Can You Change Cabins While Onboard A Carnival Cruise Ship? How?

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If you are planning a Carnival Cruise and want to know if it’s possible to change cabins after your booking, read on for more information. 

Can I change cabins while on a Carnival Cruise?

Yes, you can change cabins on a Carnival Cruise. More often than not, all it takes is a call to Carnival Cruise Lines or the travel company you originally booked with. As with most everything in the travel agency, there are fees associated with a change. 

I’m an avid cruiser who has traveled with various cruise lines. I recently had to change cabins due to a family member who could not fathom traveling through the Caribbean without a window view (there’s always one in the group!) I’ll relay my experience below as well as what I learned in the process. 

Changing Cabins Onboard A Carnival Cruise Ship

In my experience, you can change cabins on Carnival as long as you go through the correct channels. 

The cruise line was more than accommodating of my request to move from an interior room to one with a balcony and ocean view. 

This is what I did to make the change from an interior room to an exterior one. 

  1. If you booked directly with Carnival, call their guest services team (1-800-438-6744)
  2. If you booked with a travel agency, contact them directly. 
  3. Pay the change of ticket fee (most often with third-party travel agents).
  4. Pay the change in fare fee. 
  5. Get issued a new ticket.

Either of these options should get you reticketed as long as you called ahead of sailing and your chosen room type is available. 

In the big picture; there is no reason when space allows you to not be able to change your booking. 

After all, the company wants you to have the most enjoyable experience and whenever possible, especially in the case of an upgrade, they will likely be able to accommodate that request if space is available. 

Can I change cabins while on a Carnival Cruise


Awe yes, the fine print. After jumping through hoops to get our room changed, another family member wanted to do the same.

Unfortunately, she waited until the last minute and made the call on the day of the sailing. 

Unfortunately, Carnival’s fine print states that they can not accommodate day of requests because they sail at capacity, meaning all rooms are booked and there is no availability for changing. 

When Is The Best Time To Change Your Cabin on Carnival

The best time to change your cabin is prior to the deadline for final payment, which is usually around 30 days before departure. 

After that, you may be able to switch cabins with another passenger or request an upgrade if one is available by calling the number noted above. 

Beware, changes made after your final payment may incur additional fees in addition to requiring you to pay the difference in fare between your current cabin and the new one. 

Why Change Cabins

Well, if you’re like me, you’re changing because your mother-in-law is insisting the trip is ruined unless she has eyes on the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea at all times. 

There are other noteworthy reasons you may decide that a switch is needed! 

Changing cabins can actually offer several benefits. For example, if you’re looking for a larger cabin or one with a better view than what’s available in your original booking, switching cabins may be your best option. 

Upgrading can also give you access to upgraded amenities like larger balconies or better room service options. 

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Changing The Person on a Carnival Cruise Ticket

Perhaps the room type isn’t the only thing that needs changing! If you’re in a pickle but don’t want to waste a perfectly good cruise, you may need to change the person taking the trip. 

Perhaps you’ve come down with COVID? An unexpected work deadline? In any case changing the name on your ticket to another lucky soul is not too difficult. 

Steps To Change The Name on a Ticket

The first step in changing a name on a cruise ticket is to contact the Carnival Cruise Line directly. Their help page also offers details on each step involved.

It’s important to do this as soon as possible, as most cruise lines will have specific policies and procedures for making changes. 

Carnival defines a name change as is the cancellation of one guest and the addition of a new guest on a booking. 

The fineprint also states that an original guest must remain on the booking, or it is considered a full stateroom cancellation.

If this is the case, full applicable cancellation penalties can apply to all original guests and new guests are subject to current cruise rates.

Change Online

Many cruise lines now offer online booking options, which can be helpful when making changes.

Most websites allow you to log in and make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily by simply entering your booking information and following the steps outlined. 

Another advantage of using an online booking platform is that you can often view all of the details about your trip in one place, including any special offers or discounts that may apply. 

This makes it easier to keep track of everything related to your trip and ensure that all of the details are correct before making any changes. 

Keep in mind, third party travel agencies can involve a more convoluted process. 

As with changing your cabin, you can call Carnival Cruise Lines Guest Services at 1-800-438-6744 for the most expeditious help to change a name on a ticket. 

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Key Takeaways

  • It is relatively pain free to change cabins on Carnival Cruise Lines. 
  • The best way to do this is by calling their toll free Guest Services line. 
  • The only exception is the day of changes, which can not be made. 
  • It is sometimes possible to make these changes online.