on Saturdays and at 2 specific times to enjoy the theatre production, 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. 

The party starts with your party guests enjoying food, drinks, and gifts for one hour, after that the theatre production begins and kids should have proper theatre etiquette.

Saluda Shoals

5605 Bush River Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29212

(803) 772-1228

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The kid that’s an outdoor enthusiast will enjoy this well-rounded park facility. 

With a playground, picnic area, dog park, and environmental center your kid’s party will be a mixture of fun-filled outdoor activities.

There are 7 picnic areas to rent as well the Meech House and River Center for larger birthday celebrations.

The picnic areas are covered and protected from the weather with trash cans, water, and bathrooms nearby. 

There are charcoal grills and electricity for use, lights, and fans. 

Securing pavilions doesn’t include admission to the park and a parking fee per car must be paid.

For a few, you can rent volleyball or horseshoe equipment, canoe or kayak equipment, tube rentals, and the Saluda Shoals Train.

Pricing varies depending on the size of your party, the pavilion chosen and the day, the length of the party with a 2-hour minimum, and a damage deposit will be included.

Decorations like balloons, glitter, canopies, and confetti are not allowed on the grounds or in the pavilions.

Frankie’s Fun Park

140 Parkridge Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29212

(803) 781-2342

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This fun park offers diversity for every kid’s birthday party. 

With a wide selection of activities to choose from you can customize your next kid’s birthday party to your kids’ preferences.

Bumper cars, arcade games, laser tag, mini-golf, drop zone, and batting cages are just a few of the activities that can be chosen.

There is a 10-guest minimum for all birthday parties and they can include food for an added fee.

The level 1 package includes play cards for each kid for $27.50, level 2 is a $40.00 play card, and level 3 is a $52.50 play card. 

Level 4 totals $65.00 on each playing card and level 5 has $90.00 for each playing card.

For an additional $50.00 for ten kids, you can add a slice of pizza or a hot dog with a drink for each kid.

All invitations, decorations, paper products, and favors are supplied by you and should be brought on the day of the party.

Fox Farm

133 Virginia Pine Lane, Lexington, South Carolina 29073

(803) 356-4052

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Kids that love animals and enjoy exploring life on a farm will be thrilled with this birthday party celebration. Two-hour parties are offered for a fixed price on Saturdays only.

These kids’ birthday parties include horse and hayrides and visiting the barnyard.

The bb gun shooting and crafts are offered for an additional fee.

Parties start at specific times and there is no minimum or a maximum number of guests that can attend. 

The first event is horse rides, then a hayride where the birthday kid gets to drive the tractor for a few minutes.

That is followed by a visit to the barnyard, bb gun shooting, and a craft. 

After that everyone heads to the picnic area for food and to celebrate the birthday with gifts and fun. 

You can bring your own food, drink, and dessert or choose one of the food options like wiener roast or smores for an additional fee. 

You must bring your own paper products and decorations but should check for what is and is not allowed on the farm if you are planning to bring your own food. 

They offer the use of their firepits and other items for a fee and heaters for an added price if the birthday party is during the colder months.

What makes a kid’s birthday party memorable?

What has a kid’s birthday party memorable is the fun! Planning a birthday party that engages your kid and their friends will always be memorable.

The party should align with what they like to do, for instance, if they love music, hosting a music-themed party or a party that has music-themed activities will be more thrilling than a trip to the farm.

Kids and parties go hand and hand, as long as there is something fun to do, good food, great cake, dessert, and lots of drinks and nonstop thrills it is always memorable and exciting!

Kid’s birthday parties need not be expensive to be fun, they simply need to have activities that your kid enjoys, a whole bunch of party guests, and some fun foods to be great…well that and a few gifts too.

Closing Points

Kid’s parties are supposed to be fun and memorable, planning them shouldn’t be difficult. 

With the help of the trained and skilled staff at these locations, you are sure to have an easier time.

The hardest part may be deciding on the food and type of cake!