Camping in Yosemite: A Guide to Curry Village Campground

Exploring Yosemite National Park is a must-see for all thrill seekers and nature lovers alike! The Curry Village Campground is one the best for exploration. 

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Where can I camp near Yosemite?

While some visitors see Yosemite as a day stop or stay outside its boundaries, most will want to immerse themselves in nature at one of the many campgrounds, like the Curry Village Campground. This is your guide on what to expect, and how to reserve a spot at this sought-after camping destination. 

Camping in Yosemite Valley is a quintessential experience and Curry Village Campground is an ideal place to begin your camping adventure. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend away or an action-packed adventure, this is our guide to the ins and outs of this popular camping destination.

Why The Curry Village Campground

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Yosemite is a bucket list destination for many. 

The stunning landscape has become the dream of fathers who want to introduce their kids to nature, children who’ve grown up seeing its images in textbooks, and solo travelers who need a reset. 

There are many places to stay around Yosemite, but to really get to know the park, you’ve got to have the experience of setting roughing it.

And you can do that at Curry Village, if you want to. The truth is that this is more of a glamping destination for people who want a balance between comfort and nature. 

This campground offers modern amenities but doesn’t skimp on the wild and rugged surroundings.  

With ample views from meadow and forest sites, you have the opportunity to really take in the beauty of one of America’s most treasured National Parks. 

An extensive array of amenities at Curry Village make it easy for campers to enjoy the stunning scenery without sacrificing all of the creature comforts. It gives you the opportunity to either dive right into nature or maybe just dabble a toe until you get comfortable.

The History of Curry Village Campground

The Curry Village Campground was founded beneath Glacier Point in 1889 by David and Jennie Curry. 

The Curry family operated all the tourist concessions in the park for six decades including the Wawona and Ahwahnee hotels which are now historical landmarks. 

John Muir, the founder of the National Park system and Sierra Club was a close contemporary of the couple and spent a significant amount of time at Camp Curry. This historical campground didn’t always go by this name. 

For a period of time between 2016 and 2019 it was also known as Half Dome Village.

Food Storage Guidelines

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Park Visitors are expected to follow all food storage policies set forward by the park. It takes only a candy wrapper to trigger a misunderstanding between a camper and wildlife. 

These policies help keep the wildlife wild and campers safe. It is strictly prohibited to leave food waste outside of the set food lockers. 

In addition, even scented items that aren’t food should be kept inside these lockers. It’s also good practice to store all food in resealable containers. 

Bear Proof Food Lockers

Each Curry Village cabin comes equipped with one bear proof storage locker. The food lockers measure:

  • 35.5″ x 20.5” x 23” for the small tent cabins
  • 47.5″x 20.5″ x 23″  for the large tent cabins

How To Reserve a Camping Spot at Curry Village Campground

Yosemite has thirteen campgrounds within its boundaries and seven are on a reservation system. 

Thankfully Curry Village Campgrounds is one of them. You can currently make reservations online

The canvas tent cabin accommodations at Curry Village are in high demand. Take note, early spring, fall, and winter are considered “off season” for Yosemite and you’ll have better luck scoring reservations during this time. 

Check In

The hours of check in and check out are 4pm and 11am at Curry Village and 5pm and 10am at all other accommodations. 

Curry Village Cabins

There are three types of cabins at Curry Village Campgrounds, canvas tent cabins and wooden cabins and ADA canvas tent cabins. 

Canvas Tent Cabins

True to the original intent, Curry Village tent cabins feature wooden frames and covered canvas. Touches like wooden floors and wooden doors make you really feel how John Muir did in the early 20th century. 

While the cabins do have electricity, they don’t have electrical outlets, phones, TVs or modern plumbing.

Your tent cabin will come equipped with wool blankets, a double bed or double beds depending on if you have a small or large tent cabin, towels, a safe, and pillows. 

You should bring with you extra blankets or a sleeping bag in the cooler seasons. You can rent an unheated tent or heated tent which will come with electric wall heaters. 

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Wooden Cabins

The wooden cabins are a “comfortable” step up from the canvas cabin. They feature all modern conveniences of a hotel, but, in the woods! They’ll come equipped with electric wall heaters, electricity and housekeeping. 

These cabins come with private baths, air conditioning, and linens. 

You’ll also have your own outdoor deck attached to the cabin.

ADA Canvas Tent Cabins

Curry Village also accommodates those with disabilities by offering tents with an extra wide door entrance to accommodate wheelchairs,a double bed or a single bed, a door handle with lever, and a ramp entrance.

Eating at Camp Curry 

There are numerous dining options around Camp Curry with some within walking distance of accommodations.

They include:

  • The Camp Curry Dining Pavilion 
  • Bar 1899
  • Meadow Grill
  • Pizza Parlor (The Pizza Deck)
  • Seven Tents Pavillion

Amenities at Curry Village

It’s all in the name, Curry Village is as all inclusive of a camping destination as it gets. But does it really have everything? We’re even talking about a coffee shop and outdoor swimming pool. 

At a glance Curry Village offers:

  • Cabins
  • Amphitheatre
  • Bike rentals
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Areas
  • general store
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Onsite arcade
  • Gift Shop

The campgrounds also feature easy to access trails and other various activities including hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Complimentary WiFi

Registered guests can stay connected with friends and family via the lounge at Curry Village. Located conveniently across from the dining pavilion, this is one of few places in the park that offers complimentary WiFi.

Directly across from the dining pavilion, you can connect to nearby Degnan’s Kitchen. 

Key Takeaways

  • Glamping at Curry Village Campgrounds is a great way to comfortably experience Yosemite. 
  • Reservations can be made online, but book up quickly. 
  • The off season is a great time for availability and lower rates. 
  • The campgrounds have ADA accessibility.