Key West Bound: The 4 Best Ways to Get to the Southernmost Point of the US

The Southernmost Point of the US is one of the important places in the Continental United States. It is one of the most popular attractions in Key West.

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What are the best routes to Key West?

The best way to get to the Southernmost Point of the US is by flying, driving, or taking a bus. Most people prefer driving to catch the tiny islands along the way. It also matters where you are coming from, as this helps when scouting for the best way to get to key west.

We asked tour guides and traveling enthusiasts to give the best ways to get to the Southernmost point in the US, and this is what they suggested.

Best Way to get to Key West – Southernmost Point of the US

It matters where you are coming from since distance helps choose the right means of transportation. Note that Key West is a city in South Florida. If you want to visit Key West, note that your departure location matters. 

Being the Southernmost city in Continental US means it is closer to some areas and further away from others.

For instance, it is 159 miles to Key West from Miami. It is, therefore, easy to drive from Miami to Key West without any worry and even enjoy the Florida keys on your way. 

Those from further locations prefer flying to the Miami International Airport and then driving for sightseeing.

Alternatively, you can fly to Key West International airport and only have 3 miles to cover before getting to the Southernmost point.

Some people prefer to go for a charming walk from here, while others will drive after hiring one of the many car rentals available. If you are not keen about driving from Miami to Key west then land at key west international as your first stop by catching one of the daily flights out there.

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Use the Key West Express

The key west express ferry is your best option if you do not mind cruising or going via the waters. It is quicker and more convenient because it offers you opportunities to either lounge in the sun deck or enjoy the whole bar experience with live music. 

It works for people who enjoy high speed boats and fishing charters.

The key west express is a ferry that helps travelers, both locals, and tourists travel from Southwest Florida to Key West in under 4 hours. 

This may seem impossible, but it can be achieved by boarding the KeyWest Express. Board it at Fort Myers beach or at Marco Island and enjoy the ferry services.

Most people prefer this ferry since it offers an excellent opportunity to relax in the sun while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

For a long time, most people only got to Key West by driving on the Overseas Highway or flying to Key West International using American airlines. Some major airlines bring travelers to Key West easily.

Unfortunately, these may not be the best way to get to key west for people working with tight budgets. 

Unless you are driving from Miami and the trip is likely to take less than 4 hours, traveling to Key West from Southwest Florida or Mainland Florida can take all day long; hence not the most appropriate way to travel.

It is recommended to book your trip in advance if you want to use this ferry, preferably eight days in advance. This ensures that there is actual space and that the ferry service is available when you travel from your departure location.

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Fly to Key West- Land at Key West International Airport

Flying to Key west international airport is the best option if you are coming from far. 

You can choose a direct flight to get to Key West, land at Key West International Airport, and get to the Southernmost Point much more quickly.

This affords you an opportunity to get to your destination faster as long as you travel via major airlines.

Fly to Miami International Airport

Alternatively, if you still wish to drive and enjoy the Florida Keys view, and not land at Key West international airport, you can fly to Miami international airport or Fort Lauderdale  and drive from there. 

Miami is much closer to the Southernmost Point and you won’t have to travel too long.

All you have to do to visit Key West via flight is to find the significant carriers from your departure location. 

This is only half the fun you can expect to have since the fun begins when you arrive at Key West. Whether you land at Miami airport or fly directly to Key West, you can be sure to have fun.

However, note that flying is not the cheapest method to travel to Florida city or any other destination is not the most affordable way to travel. 

However, it is fast and more convenient, especially if you can afford it. Many passengers getting into town would prefer this method.

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Driving to Key West and Enjoy the Florida Keys along the Way

This is one of the popular ways to get to Key west and the southernmost point. It allows you to go at your own pace because you will travel in your own vehicle.

Find a car rental, and this will set you up for the most scenic drive of your lifetime such as Key Largo.

You can enjoy easy access and engage in fun things along the way if you have your own vehicle. Consider renting electric cars for drop offs if you want quicker options. This works perfectly for rush hour sessions too.

A rental car service allows you to travel without too much pressure. You may have to watch out for speed limits in areas such as Big Pine Key to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Consider this for trips shorter than six hours long.

Key Takeaways

  • Traveling to Key Point does not have to be complex when you can fly, drive, or cruise
  • Choose to drive to the Southernmost point if the distance is not too long
  • Rental cars allow you to travel at your own pace to Key Point
  • Fly to Key Point using the appropriate American airlines
  • Book a ferry service which is a faster way to travel to Keypoint