3 Best Zip Lining Adventures in Texas

Texas, the state known for everything being bigger and better, the Lone Star State has much to offer vacationers adventure, entertainment, and amusements that encompass outdoor and indoor fun.

Knowing as a friendly state, the folks who live in Texas are welcoming and pleasant, which follows through into the service and tourism industry to travelers who visit.

With such a big state and so many historical, cultural spots, and so many exciting activities, it is no wonder that many people who visit might decide to try out zip lining for a nice outdoor diversion.

Only in Texas could you go from riding a horse to touring a historical site and then follow it up with some wildlife exploration and a grand finale of zip lining before you head back home from your exciting vacation.

Ziplining is a thrilling experience that blends perfectly with Texas and its larger-than-life mentality. 

Where can I zipline in Texas?

The best places to go ziplining in Texas are Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures in Volente, Wimberley Zip Line Adventures in Wimberley, and Helotes Zip Line Experience in San Antonio. Each of these three adventure parks offers great ziplining adventures.

Finding a great place to participate in this activity is not as easy as it seems, with so many locations to choose from, but that is what this article is all about, the best ziplining adventures in Texas!

Thankfully, Texas has options for newbie flyers, young flyers, or flyers searching for an amazing view, complete with some after adventure fun.

Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures – Volente

3 Best Zip Lining Adventures in Texas 1

When visiting the capital of Texas, there is a perfect spot for those thrill-seeking individuals to participate in this fun activity.

The Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures location offers the longest zip line in Texas, making it bigger and better than most.

Located in the hills region near Lake Travis, it offers spectacular views on the three-hour tour. 

The fun will be nonstop with five different zip lines and more than half of them being super long at over sixteen hundred feet long.

The journey is completed for riders when they have passed over Lake Travis on a half-mile adventure that is breathtaking and memorable.

The guides and staff are pleasant and friendly that offer their knowledge and experience to help everyone have a good time, including newbie flyers that may have fears or apprehension.

Stunning views are the most captivating as the flyers move through canyons and wooded areas. 

They can enjoy the lakefront amenities throughout the remainder of the day when they are done.

These include games, a picnic area, and hammocks after adventure rest.

The atmosphere is relaxing, and fun with that friendly feel that welcomes everyone from families to individuals, couples, and groups.

For those travelers who are so inclined, The Lodge is a rental cabin that can round out any zipline adventure by providing a place to sleep and enjoy the beauty of Lake Travis.

3 Best Zip Lining Adventures in Texas 2

Wimberley Zip Line Adventures – Wimberley

Nestled in a cute little town, thrill-seekers will find a hidden gem that can breathe life into its surroundings.

The Wimberley Zip Line Adventure Tours provide a zip lining experience that offers wonderful views of the Wimberley Valley as flyers explore for two hours.

At one hundred and fifty feet to nine hundred feet high, there are ten zip line crossings that can reach a top speed of over thirty miles per hour.

The tour, which carries flyers over rolling creeks, rolling meadows, and stunning canyons of beauty with views that carry up to fifteen miles, begins with an amazing walking tour with experienced and knowledgeable guides about all things outdoor and zip lines.

There is no experience needed to fly, but reservations are required for this adventure that begins with training in “flight school” for all to learn and practice what they learn.

Located in a Texas Wilderness of the Winn family ranch that has called this area home for eighty-five years. 

New to this location is the beer garden, where various drinks are offered for the after-flight break and chill time.

The combination of friendly, personable, and knowledgeable staff, exceptional views and scenery, and exciting adventure make this a memorable time to be shared with friends and family.

If the zip line adventure isn’t enough, there is a cute little town to explore where there aren’t too many tourists, and the locals are welcoming and friendly. 

Wimberley is a wonderful place to dip in a local watering hole, visit a historic site, hike or bike on a trail, and visit a glassworks facility or wonderful downhome farmer’s market.

Helotes Zip Line Experience – San Antonio

Zip liners over the age of eleven will enjoy this experience where they see stunning Texas Hill Country views as they soar through the air during their high-flying adventure.

Reservations are required, and riders don’t need prior experience to fly, making it a great stop for families or larger groups.

With nine zip lines that range from one hundred to over a thousand feet in length, there is a spot for everyone regardless of skill or abilities. 

The ziplines go at speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour, making it a thrilling and exciting adventure ride.

Riders must be at least nine years old unless they want to ride in tandem with an adult. 

They must also be between seventy and two hundred and seventy-five pounds to ride alone.

Tours accommodate up to twelve people, and there are four hours per day. 

They are open year-round, making it easier for tourists and locals to enjoy this thrilling adventure any time the urge to fly above the trees and countryside hits.

Final Points

Texas is known for many things, especially its bigger, better mentality. 

When it comes to outdoor adventure, ziplining fits that requirement perfectly. 

That’s why some of the best zip lining is in the Lone Star State.

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