Gatlinburg Treetop Skywalk: Everything You Need To Know

Anakeesta in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is home to a wide variety of outdoor adventures for your vacation, including a night walk in the tree canopy.

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What is the Gatlinburg tree canopy night walk?

The night walk in a tree canopy is a fun outdoor activity that is also quite peaceful to most. You aren’t too high up in the canopies and can experience great views of the area, even at night. The night canopy experience can be fun for kids and adults.

Let’s talk more about what you can do with the night canopy experience, what it entails, and what else you can do in the area.

What is the Treetop Skywalk?

The Treetop Skywalk attraction is a series of suspended bridges in the trees of the Great Smoky Mountains in Anakeesta, Tennessee. There are many bridges to traverse, totaling nearly 1,000 feet of viewing space of the forest and mountains in the area.

Given the scenic nature of the mountains and forest, the Skywalk has several viewing platforms where you can relax for a moment and take in the sights.

What’s special about the night walk in the tree canopy?

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At night, the folks who run the Treetop Skywalk light up the sides of the bridge so you can see the walkway- while providing a beautiful view of the area. 

People who have done the night walk describe the experience as walking through a fantasy – and maybe a bit of romance. Imagine being high a top the trees on lighted rope bridge overlooking Tennessee’s valleys.

One of the best parts of the night walk is that the lights do project out to the trees, so you are walking both with plenty of light – but you aren’t missing the views of the day time.

The experience has been compared to walking through the J.R.R. Tolkien “The Hobbit” movies – like the Shire – and it completely makes sense for the sense of peace and lush vegetation surrounding you.

Is the Treetop Skywalk safe?

People who have walked amongst the trees in Anakeesta have reported being awestruck by the natural beauty of the area – but not being overly afraid of being up 50 feet or more from the forest floor. 

If you are deathly afraid of heights and don’t like so much as being on a ladder, you should consider skipping the Skywalk.

The bridges can also swing in the wind – so be mindful of that, though the swinging doesn’t present any danger.

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When is the best time of year to go to the Treetop Skywalk?

Spring and fall are the most popular options. During the spring, you’ll experience plenty of green as area foliage comes back to life.

We’d venture to say that fall is even better, as you’ll have the chance to walk right through fall colors. For this reason, I would select fall but some people might also like the spring or even winter for different colors and unique views.

When is the best time of day to go to the Treetop Skywalk?

In the summer, going at night might actually provide the best relief from the heat of the south. 

Otherwise, if you go in the late summer or fall, consider bringing a light jacket because the temperature swings from daylight to nightfall can leave some feeling chilly.

Is the Treetop Skywalk open during the winter?

Yes, according to the park’s website. Operating hours may vary and the park will be closed on Christmas day. We definitely suggest wearing a coat if you are going in the winter.

A winter walk will also provide a beautiful view of potentially snow encrusted trees.

What else is there to do in Gatlinburg and Anakeesta?

Anakeesta is part of an outdoor theme park located high in the mountains of Tennessee. The result is amazing views of the national park, the Smoky Mountains, and downtown Gatlinburg

There are plenty of activities, largely involving a changing of elevation, including a “Moonshine” mountain coaster, zipline tours, and great BBQ and seafood.

One of the coolest part of Anakeesta is that you often get unlimited rides for the price of admission – no weird pay as you go system!

People interested in history – and just a bit of spookiness, can also take in one of Gatlinburg’s haunted history tours.

As an old city with a background in the Civil War, the area provides plenty of background for the potential of hauntings.

With the Pigeon River nearby, you’ll also have the option to go river rafting. The Upper Pigeon river has some rapids too, and a guide can help you get through the rough parts while you enjoy the mountain scenery.

Gatlinburg has plenty of wineries. Try various Tennessee wines at various breweries located just a few miles away from each other. 

The area also has plenty of horse farms, giving you the chance to go for a horseback ride while in Gatlinburg. This is great for kids and adults alike.

Do people like the Treetop Skywalk?

The activity gets a very solid 4.7 out of 5 on Google. Note that many of the reviews are for the entire area and park, which if you read them, might give you additional insight as to what else is going on in the area.

Key Takeaways

  • The Treetop Skywalk offers day and night walks year round. The views of the Smokey Mountains and surrounding forests are beautiful
  • The skywalk has various heights, but is between 40 feet and more above the forest floor
  • Gatlinburg itself has plenty to do after your skywalk, including a very fun Anakeesta theme park built into the mountains with roller coasters and ziplines.
  • Summers in Tennessee can get hot, so be prepared and dress light while drinking water. Winters are not too cold – but you could wear a light jacket if needed.
  • The Skywalk is mostly for people who are OK with heights. If you don’t want to climb a ladder, we suggest trying something else.