Panama City Peak: The Best Time to Visit Panama City Beach

You are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast, but you don’t want to fight for a place on the beach. What is the best time to visit Panama City Beach?

Whats the best time of the year to visit Panama City Beach 1

What’s the best time of the year to visit Panama City Beach?

The best time to visit the beach in Panama City is late April through October, as the temperatures are milder, rainfall is less, and lots of sunshine. The abundance of sun and southerly breezes off the Gulf of Mexico warm the water temperatures making it ideal for family outings. 

One of the best beaches along the Gulf Coast is Panama City Beach. With white sand beaches and calm surf, the beach is a fantastic summer spot for families from across the country. There are lots of local restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues to choose from to enhance the experience. 

While a beach vacation can be on everyone’s radar, the beaches at Panama City are large enough to accommodate the crowds. So, what are the best times to visit PCB so you don’t have to fight for a little piece of sand? Well, let’s explore the best time to visit these beautiful beaches. 

Where is Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach is a resort community located on a 19.5-mile stretch of white sands and gentle surf that runs along the Gulf Coast in northwest Florida. 

The community has a population of around 18,000 and is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Gulf of Mexico. The beach borders US 98, a highway from Mobile, Alabama, some 964 miles along the shoreline. 

The community is known for its sugary sandy beaches and gentle breezes. The Emerald Coast area has two different nature preserves with numerous hiking trails, campgrounds, and fishing piers. 

  • Pro Tip: Remember, you will need a Saltwater fishing license to fish in Florida – $17). 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Panama City Beach?

Whats the best time of the year to visit Panama City Beach 1 1

While the beaches along the panhandle of Florida are a favorite destination for spring break, the summer break months are not as crazy. 

While you will pay lower rates during the off-season, and the crowds are significantly less, the weather is sometimes cooperative. 

So if you want to enjoy good weather and warm waters, the best times to go are mid-May and mid-October.

What Are The Average Temperatures for Panama City?

The warm weather of Panama City Beach makes it a popular tourist destination during the summer and early fall. 

Temperatures are often very mild during these months (August – mid-October), averaging from the low to mid-80s to the mid to 70s at night. These are the least rainy months, averaging 3-4 wet days per month. 

The warmest month is July, with an average temperature of 89 degrees. The summer months (May, June, and July) are also the most cloudy, with most afternoons being a mix of clouds and sun (64% of the time). The rainiest month is July, primarily due to the afternoon storms that brew up over Gulf warm waters and move inland. 

What Is the Worst Time To Visit PCB During These Months?

There are a couple of times that if you hate crowds, you want to avoid PCB. During these seasons, traffic is a nightmare, hotels have higher occupancies, charge extra, and the beaches become a mass of arms, legs, and torsos. 

Summer Months

The worst vacation times in Panama City Beach are June, July, and August. Hotels have higher occupancy rates as more tourists descend on the Gulf Coast, and festivals like the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam draw many concertgoers. 

Although the Pepsi festival has historically been held over Labor Day weekend, in 2023, it will kick off the summer season on June 1-3. The festival draws over 74,000 people to the area annually and has an over $30 million impact on the local economy. 

Due to the increase in tourists, hotel rates are priced at a premium during these months. You can expect to have to wait for a table in any of the great dining establishments on the coast. 

Other rental fees (cabanas, jet skis, and umbrellas) also go up. 

Whats the best time of the year to visit Panama City Beach 2

Spring Break Weeks

The college crowd shows up on the coast during the week(s) of Spring Break. Since colleges and universities sometimes have different weeks for spring break, it is best to avoid the mid-March weeks, particularly if you have children.

There is a wild party atmosphere during the week with lots of alcohol flowing. The authorities are always out in force (they do a great job), but the crowd will frustrate everyday folks who are just trying to find a spot to relax on the beach. 

What Are Some Things To Do During The Fall at PCB?

Even though the huge Pepsi Jam has moved away from their traditional Labor Day date, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to do during your time at Panama City Beach. 

The Beach

Panama City Beach is a 19.5-mile stretch of white sand and surf that offers plenty of amenities. The Gulf waters are crystal clear, and there is room for families to spread out and enjoy themselves. 

With parking strips and some dedicated lots along State highway 30, you should have no trouble finding a spot. A couple of piers jut out over the water and allow fishing. 

Visitors have many choices, with a unique selection of restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels. 

You can rent jet skis or a center console fishing boat if you want to get deeper into the water. Umbrellas and cabanas can also be purchased. Yet, with over 4.5 million tourists during the summer, these tend to go quickly and cost a fortune. 

Pier Park Shopping Center

Pier Park is an outdoor shopping mall with over 120 different outlets. There are some fantastic restaurants with outdoor seating, like the Angry Tuna and Back Porch Seafood and Oyster House.

There are the usual anchor stores, but also many smaller boutiques and stores worth exploring. The kids will love the sky wheel, which offers some beautiful views of the gulf waters. 

Whats the best time of the year to visit Panama City Beach 3

Gulf World Marine Park

Established in 1970, Gulf World is a fantastic educational attraction known for its interactive adventures featuring many seawater creatures. Your kids can interact with sea lions, and stingrays, and even have an opportunity to swim with dolphins. 

This park is a good family opportunity for cloudy days since it is open rain or shine. Tickets are $32.99 + tax for adults, $22.99 for kids (4 and up), and kids under 4 are free. The attraction is open 10 am – 3 pm during the late summer and fall. 

St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews State Park is one of two wildlife preserves designed to keep the unique topography of the Gulf area intact and free of human intervention.

The park is a popular migratory stop for birds and butterflies. In addition, The 1,200-acre park offers all types of wildlife, from alligators to snakes to sea turtles laying their young in the sand. 

The park is located just three miles from PCB and is open daily from 8 am to sundown. 

Entrance fees are $8 per car. The park offers glamping areas, and an additional campground has recently opened so visitors can have the pleasure of roughing it right near the waters of the inlet.

There are lots of pines and dunes to explore, and daily excursions to Shell Island. Even though part of the Gulf pier has had recent storm damage during hurricane season, you can still fish. 

(Remember, you need a fishing license).  Snorkeling and scuba diving are also options for Shell Island visitors.

Festivals and Events 

The late summer and early fall are great times to take in a festival. There is Octoberfest in downtown Panama City with plenty of beer drinking. 

If you prefer something more family-friendly, the Pirates or the High Seas Fest is fun, and lets you and the kids get your pirate gear on for a weekend in mid-October.  

What Should I Know Before Heading to the PCB?

Here are some helpful tips designed to make your visit to Panama City Beach more enjoyable. 

Is PCB a beach that is cleaned regularly?

There is a private company that is paid by the city to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. 

In addition, the city ordinance has a Leave No Trace program that insists that beachgoers remove any trace of their presence (don’t leave your chairs or tents on the beach, or they may be taken up during the evening hours). 

Are Dogs Allowed on the Beaches?

Dogs are not allowed on the Panama City Beaches with the exception of a dedicated dog beach on the west side of the Russell-Fields city pier. 

Signs are posted that will guide you to the location and inform visitors of just how far you can take your dog. 

What Do the Red Flags Mean?

The authorities maintain a red flag system to warn swimmers of the dangers of the Gulf waters. A single red flag means that the surf is high or there is the possibility of dangerous riptides. 

Two red flags often appear during hurricane season and indicate that swimming is prohibited. 

Is Food Allowed On the Beaches?

The city allows food and coolers to be brought onto the beach, but grills and bar-b-ques are not allowed. If you desire a fire pit, you can only do so with a city permit. Vehicles are not allowed on this Florida beach, either.

Key Takeaways

  • Panama City Beach has over 19.5 miles of white sugar sands off of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The best time to visit PCB is late-August through October
  • Spring break weeks and summer months are the peak season for tourists