The Ultimate Guide To Day Tripping To The Bahamas From Miami

Day trips from Miami to the Bahamas are not only interesting but also thrilling. What are the best day trips from Miami to the Bahamas? 

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What are the best ways to take a day trip from Miami to the Bahamas?

Day trips from Miami to the Bahamas will depend on the mode of transport you want to use. For instance, you can use flights, ferries, cruises, boats and car ferries. When you reach the Bahamas, there are various activities you can do for your travel.

One of the main reasons why travelers love to make day trips from Miami to the Bahamas is the short distance between the two locations. This is because they will only need to travel at least 100 miles towards the southern coast of Florida to reach the Bahamas. 

Additionally, Miami and the Bahamas are entirely different towns regarding their culture, unique beaches and tropical environments.

Therefore, you will need to plan activities before you pack and leave for the Bahamas. Additionally, how you make most of your day trip from Miami to the Bahamas will depend on the mode of transport since there are various alternatives.

Boat Day Trip

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Since the distance between the Bahamas from Miami is short, it is possible to use the boat as your mode of transport. However, sailing to the Bahamas from Miami with a boat has got particular challenges.

One of the challenges is that the sea contains rugged reefs that may make the boat get stuck or move uncomfortably, and there are no navigational aids to follow. 

Additionally, if you rent a slow boat, the journey takes more than 24 hours for you to reach the Bahamas.

Therefore, it is advisable to use alternative modes of transport, such as the ferry and then use a boat when exploring other islands upon reaching the Bahamas.

Ferry Day Trip

The ferry day trip is the most popular mode of transport to the Bahamas since it is affordable. Typically, ferry ships operate from Wednesday to Sunday and depart from Fort Lauderdale towards the Bahamas. 

The total duration it will take a ferry ship to reach the Bahamas is 2 hours and 30 minutes because it has to make its first stop in Bimini, drop and carry other travelers, go to Freetown and then go to the Bahamas as the final destination.

Typically, if you are staying in a hotel or have a home in Miami, you will be required to make arrangements with the ferry company to pick you up using a coach to take you to Fort Lauderdale.

 One of the advantages of using ferries is that you will arrive early and have plenty of time to visit the Bahamas islands, beaches and coastal resorts.

Flight Day Trip

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Using a plane or jet provides the fastest means of transport if you cannot wait to explore the Caribbean’s clean water and tropical environments. 

Reaching early into the Bahamas will give you plenty of time to explore different attractions if you plan to return to Miami the same day.

There are different options of commercial planes you can see, such as Continental Airlines, Bahamas Air and Southwest Airline, which will only take an hour for you to reach the Bahamas. 

Keep in mind that the cost of the flight trip will differ depending on the kind of airline you wish to use. 

Typically, the price ranges from $200 to $300 for the commercial airlines and you can pay about $4500 to rent a private plane to avoid waiting in line at the airports.

Cruise ship Day Trip

You can use cruise ships to sail to the Bahamas because they offer their guests discounts.

If you travel during the weekdays, the trip will take more than 24 hours due to the busy sailing line. Therefore, booking a weekend cruise is advisable to reach on time. 

One benefit of using cruise ships is that the cruise personnel will handle all your needs, including food and beverages, delectable meals and poolside amenities, among other essentials. 

You will also get to enjoy the clear waters of the Caribbean if you want to go for a swim. You will need to pay at least $110 to enjoy your cruising experience.

Other Day Trip Activities to Enjoy in the Bahamas

When you reach the Bahamas, there are a lot of activities for everyone depending on where you want to spend time. 

Typically, there are two main options regarding the activities you want to do in the Bahamas.

 These activities are either on the land or in the sea. The following are some examples of day trip activities you can do in the Bahamas:

Island “Hopping”

Since the Bahamas has about 700 islands, most individuals prefer sailing from one island to another, exploring the different attractions they offer.

If you take a day-long ferry from Miami, one of the best places to make a stop is the Grand Bahama. Alternatively, you can also travel to Bimini Island for two hours and view its beautiful scenery.

The use of flight will come at an additional cost but it will help you explore different islands in the Bahamas in a single trip. 

You can also rent a small boat and take a 2-day trip to explore the islands. Therefore, before you make any transport booking, you will need to consider its speed and duration efficiency.

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Day Trip to Historical Museum and National parks

If you want to explore the Bahamas land, you can visit the Historical museum to learn about the origin of the Bahamas and the history of its islands. The museum contains a variety of ancient artifacts, memorabilia, and works of art from various periods in the history of the Bahamas.

You will also learn more about the first people to inhabit the Bahamas and how they have preserved it up to date.

After an exciting learning experience, you can visit the national park known as Blue Holes on Andros island and go for a guided dive along with scuba divers

In the Blue Hole, you can view different aquatic animals, such as cavefish and other invertebrates. 

Apart from the diving experiences, the park is also home to pine trees and various bird species, as you breath in their entire ecosystem. 

Day Trip to Elbow Cay

If you want to go and explore Elbow Cay, it is advisable to take a direct cruise from Miami and enjoy a single trip to elbow cay, located on the Abaco Islands. 

On this island, you will get to explore the lighthouse in the Northern part of the island. Additionally, the Wyannie Malone Museum and Hope Town offer information about the island’s history.

Key Takeaways

  • The distance between Miami and the Bahamas is 119 miles apart
  • You can use a different mode of transport to reach the island paradise of the Bahamas
  • Most Miami residents love visiting Nassau, Bahamas due to its proximity
  • Using flight provides the quickest way to go to the Bahamas
  • The Bahamas has got at least 700 islands