The 5 Caribbean Islands That Rich People Go To

The Caribbean is full of luxurious locales that the wealthy elite love to frequent due to perfect climates, azure ocean views, and secluded tranquility. If you want to travel “rich and famous” adjacent, you’ll need to know where the hotspots are and why they are such a draw to those with deep pockets. Do you want to know where the rich hang out in the Caribbean? 

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Attention, luxury enthusiasts! My newest piece delves into the Most Expensive Caribbean Islands that boast unrivaled levels of sophistication and indulgence. Give yourself a taste of the good life and discover these stunning, high-end island havens.

What islands do rich people visit in the Caribbean? 

The top five Caribbean islands that rich people love to travel to are: 

  1. St. Maarten
  2. Turks and Caicos
  3. Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands
  4. The Cayman Islands
  5. St. Barts

We’ll break down where to go to live the life of rockstars and tech investors, where to stay when you get there, as well as the best times of the year to visit. 

How did we determine our top five Caribbean destinations beloved by the wealthy? We compiled our list by studying the habits of those with the most disposable income and considering which islands had the most top-end vacation stays, beaches, and experiences. In addition, we took a list at luxury property listings to determine what the rich gravitate towards the Caribbean isles. 

Without further adieu, we present the results. 

The Top Five Caribbean Islands Where Rich People Love To Travel 

1. St. Maarten

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St Maarten is the ideal sun-worshiping palm tree-fringed paradise that most people think of when they imagine winning the lottery. Its famed dueling personalities resulting from the island being split into a northern portion that is French and a Southern end that is Dutch give the island of St. Maarten a unique personality. 

St. Maarten is a place for the indulgent traveler that loves the freedom of the topless white sand beaches and non-stop thumping beats of the nightlife, and a class of luxurious seclusion and tranquility that can only be purchased with deep pockets. 

Although it is frequented by the rich and famous, it also has accessible accommodations and experiences, making it a great way to vacation in a luxury destination without breaking the bank. 

Who Goes There

Harry Belafonte is rumored to live on the French side of the island, and Donald Trump also owns property there. St Maarten is also famous for its New Year’s Eve parties and attracts celebrities yearly over the holidays. 

Where To Stay

Rich people who go to St. Maarten usually live or rent private properties around the islands. If they aren’t staying at sprawling beachside villas or a private yacht offshore, than they might be found at five-star Belmond La Samanna or four-star La Plantation

When To Go

The peak season goes from December to April, so if you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to travel outside this period. One of the most famous events of the rich and famous, the Heineken Regatta, happens each year in March. 

2. Turks and Caicos

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Turks and Caicos are 40 different islands and cays, of which just eight are inhabited and separated into two distinct island groups.

Over the past several decades, Turks and Caicos have evolved past the island off the beaten track to the place with the 1% of wealth flock to for its pristine beaches that have a unique hint of pink and tranquil shorelines. 

The wealthiest elite generally stays in the Grace Bay Beach area, which hosts a seven-mile stretch of perfect white sand beach. In addition, Long Bay in Providenciales hosts many ultra-luxurious mansions.

The vibe in Turks and Caicos is a more secluded paradise type of luxury over St. Maarten’s over-the-top nightlife version. If St Barts is the place to be seen, then Turks and Caicos is the place to escape. 

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Who Goes There

Kieth Richards owns property here and joins Bruce Willis, Oprah, and at one time, Prince. The Kardashians also frequent beachfront property in Providenciales. 

Where To Stay

Amanyara is the ultimate luxury resort in Turks and Caicos with five-star service. In addition, many celebrities have Beach Enclave’s North Shore property with nightly rates starting at a cool $3700. 

When To Go 

The good news about Turks and Caicos is that its location enjoys year-round sunshine with astonishingly low rainfall compared to other Caribbean islands. April through June see slightly lower temperatures which might appeal to those who want more temperate weather. 

3. Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands

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Virgin Gorda has long hosted a myriad of the rich and famous. It is one of the four British Virgin Islands, including Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, and Anegada. Of the four, Virgin Gorda is home to the most luxurious properties and waterfronts. 

However, it is best known for its rocky labyrinth of boulders known as The Baths, world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, and beautiful hiking trails. 

The British Virgin Islands has quickly gained traction as a playground for the rich and famous with private island retreats and plenty of space for luxurious super yachts with private chefs and the best water toys a millionaire can buy. 

Who Goes There

Sir Richard Branson has multiple property investments in the area as well as Google’s Larry Page. 

Where To Stay

Oil Nut Bay is located off the Eastern Tip of Virgin Gorda and is the ultimate in rich, opulent luxury. It is a fully sustainable resort with just 11 luxury villas complete with butler service, private pools, and a secluded shoreline. 

When To Go

The British Virgin Islands are in the hurricane belt of the Caribbean, in order to avoid this wet season, aim to go between December and May. 

4. The Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands comprises Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac and is located just south of Cuba. It hosts the super yachting life of the rich and famous as well as spectacular conditions for scuba diving, water sports, and sportfishing. The rich love the laid-back cruising life, picture-perfect villa accommodations, and luxury fine dining opportunities. 

Ultra-high net worth individuals are attracted by thriving financial and investment sectors due to their tax-neutral status. It is also a premium locale that can be reached in just 70  minutes from Miami. 

Who Goes There

Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Pacino have all been known to spend time on the Cayman Islands. 

Where To Stay

The wealthiest neighborhood in the Cayman Islands is located on Grand Cayman along Seven Mile Beach, where property prices can reach $1300 per square foot, which is the case for the Watercolors Residences. See Private Homes for Rent

When To Go

January and February are the coolest months of the year to visit and have the least chance of rain. March through June are off-season times and generally quieter with fewer tourists and empty beaches. 

5. St. Barts

Caribbean Islands That Rich People Go To 6

St Barts is a french speaking Caribbean Island famous as the ultimate luxe escape for the wealthy. It is flush with luxury yachts, high-end dining, and designer shopping. A-listers flock to this idyllic locale for a large part due to its low-key culture that typically respects people’s privacy and space. 

In addition, St. Barts is known as the Caribbean’s Shopping Capitol, with designer brands lining the waterfront. 

The marina in the island’s capital, Gustavia, is a hotspot to anchor the world’s most opulent super yachts, where the surrounding waters are known to have some of the best sailing on earth. If boats are not your thing, St Barts offers 22 of the most pristine, white sand, sparkling blue beaches that the Caribbean has to offer. 

Who Goes There

Jeff Bezos has been known to anchor his super yacht to go into St Bart’s for the day, while Beyonce, Mike Tyson, and Dua Lipa have also been recently spotted there. Russian billionaire and soccer team owner Roman Abramovich also owns property on the island. 

Where To Stay

Known as the wealthiest elite getaway, Cheval Blanc is the premier place to stay on St Barts. It features intimate accommodations, five-star dining, and access to one of the island’s best private beaches. 

When To Go

Late November to January are peak party and party goer season. If the nightlife is your favorite place to splash your cash, this would be the ultimate Caribbean nightlife for the rich and famous. 

If luxury means peace and quiet and secluded villa life, then the off-season from February to May is a perfect time to visit, while June to November is hurricane season and should be avoided. 

Other Caribbean Islands Popular With The Wealthy


What Caribbean Islands Do Rich People Go To 2

Canouan is a small island, which belongs to Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It has a population of around 2,000, meaning it’s one of the most sparsely populated in the region. 

It’s not as famous as other Caribbean islands like Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands or St Barth. 

However, both the locals and visitors prefer it that way. It’s where the billionaires of the world come to unwind and escape their busy lives.

Just like St Barth, there are no direct flights to this island from North America or Europe. You will first have to fly to St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia or Grenada. From there, you will then book a connecting flight, mainly a private jet.

So, getting there is not only a challenge but equally expensive. And, this may explain why it doesn’t attract crowds, since only those with deep pockets can afford to get there. 

The Mandarin Oriental Cancoun is the main resort on the island. The rich who visit the island book one of the patio villas, which go for more than $10,000. 

And while this price may appear steep, getting a reservation won’t be easy, even during the off-peak season. Regular visitors book rooms throughout the year.

Activities on the island include playing golf, being pampered at the spa or going on a boat trip to Tobago Cays – one of the filming locations of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Here, visitors can enjoy snorkeling and get a close-up of starfish, sea turtles and beautiful coral reefs. Evenings are spent over wine while catching sunsets.


What Caribbean Islands Do Rich People Go To 3

Mustique is yet another playground for the rich and famous. Situated approximately 100 miles west of Barbados, this is where the world’s millionaires and billionaires spend their summer vacations.

Mustique has a year-round population of around 500 people. Therefore, those who afford to come and stay here enjoy unmatched privacy and exclusivity.

There are a couple of villas and mansions, owned by some of the richest people on earth. Also, the island has two hotels, where those visiting for shorter stints can stay.

Visitors here spend their days dining at the exclusive restaurants, attending house parties, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Others opt to spend most of their time in the water, engaging in activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, swimming with turtles or riding horses along the beach.

The island is fully-staffed, meaning guests are attended to round the clock. Like other islands on this list, rich people come here because of its exclusiveness and privacy. According to those who have stayed on this island, its tranquility and exclusiveness is almost unmatched.