The 4 Least Crowded Beaches In Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is a beach hub of Florida. While a popular destination, it is still possible to find an uncrowded patch of sand for yourself at these beaches. 

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What’s the least crowded beach in Clearwater?

If you want to experience the feeling of sand between your toes and crystal clear water at your fingertips without having to elbow your way through crowds of beachgoers, look no further than these uncrowded beaches in Clearwater, Florida:

  • Sand Key Park
  • Belleair Beach
  • Indian Rocks Beach
  • Redington Beach

From Sand Key’s out-of-the-way beauty to quiet and picturesque Belleair Beach, I’ve rounded up a handful of tranquil spots that offer sweeping views and more than a few moments of peaceful solace. 

About Clearwater Beaches

Florida’s Gulf Coast is packed with enough beaches that it would take you a lifetime to visit them all.

Clearwater and the surrounding areas have the lion’s share of some of the best beaching options in the state. 

From glorious white sands to spectacular aquamarine waters, these beaches cater to all kinds of vacationers seeking a little relaxation along the coast.

They range from pristine and polished to rough and rugged. Some have amenities and watersports rentals, while others find their charm in their simplicity. 

The Busiest Beaches in Clearwater

It’s not easy being one of the most scenic towns of the Gulf of Mexico with consistently good weather. 

This endless summer feel, unfortunately attracts the crowds. Although Clearwater consistently gets tourists throughout the year, the high season is through the winter months of January through March. 

If you are looking to avoid the crowds, then these beaches should be bumped to the bottom of your list due to high traffic, most often related to their proximity to beachfront resorts. 

  • Clearwater Beach
  • St. Pete Beach
  • South Beach 
  • Honeymoon Island State Park

Quiet Clearwater Beaches

Clearwater is the perfect recipe for relaxation – sun, sand, and salty air! However, this perfect recipe can attract a crowd. 

Here are some options to escape the crowds. 

Sand Key Park 

least crowded beach in Clearwater

Where: 1060 Gulf Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida


  • Concession with snacks
  • Boardwalk
  • Nature Trail
  • Beach Wheelchairs available
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Changing Rooms and Bathrooms
  • A Dog Park
  • Playground 
  • Kayak and Bicycle Rentals

Sand Key Park is 95 acres of sprawling white sandy coastline. 

When you’re looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach getaway with plenty of sunshine and dazzling blue water, this beach will give it to you. 

This beautiful spot is perfect for quiet leisurely strolls along the shore or taking a dip in warm waters. 

With seven miles of white sand beaches, it won’t be hard to find some quiet alone time here while gazing out to the Gulf of Mexico. 

A salt marsh here sustains its own ecosystem of wildlife. Benches provided are great for hanging out in peace and quiet while you watch the native birds go about life.

This County Park is full of amenities including kayak and bicycle rentals making it a one stop shop for relaxation and fun, but without the crowds that often come with it. 

Belleair Beach

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Where: 444 Causeway Boulevard, Belleair Beach, FL


  • Bathrooms
  • Benches
  • Fishing Pier
  • Boat Launch

The city of Belleair Beach is as relaxed as its shoreline. 

With only 2100 full time residents, you won’t have to elbow anyone out of the way for some umbrella space on the sand. 

As one of the last residential beach neighborhoods in Pinellas County, the locals like to keep their beaches well local, and have managed to keep out the development that usually attracts high levels of tourism.

Conveniently situated on a barrier island that sees Clearwater Harbor on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, this beach has miles of pure white sand and open vistas of the ocean. 

Its mellow waves are ideal for swimming, seashell hunting, and finding a slice of peace and quiet. 

Indian Rocks Beach

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Where: 1700 Gulf Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL


  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Public Parking 
  • Benches
  • Boardwalk

Indian Rocks Beach is a beach community with a 2.7 mile stretch of sand that includes 27 beach access points.

In short, there’s enough space for everybody meaning this beach doesn’t get too crowded any time of the year. 

Because this beach is on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), it’s a great place to be a boat voyeur watching the ocean traffic come and go. 

It is located on the same barrier island as Sand Key Park and Belleair Beach but has a bit more lively feel on its boardwalk with restaurants and small shops nearby.

This beach is great for shelling, shoreline fishing, and sunbathing year-round.  

Redington Beach

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Where: 105 164th Ave, Redington Beach, FL


  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Public Parking 
  • Four parks

Redington Beach is also located on the barrier island that lines Clearwater but south of the other beaches on this list. 

Equally as quiet, with only 1,400 permanent residents here, you’ll get the beach with the bodies. 

That is to say; while this stunning stretch of shoreline attracts the occasional seagull, you won’t see all the tourists that are traditionally found in neighboring Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach. 

This quiet stretch of shoreline is perfect for a lazy day at the beach with family.

The waves here are gentle enough for kids to play in safely, and the sand is perfect for sand castle building. In addition, Gulf Boulevard has plenty to do.

Mini golf, restaurants, and a few small grocery stores make this a perfectly convenient spot to escape the crowds. 

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t have to sacrifice tranquility to enjoy a day at one of Clearwater’s beaches.
  • The quietest beaches are located on the barrier island that lines Clearwater’s edge. 
  • Residential communities that have kept development out keep the beaches quiet.