The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Boise, Idaho

I can’t think of one person in my life that doesn’t love some kind of coffee, decaf, espresso, cold brew, whatever the pleasure, a coffee shop has something for everyone. And if by chance you run into someone who absolutely can’t stand coffee, almost every coffee shop has alternative drinks like iced tea, tea, and juice, to name a few.

In Boise, you can find some great coffee shops that can serve up some great coffee, and some food too. From breakfast to lunch, brunch and dinner and those special baked goods it will be very hard to choose.

Whatever time of day you choose to stop in Boise, there is a coffee shop that can serve your beverage with a smile from friendly baristas.

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What’s the best coffee shop in Boise?

There are too many great, unique, local coffee shops in Boise, Idaho, to choose just one. That said, four of the best in Boise are: 

  • Hyde Perk Coffee House
  • The District Coffee House
  • Guru Donuts
  • Mocha Moose

Whether it’s after a long day of hiking, before a big board meeting, or with family on the weekend these coffee shops are the best coffee shops for that caffeine boost in Boise.

I couldn’t imagine going a day without a cup of coffee, some days it might be a cappuccino, other days it might be a plain cup of dark roast with a smidge of sugar, but whatever day it is, there is always room for coffee. Am I the only one who craves it so much?

Hyde Perk Coffee House

1507 North 13th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

(208) 345-2046

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This awarding-winning family-owned coffee shop has a warm and inviting atmosphere and a rotating weekly menu of new drinks for patrons to enjoy. If you can think of drinking it, they can make it for you with their vast menu of drink choices including lattes, espresso drinks, and cappuccinos, but they are not just limited to coffee items.

A strong part of the local scene, they work together with local artists and businesses to create unique in-store events and collaborative ventures that help local businesses, artists, and the public. Their baked goods are unforgettable, and the locals consider it the best of the best when it comes to coffee.

The service staff are very pleasant and devote their energy to making your time at this coffee shop special! If you have a hankering for a sandwich or a need for a power-punching protein bar with your spot of exotic tea or house specialty espresso, this place hits the spot!  

The District Coffee House

219 North 10th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

(208) 343-1089

Best Coffee Shops in Boise Idaho 2

With roots in the nonprofit sector, this coffee shop sends the proceeds they make to a distinct charity and offers refugees a chance at a better life through specific programs. One lovely perk of grabbing your cup of joe from this coffee shop is their idea of paying it forward to those who are more fortunate than others.

Those who can provide a cup of joe for those who can’t afford one, fostering community giving and generosity with a constant flow of give and take in a very discreet but meaningful way.

Their intensely flavorful coffee blend is roasted locally in small batches multiple times per week, meaning the coffee and its flavor are rich, intense, and exotically delicious.  They serve breakfast and lunch both inside and outside from friendly staff members, and the prices are good for what is offered.

Guru Donuts

928 West Main Street, Suite 100, Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 571-7792

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Who doesn’t love a good donut with a cup of coffee, they were practically made to go together, but unlike some fast-food chains that serve weak coffee and run-of-the-mill donuts and pastries this donut and coffee shop offers the best pairing of the two?

The donuts are made in-house, with many of them being good for those with alternative eating styles and the flavors are diverse and unique. The staff is pleasant and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy.

The coffee is heavenly, and the atmosphere is comfortable for a quick meeting or to enjoy a few moments of quiet to read a book. 

For families with kids, they have a storytime for the little ones and a great espresso bar for those who need that delectable jolt of morning caffeine.

Sandwiches and other options round out the food menu with tea, iced tea, and other choices like juice or milk available. What makes this place so special is the vegan and vegetarian treats and coffee options, it’s what draws people back again and again.

Mocha Moose

2596 North Bogus Basin Road, Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 803-1968

Best Coffee Shops in Boise Idaho 4

We won’t ask what the moose has to do with coffee but whatever it is, they serve up some of the best coffee in Boise. The staff of this coffee shop are super friendly and take great care of each customer they serve.

This coffee shop offers a great place to unwind and relax before or after a long day and some really amazing desserts and baked good items.

 There is a good mixture of beverage items and flavor choices for that coffee you drink, and the prices are reasonable.

The contemporary woods meet stone and slab atmosphere that fits in nicely with the outdoor elements of Idaho, making you feel cozy and right at home while you’re enjoying your morning.

They offer breakfast items like burritos and ice cream for the kiddos to enjoy when in house. The locals absolutely rave about this place whether they are coffee lovers, or not, and that says quite a lot!

The most amazing thing about this place is the staff, this lively and friendly bunch can turn a sour day into a good one with a warm smile and pleasant demeanor, and that doesn’t even include the fabulous coffee they sell.

In Conclusion

That great cup of coffee is never far away, even in the beautiful city of Boise, Idaho where there is so much to see and do. Boise has some great places to visit, and while you’re there, a coffee shop is a must-stop for that energy boost you will most likely need while you’re exploring, working, or doing whatever it is that you do!