4 Awesome Tubing Parks Near Gatlinburg, Tennessee

There are so many fun winter activities that you can enjoy in different seasons. If you are near Gatlinburg in Tennessee, you can enjoy thrilling snow tubing rides.

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Where Can I Go Snow Tubing Near Gatlinburg, TN?

There are several places where you can enjoy snow tubing near Gatlinburg, TN. These include Ober Mountain, Pigeon Forge Snow Park, and Smoky Mountain Snow Park. You can cross the border to North Carolina and have a fun experience at Wolf Ridge Tubing.

We’ve spoken to expert tour guides near Gatlinburg who have years of experience in this area. They gave us their expert opinion about where to enjoy snow tubing in the Smoky Mountains area. Snow tubing is among the most exciting winter sports. And, if you happen to be in Gatlinburg, TN, you can have so much fun with the whole family.

Here are the top places you and your loved ones can enjoy snow tubing near Gatlinburg.

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Ober Mountain

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Ober Mountain is starting this list of top places to go snow tubing near Gatlinburg. This amazing place is at the heart of the mighty Smoky Mountains and is a fun place for winter vacationers.

When the snow starts, the Smoky Mountains become a hit with folks who love being outside. Ober Mountain does offer visitors a chance to enjoy snow tubing.

The ‘mountain’ is a hill that’s 350 ft long.

Folks get to enjoy the thrilling 50 ft drop while snow tubing or other winter sports activities. The hill is smooth and offers a more relaxing time enjoying the cold weather with the family. 

It’s the best place to be if you prefer not to go skiing or sledging.

Ober Mountain is safer since a moving sidewalk works like a magic carpet. An outdoor escalator will bring you back to the top of the hill with your tube.

Tubing lessons are available for visitors who are new to Ober Mountain. You can enjoy learning this relaxing skill. However, you must wait for the right weather conditions to go up and down the hill.

Checking the Ober Mountain website can offer better insight into this top attraction near Gatlinburg. 

Each session lasts 90 minutes. Children under 2 years old can’t participate in snow tubing. Those between 3 to 5 years must be in the company of an adult.

Pigeon Forge Snow Park

Winter doesn’t have to be the only time you enjoy snow tubing in Tennessee. Head to the Pigeon Forge Snow for all-year-round snow tubing fun and experience.

Pigeon Forge Snow is an indoor facility that features a thrilling hill. This is the place to be when you want to enjoy snow tubing and play in the snow. The place is open all year and maintains a temperature between 60 to 70 degrees throughout.

There’s real snow that makes it easy to slide down the hill with family and friends. Plus, there are many other winter sports activities you can enjoy. This indoor facility measures 35000 square feet and is one of a kind in the US.

Folks who enjoy snow tubing can arrive at Pigeon Forge Snow without booking in advance. There are 15 lanes available for this activity covered with fresh snow powder. Kids and adults can head to the different play areas to build a snowman and throw snowballs.

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Smoky Mountain Snow Park

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snow Park is an excellent place to visit when you want to enjoy snow tubing. This is a top attraction that features state-of-the-art snow-making technology. That way, you can enjoy snow tubing throughout the year.

The site features a majestic snow tubing hill that’s 500 ft long. As for the drop, you get to enjoy a thrilling 70-foot drop.

While there are indoor snow tubing places near Gatlinburg, you can also experience the same outside. The Smoky Mountain Snow Park has an outdoor snow tubing facility that features real snow. 

Visitors get to reach top speeds and land on the fluffiest snow.

After a thrilling time snow tubing, family and friends can enjoy the play area present at the park. You can play in the snow, make snowmen, play with snowballs, and create snow angels.

Next, head to the park’s main café for some hot chocolate, coffee, and tasty treats.

You must meet the requirements to participate in snow tubing at this snow park. All visitors must be 48 inches or taller to enjoy snow tubing alone. Any child under this height requirement can only participate with an adult present.

One snow tubing session lasts 90 minutes, and you can enjoy this all year. One tube can only hold one rider at a time. And you need to make advanced reservations to enjoy snow tubing.

Wolf Ridge Tubing

If you are in for a road trip, drive into North Carolina for a fun experience. You can enjoy snow tubing at the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort.

The beauty of Wolf Ridge Tubing is that you have a wonderful time with family and friends. Each snow tubing session lasts 60 minutes and is open to children under 5 with adult supervision.

Once you slide down the outdoor hill at the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, you can ride the magic carpet to the top. There’s snow-making technology present that ensures there’s fresh powder on the ground.

This hill is 350 feet long and opens to 100 feet at the bottom. Tubing sessions are available for folks new to this winter sport activity. After your ride, hedge to the lodge for something hot to drink and amazing meals.

The Wolf Ridge Ski Resort also has a ski school and ski area. There are also several trails if you want to enjoy a fun winter hike experience of the Smoky Mountains.

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Key Takeaways

  • Snow tubing is fun for the entire family, including small children.
  • There are indoor and outdoor snow tubing places near Gatlinburg, TN.
  • These facilities have snow-making technology that ensures there’s snow all year round.
  • Snow tubing in the area features drops from 50 to 70 feet.