The 10 Best Restaurants In Hendersonville, Tennessee

Located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee,  Hendersonville is a popular spot for travelers and locals alike. While in Hendersonville, where is the best place to eat?

What are the best restaurants in Hendersonville?

The highest-rated restaurants in Hendersonville are The Chop House, Cafe Rakka Mediterranean, Demo’s Restaurant, and Music City Diner.

Let’s review the best places to grab a bite in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We’ll be going by ratings and local reviews to know what locals and travelers like.

Best Restaurants in Hendersonville, Tennessee

The Chop House

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As the name implies, this one is a steakhouse. You should head to the Chop House when you are hungry – and especially if you are looking for a good steak or chicken.

They serve a range of cuts from Filet Mignon to New Zealand Lamb Chops, New York Strips, and Ribeyes. 

The steakhouse also offers a huge range of sides that are perfect to add to your baked potato.

Of course, the Chop House also has pork, including BBQ ribs in addition to seafood choices like cold water lobster. 

TripAdvisor rates the Chop House well at a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Cafe Rakka Mediterranean Cafe

Cafe Rakka helps add to the eclectic blend of choices in Hendersonville, Tennessee. 

The story behind Cafe Rakka is of a family from Syria – an emigrated law student who turned to cooking his family’s favorite recipes while stressed out and longing for home.

The result is Cafe Rakka, a very well-reviewed Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network for its simple authenticity and a homemade feel. 

Most on TripAdvisor rate the food very highly – and aren’t a huge fan of the service simply because the place is busy and doesn’t quite move at the speed of light. 

The food, however, is totally worth it! It’s a great alternative to BBQ and other seafood restaurants in the area.

Music City Diner

If you look at Music City Diner’s menu on their website, you’ll see a rather wide range of choices from breakfast and waffles to burgers and pitas and basic sandwiches. 

Hidden in the bottom right corner is probably the first thing you’ll notice when actually walking in – dessert.

Music City Diner has an extensive selection of desserts that receive lots of rave reviews from people on TripAdvisor, and just looking at the photos on the site makes us want to save room for cake or pie. 

The food itself is pretty good too – and there aren’t many places you can get a decent gyro, a Nutella waffle, chicken, and a good slice of pie under the same roof.

Demo’s Restaurant

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It’s hard to tell by the name, but this is an Italian restaurant. Once you walk in and take a smell and a look at the menu, you’ll have no questions anymore.

Inside Demo’s, you have a family atmosphere with plenty of space and good lighting. In the kitchen, you have a big variety of Italian food from pasta to lasagna, burgers, and seafood.

Moby Dicky’s

Located on the Cumberland River, Moby Dicky’s has fresh seafood which seems pretty easy considering the location. 

The restaurant features waterfront seating and a great view. As you might suspect from the seafood-esque name, you should expect to order to the strength of the menu and get seafood here. Included are some fish you won’t see at every restaurant, like red snapper. 

They make it well!

Note that they are very popular and very busy. There might be a wait – and a hard time finding parking.

Rosie Food and Wine

Many reviews for Rosie’s consider it a hidden gem – and even their website promotes the desire to be a nice casual restaurant where you can spend an evening without spending a fortune or driving to a big city. 

The menu isn’t too big and only has a couple of dozen choices including a meat selection and pasta, but the reviews indicate that they make those few things well. 

Many even call out the excellent service and bartending staff – and know the names of the servers.

The Meat Sweats BBQ

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Meat Sweats does one thing, and they do it well: BBQ. A variety of meats from chicken to pork and beef, and some cuts in between are on their menu, including brisket nachos. Reviewers also point to generous serving sizes for a decent price that are consistent with a casual but upbeat atmosphere.

Lyncoya Cafe

Even the reviews say it: Lyncoya isn’t much to look at, but it is literally what’s inside that counts. Reviewers say the restaurant is warm and welcoming – and that you should get the homemade macaroni and cheese. 

Lyncoya Cafe has some southern styling and offers dishes like shrimp and grits, which is as good as it sounds. 

Most reviewers also suggest that the serving sizes are unexpectedly big, and you get great value for the trip.

Bluegrass Bar and Grill

Want a Cheers-like bar in Hendersonville? Stop in – and then stop in a few more times till they actually know your name. Order the wings. Try the burgers and pizza. It’s all good.

Key Takeaways

  • Hendersonville has lots of great restaurants for hungry travelers and locals looking to dine out
  • The area is known for BBQ, and you should try Meat Sweats – which really is the name.
  • Other highlights include Lyncoya Cafe, Rosie Food and Wine, Moby Dicky’s and Cafe Rakka.