Is Duck NC Crowded?

When the global spread of coronavirus took hold travel enthusiasts started using various strategies  to  keep them safe and sound while they travel. One of those was to choose  vacation destinations that were lesser known, and therefore less crowded. If you’re thinking of travelling to Duck, NC but you’re concerned about social distancing, I have great news for you!   

Duck, NC is one of the best-kept secrets among travel enthusiasts. . This is because Duck is less crowded compared to other vacation towns in North Carolina. Better still, the area is surrounded by several beaches that will definitely capture your heart and attention. 

So, if you are currently in search of an ideal beach town  that will let you stay  safe while giving you an unforgettable vacation, then  Duck, North Carolina, is one of the most recommended spots on the Atlantic coast. 

Are the Beaches in Duck NC Crowded?

With the overwhelming stress brought by school work, hectic office workloads, and the spread of COVID-19, many of us are searching for a vacation destination to  ease these burdens. Fortunately, many of the beaches in North Carolina, including the ones in  Duck, are now welcoming a limited number of tourists.  

One of the best  things about visiting Duck, NC is that the beaches here are not crowded. The area is also part of the Outer Banks, which are known for having the most stunning beaches in the world. Although Duck, North Carolina is less famous than other Outer Banks towns , the beauty of the beaches here is undeniable.

Aside from that, Duck is also a pet-friendly area. So, if you love to travel with your furry friends, Duck is  an ideal destination for you. Under your supervision, you can unleash your dogs to explore and play in  the waters and sand. 

So don’t be afraid to bring along your four-legged companion. You’ll have an even more enjoyable visit to Duck, since the fun activities for you and your dog are endless. 

Which is Better Duck or Corolla NC?

If you’re ever in a discussion about  the best beaches in the Outer Banks, most people  would agree that Duck and Corolla are two of them. 

Corolla and Duck are two quite known tourist spots in North Carolina, especially during the summer season. If this is your first time traveling to these places, it is impossible for you not to compare these two. 

To help you out, we have prepared a list of quick facts about these two tourist destinations in North Carolina so you can decide which of them is the best choice for you . 

Corolla, North Carolina Quick Facts

  • 500 year-round  residents

Well Known Restaurants

  • Lighthouse Bagels
  • Mama Easley’s
  • Uncle Ike’s Sandbar and Grill
  • Corolla Pizza and Deli
  • Urban Kitchen

Notable Landmarks and Attractions

  • Currituck Banks Reserve
  • Corolla Adventure Park
  • Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education
  • The Whalehead Club
  • Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Quick Facts About Duck, North Carolina

  • Incorporated on 1 May 2002
  • 600 year-round residents

Well-Known Restaurants

  • Roadside Bar and Grill
  • Duck Deli
  • Red Sky Café
  • Coastal Cravings
  • The Paper Canoe
  • AQUA Restaurant
  • The Blue Point

Notable Landmarks and Attractions

  • The Pointe Golf Club
  • Duck Town Boardwalk
  • Sanderling Resort

So, which is better between Duck and Corolla? Well, the answer will vary depending on your taste and preference. After giving you some of the essential quick facts about both , you should have an idea about where you should go for your vacation. 

But if you will consider our opinion, we highly recommend you to check out both beaches for a more enjoyable and memorable weekend escapade with your friends and loved ones.

What is the Best Area to Stay in the Outer Banks?

So you already know that the Outer Banks has some of the most stunning  beaches where you can release your stress. In line with that, you may be asking yourself, “What is the best area to stay in the Outer Banks?” 

Worry no more because the following are some of the best places where you can spend your vacation in the Outer Banks.

  • Duck

Indeed, Duck is a village that gives you the best vacation your body and soul need. The area features small restaurants and boutique shops where you can find everything your heart desires.. 

This is one of the uncrowded beaches in NC. This means  you can stroll around the area with your bike or walk around with your partner. What you will love about this area is its quaintness. Since this area has fewer people, you can have a peaceful and serene vacation experience. 

It features a park that is considered one of the best in the whole Outer Banks. Overall, Duck is a great place for anyone who wants to experience the authenticity and tranquility of the Outer Banks. 

  • Corolla

Since Corolla is a developing village in the Outer Banks, the number of its visitors is gradually increasing. But this does not mean that the area is crowded. 

Corolla is home to  lots of beautiful sand beaches you can explore by walking or biking. Beyond that, you can also watch wild horses enjoying the atmosphere in this secluded area. You can stop by on the beach and take a quick splash  with the fish in  the water. 

The area also offers many fun activities, including race cars, paddle boats, bumper cars, mini-golf, and more.  If you plan to spend most of your time playing on the beach, then this is the area for you. 

  • Nags Head

Jockey’s Ridge is one of the famous areas in Nags Head. It is ideal for sandboarding, hang gliding, and flying kites. Although the area allows dogs to wander, dog owners should leash their furry friends. Unfortunately, there are times when the town restricts dogs from roaming the area. 

Although the area is a little bit crowded compared to Duck and Corolla, tourists can still maintain social distancing protocol as they explore the beauty of the town. This is where you can find famous Nags Head NC restaurants. If you are a first-time traveler or anyone who wants to try different things, Nags Head is a great area to visit. 


If you are tired of your city life, want to unwind, or release your stresses and life burdens, visiting a less crowded town with several beautiful places could be the sanctuary you need.

Duck is an uncrowded and less known town in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. With that, tourists who want to find peace of mind and try different beach activities, this area is the best place to go. You can travel with your friends, loved ones, lover, or even with your furry friend. 

To sum up, being an uncrowded village in North Carolina, Duck can give the solemnity and tranquility your heart desires. 

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