4 REAL Haunted Houses In Nashville (Seriously….)

Nashville’s storied history seems to make it fertile ground for haunting, and Music City does not disappoint when it comes to haunted houses. 

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Are there any haunted houses in Nashville?

This city is full of more than just music. The best haunted houses in Nashville include: 

  • Devil’s Dungeon 
  • Beast House
  • Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses
  • Nashville Haunted Ghost Tour

If you’re like me, there’s nothing more refreshing than escaping from real life with a scare that won’t cost you your own life. Nashville seems to have a disproportionate amount of scary that I can get behind. I’ve toured most of the below recommendations. I love these excursions for a date night, birthday celebration, or a way to welcome visitors to Music City with a scream. 

Nashville’s Top Haunted Houses + A Haunted Tour

Have you ever heard stories of mysterious and unexplained phenomena happening in Nashville? From sightings of ghostly figures lurking inside old houses to eerie noises emanating from the woods late at night – it’s no surprise that tales of the supernatural are nothing new to this city. 

Let’s look at some of the most notorious creepy spots around Music City.

The Devil’s Dungeon 

Address: 510 Davidson Street, Nashville, TN

Open: Seasonally during Halloween.

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If you’re looking for a spooky, fun time this Halloween season, then Devil’s Dungeon Haunted House is the place to go! 

Nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville, this haunted house has been thrilling people since 1987 and continues to be one of the most popular haunts in all of Tennessee. This scary spot is set up like a classic horror movie. 

As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a creepy clown that sets the tone for the rest of your journey. 

You then venture through various rooms filled with exciting effects and terrifying characters like zombies and witches. 

All throughout the haunted house, there are plenty of surprises around every corner,  from jump scares to interactive elements that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

One thing that stands out is how much effort went into ensuring each room was unique and completely different from the last. 

In addition, the production value at Devil’s Dungeon is top-notch.

Every room looks like it was pulled straight out of a horror movie with realistic props, detailed sets, fog machines, and strobe lights.

I especially loved how each area had its own theme, which kept things interesting and added depth to the overall experience.  

It is clear that no expense was spared when creating this haunt which makes it all the more immersive for visitors. 

Beast House

Address: 3976 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN

Open: Friday and Saturday, and more frequently during the Halloween season. 

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The Beast House is lovingly known in scare circles as the “money-back haunted house.” If you can make it through all phases of the experience, your money is returned, guaranteed. 

There’s good reason for this gamble on their side – it’s beyond scary. 

The location’s history gives this experience an authentic feel and validates the claim that they are the only “real” haunted house in Nashville. The Beast House is set in a portion of the original 1890 era Isaac Kechem Mansion.

It was here that the Kechem Family was found brutally murdered. The house was used commercially as a club in the 1950s. 

The house and its story are part of Nashville lore. 

There are four main attractions to this experience. The “Beast House” is the house described above, full of the original features left intact from the time of the murders. 

“Chaos” is billed as a labyrinth of fear through a barn-like structure. The “Beast Jump” is a terrifyingly real simulation of a free fall experience. 

Finally, the “Beast Challenge” is the money-back guaranteed, three-phase, fright of your life haunted house. Beware, you must be over 18 and sign a waiver before entering. 

Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses

Address: 1016 Madison Square, Madison, TN 

Open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and more frequently during the Halloween season. 

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Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses consists of three different attractions that are sure to give you the scare of your life. 

The first attraction is “The Awakening,” which takes visitors through a zombie-infested world and allows them to experience their worst nightmares come true. 

Next, there’s “The Forsaken,” which features a creepy carnival with haunted animatronics and clowns. Finally, there’s “The Edge of Hell,” which brings you face-to-face with the devil himself. 

Another aspect of Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses that sets it apart from other haunted houses is its immersive atmosphere. 

Instead of just walking through the haunted house, guests are encouraged to become part of the attraction by interacting with the actors. 

Nashville Ghost Tour

Address: 4235 Hillsboro Pike Suite 300, Nashville, TN

Open: Seven days a week, year-round. 

We added the Nashville Ghost Tour to the list for two reasons. Although it’s not a haunted house per se, it certainly will give you an unsettling time with out-of-town friends that also want to experience the city’s real history. 

In addition, it’s open year-round, seven days a week, making this the most versatile option if you’re looking to get your creepy on. 

The tour begins at the infamous Ryman Auditorium. This venue has been home to countless musicians over the years and is known to have its fair share of hauntings. 

Next, the tour heads to Fort Negley Park, where you’ll learn about one of Nashville’s most famous hauntings: The Lady in White. Legend has it that many years ago, a woman dressed all in white was seen walking along the grounds late at night, searching for her lost love, who had been killed in battle. To this day, people still report seeing her haunting figure gliding through the park late at night. 

Finally, the tour ends at Centennial Park, where you’ll learn about one of Nashville’s oldest mysteries, the haunting of Centennial Park Pond. Many people have heard strange noises coming from the pond late at night, while others have seen ghostly figures swimming beneath its murky waters. 

At the end of the tour, you’ll not only have a hard time sleeping, you will also have picked up some history on Nashville. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are many haunted houses in Nashville appropriate for both young and old. 
  • Most are open year-round, while some are only open seasonally. 
  • The Beast House is the best option for those who truly want to leave disturbed. 
  • Taking a ghost tour through the city is also an option; you’ll also get some history.