4 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Chicago, Illinois

We’ve all had that not-so-great cup of coffee that left us less than thrilled with our morning, that coffee that had us craving another cup an hour later. When you’re in Downtown Chicago, there are enough coffee shops to confuse a coffee connoisseur but have no fear this list will lead you in the right direction to that great cup of morning pick me up! It doesn’t matter whether it’s an espresso, a cold brew, or a standard black with a sprinkle of sugar, coffee for me is the perfect way to start the day. That sinful aroma that wakes up our mind, the anticipation of that first sip, and the savoring of that final drop at the very bottom, it’s perfect!

The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Chicago Illinois 1

What are some local coffee shops in downtown Chicago?

Downtown Chicago, of course, has tons of great franchises and local coffee shops. If you’re looking for a unique, local cafe for your next cup, check out one of these in downtown Chicago:

  • Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe
  • Hero Coffee Bar
  • Goddess and the Baker
  • Intelligentsia Coffee

If you’re in Downtown Chicago, there is a spot for you, that will be the best location where you fall in love with a good book, toast the beginning of your Saturday off work or make new friends with strangers. A coffee shop is a wonderful place to do exactly that!

This list, which I compiled while visiting Chicago offers a glimpse at some of the best coffee shops downtown for their exceptional coffee and beverages, the right atmosphere, and some delectable foodstuff to go with it all.  I hope you enjoy it!

Wildberry Pancakes and Café

130 East Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601

(312) 938-9777

The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Chicago Illinois 1 2

For breakfast with coffee that awakens your five senses, you have to try this place! With multiple locations, they offer up breakfast and lunch with unique twists, and flavor combinations that are surprisingly delightful!

This coffee shop offers seasonal specials like cookie dough pancakes, organic coffee, and lavender matcha lattes to name a few. The service staff goes beyond the standard to ensure every patron is happy with their food and beverages.

The ingredients are fresh and local whenever available, the selections are homemade recipes that periodically change, and the plates and beverages are more than enough to satisfy.

The atmosphere is relaxing and a good spot to not only grab something to eat; but catch up on business or school. The kiddos in the bunch will enjoy the pancakes they are famous for, from their namesake to chocolate chip and everything in-between! 

Hero Coffee Bar

439 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois 60605

(312) 631-3269

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This cute little coffee shop serves coffee and food in a fast, efficient, and friendly way.  Bagel sandwiches and a few pastries make up the menu, with simplicity being the theme, but the food and beverages are heavenly!

While they are only open for breakfast, they have both inside and outdoor seating and a seasonal menu that keeps things new and interesting.

The atmosphere is eclectic and funky with cool music playing and a few nice spots to sit and relax. The ingredients they use are local whenever possible and fresh, the prices are affordable for a quick sandwich and beverage.

The staff knows how to prepare the food and beverages to perfection for those who are very particular, this place won’t disappoint.  This coffee shop is a favorite with the locals.  Out-of-towners are completely surprised when they land here.  This little shop doesn’t have a big menu, but the food is remarkably good!

Goddess and the Baker

255 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601

(312) 374 3625

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This bakery caters to patrons that have dietary restrictions or opt for alternative dietary choices. The matcha is perfection in a cup with just the right taste. You can enjoy protein bowls, which are to die for, and Mexican-inspired menu items along with a steaming cup of cappuccino.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this coffee shop is the pastry and baked goods display. Who can resist all that sugary sweetness, whether it’s gluten-free or vegan, or regular there are so many delectable treats to choose from it will be hard to pick which to try?

The service staff is amazingly friendly, and fast to get your order. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and on a perfect day, the outdoor seating is the best spot to enjoy your coffee and treat. Since this coffee shop is so popular, you might have to wait a few minutes longer than expected at certain times.

Despite this, there is plenty of seating, and the menu is very extensive with such unusual choices as gold glitter in your beverage; who would’ve thought they could have that! The energy and vibe are fast and fun, with just the right touch of comfort to make you stay awhile.

Intelligentsia Coffee

53 East Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601-7503

(312) 920-9332

The Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Chicago Illinois 4

With seasonal lattes and remarkable service, anyone visiting this area will enjoy this coffee shop. The Barista’s choice is a great option for a lovely surprise, allowing the baristas to choose what coffee you will get. The service is quick and friendly, and this coffee house is a favorite with the locals.

The quality of the coffee and pastries is unbelievable, the space is a little cramped, but the offerings make it definitely worth your while.

The atmosphere aside from the small space is lovely with a community table which adds a nice touch. The décor is classic, with black tables and whitewashed walls and just the right amount of art to intrigue.

The location is just right, near the millennial park and cultural center as well as other entertainments. There are other assorted beverages and snacks to choose from when you take a quick break from your day. You can buy bags of coffee to take home for brewing on those mornings you’re seriously pressed for time.

In Conclusion

While coffee may not be everyone’s first beverage of choice, it has its place in almost everyone’s heart. Cramming for examines anyone? But seriously, when you’re in the windy city, these coffee shops are some of the best places to grab that cup of joe, hot or iced, sweet or plain, whatever your pleasure, they have it here!