3 Cool Places To Eat Near Black Mountain, North Carolina

Reaching out of our comfort zone while dining can be a daunting experience for some of us. The thought of sampling foods that don’t fit into our typical repertoire can frighten and, in some cases, make us downright sick.

The good news is that doing so can open our minds to creativity while bringing us up close and personal with new and interesting foods and cultures.

For those that have a hard time doing this, making a point to try one new food a week or one new food or restaurant each vacation can make the process easier.

If after sampling something new, be it a new restaurant, new food or cuisine, or new atmosphere, it doesn’t turn out to be a positive experience; it wasn’t a total loss because we learn something new about ourselves. First-time trying sushi might have a person realizing they hate raw fish.

Of course, before embarking on any new food journey, we must first take note of our dietary restrictions and good allergies, if there are any. Once that is taken care of, the fun can begin.

Experiencing a new food, cuisine, or dining atmosphere while on vacation can be even more fun because we are usually more relaxed.

The first step is making a reservation at a new restaurant or selecting a new item on the menu and having a taste. If possible, share this dish with someone else who hasn’t tried this food, or not spend money unnecessarily.

If that can’t be accomplished, it might be good to ask the restaurant if the food you are sampling comes in smaller portion sizes. You can explain to the waiter that this is your first time trying this dish, and you don’t want to order a whole entrée if you don’t like it.

That being said, below, you will find a selection of cool and interesting restaurants to explore while visiting the black mountain region of North Carolina.

The Bush Farmhouse

This new and exciting restaurant, marketplace, and café bring South African flavors alive in their cuisine and drinks.

This upscale establishment offers catering and hosts weddings and private events, but what is the showstopper is the food and drink.

For the foodie in us, all this dining experience will not disappoint. The atmosphere is unique and interesting, with friendly staff and food that mixes the comfort of the south the flavors of South Africa.

There is a small on-site farm with a very special pig to great younger dining guests. The staff goes above beyond to ensure that everyone who visits is delightfully surprised and has a wonderful experience.

The menu is limited and changeable depending on seasons and fresh local offerings. Pricing is said to be a little expensive. Still, the food is so divine and flavorful that most will not mind paying a higher price for the expert preparation and delectable dishes presented.

Berliner Kindl German Restaurant

This restaurant brings the flavors of Germany to the table for visitors and locals in the Black Mountain region of North Carolina. With an extensive menu of appetizers, combination platters, and side dishes, this restaurant is a rare gem for those who have never sampled authentic German foods.

Grilled Kassler Rippchen and Weisswurst dinners will introduce German flavors to the table that diners will fall in love with when paired with German specialty beers that are always on tap daily.

Aside from their authentic foods, there is a gift shop for patrons who want to take home a bit of Germany. From chocolates to coffee and meats, the gift shop and deli have it all, making gift-giving and late-night snacking easy while visitors are vacationing to this area.

This finely run German restaurant also offers catering for parties and events for those locals and visitors in the market.

Thai Basil

Many people adore Thai food and have eaten it numerous times. This cuisine has yet to be explored for some of us, and while visiting the Black Mountains, this is yet another rare treat for locals and visitors alike.

The service is exceptional; the cuisine is exciting and delightful with the spices and various flavor notes. Diners who are open to sampling this cuisine will not be disappointed. This restaurant happily caters to vegans and vegetarians, and other dietary restricted individuals, preparing foods to order.

The décor and atmosphere are spicy and colorful, like the flavors of this cuisine. Tasteful menu items include Thai Basil Dumplings, Tom Kha Soup, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Pad See Yew, to name a few. With a decent selection of drinks and sides and salads, the menu is vast and affordably priced.

Is it a good idea to mention my dietary restrictions when dining out at a new restaurant?

Yes, it is always good to mention your dietary restrictions when dining out at a new restaurant. Most restaurants and chefs are very accommodating to patrons who have dietary issues. Often, the staff of most restaurants will go above and beyond to ensure that your food tastes good and that your needs are met.

Food allergies and sensitivities are taken very seriously unless there is no way to avoid removing the food item from the dish, such as in the case with sugar in a cake on the menu, which a patron can’t have.

Even in those cases, the staff of most restaurants will go out of their way to make sure the patron is happy and has an acceptable substitute of some sort, such as a sugar-free dessert option.

Failing to mention such issues can be detrimental to your health, making it important for you to share when dining at a new restaurant.

Closing Points

Interesting food is an easy find when in a city with diverse cultures and individuals. However, when leaving a big city, the offerings can grow smaller, making it hard for locals and visitors in less populated areas to find something new and exciting or cool.

Thanks to chefs who see a need for unique dining in more rural areas, it is now easier than ever to find something exciting to wake up your taste buds and make you smile.

There are some very unique restaurants in the Black Mountains of North Carolina, which might wind up being the go-to spot for visitors when they travel to this area!