Puerto Vallarta’s Perfect Putt: The 7 Best Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful coastal city in Mexico. While on vacation or if you live there, which are the best golf courses in Puerto Vallarta?

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What are the best golf courses in Puerto Vallarta?

Among the best golf courses in Puerto Vallarta are the following:

  • Marina Vallarta Golf Club
  • Vista Vallarta Golf Club
  • Litibu Golf Club
  • Punta Mita

We’ll review what makes these the best golf clubs available in the area.

Best golf courses in Puerto Vallarta

Marina Vallarta Golf Club

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Surrounded by Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains, the views from Marina Vallarta are rather nice and tranquil, with the last three holes giving you the area’s best views. 

Some consider Marina Vallarta to be a bit of a challenging course with a mix of natural hazards like tall palm trees and lagoons in addition to sand traps that make just the right shot necessary.

Reviewers also say that the staff is very friendly, and the food is great. Marina Vallarta is also in a prime location within an easy walk to multiple restaurants, hotels, and places to visit while you are in the area. 

Marina Vallarta golf club is a great starting or ending place for a vacation.

Vista Vallarta Golf Club

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Vista Vallarta has a pair of 18 hole golf courses as designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf. 

The Nicklaus designed course is at a higher elevation and some might argue also provides better overall views of the surrounding area, including Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains.

The Weiskopf course is a bit different and involves stronger creeks, a dense jungle, and ravines – which are beautiful and challenging in their own way. Many of the reviews say that both courses are a little tough, but experienced and novice golfers will still enjoy a relaxing game of golf with great sights to see.

Vista Vallarta has hosted many tournaments including for colleges and some for pros.

Punta Mita

Punta Mita golf course is at the exclusive Four Seasons club in Puerto Vallarta. Punta Mita is home to a rather unique hole called “The Tail of the Whale” and is a known extension to the third hole. 

The unique part of “The Tail of the Whale” is that Punta Mita has developed the world’s only natural island green.

Yes, part of the course, which is accessible at low tide, is an island about 200 yards away from the course itself. During low tide, one can also drive their golf cart out to complete the hole – if they can get their ball to the island in one shot.

Punta Mita otherwise offers several holes with outstanding views of Banderas Bay, while also offering a challenging Jack Nicklaus designed golfing experience.

Note that the club at Four Seasons has two golf courses: Bahia and Pacifico – the latter of which offers Tail of the Whale. 

While Tail of the Whale sounds like a lot of fun, we recommend playing both anyway.

Litibu Golf Course

Located close to Punta Mita, Litibu has a great mix of holes ranging from links style to holes located within jungle-like areas. 

Like Vista Vallarta, the final 3 holes offer beautiful views of the ocean as you finish your trek. Like other courses, you get access to a driving range, snack cart, restaurant, and many more amenities to ensure you have energy for the whole trip.

This is a Greg Norman designed course and is a good range of challenges with some holes that require a near perfect shot to reach the green right away. 

You’ll enjoy Litibu both for the scenery and the challenge.

Flamingo’s Golf Course

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Flaming’s is rather pretty- and hosts championship golf tournaments so it can’t be too easy. The website says that most of the terrain is gently sloping or flat, so this isn’t a physically challenging course either. 

Located near the bay, you’ll also get occasional breezes that add an element to placing your ball just right within the narrow fairways.

Many reviews we’ve seen for Flamingos also compliment the staff for a fun and professional approach to everything from the pro shop to getting you set up for the day of golf.

El Tigre Golf of Nueve Vallarta

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El Tigre is designed by Robert von Hagge, among others, who were given the challenge of creating the most exciting championship golf course in Mexico. Many reviewers consider El Tigre fairly challenging with lots of water and sand traps. 

Given the natural beauty of the area, you’ll definitely be able to see Banderas Bay and other natural sights in Puerto Vallarta. 

Vidanta Greg Norman Golf Course

As you might suspect from the name, this one is indeed designed by Greg Norman. Many reviews for Vidante complement the views of the surrounding area in addition to the exceptional service with help from a caddy. 

The grounds are kept in immaculate condition, which also means that your ball should have a predictable roll once it lands – making a golf game easier and more enjoyable. 

Locals and experts also report that Vidanta is relatively cheap compared to other courses, and the value of what you get is amazing considering the surroundings and hospitality.

A great destination for golf

Puerto Vallarta is a great city and region for golf. Given the proximity to the coast, nearly all golf courses have outstanding views of the water in addition to palm trees and natural hazards. The area also enjoys warm weather year round and has many resorts to stay at, with some courses located within resorts too. 

Most of the golf courses we listed are reasonably nearby each other and are right on the coast, making the area a perfect place to play golf and enjoy the consistent warmth, sunshine, and of course food that Mexico is known for.

Key Takeaways

  • Punta Mita is one of the best, with a unique hole called Tail of the Whale
  • Nearly all Puerto Vallarta golf courses have views of Banderas Bay and the ocean
  • Many, like Vista Vallarta, offer multiple courses with different challenges
  • The city and region are overall excellent for golf with great weather and views
  • You should visit more than one place on our list on your vacation