4 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Everyone loves a good coffee shop, a place to sit down and chill for a few minutes while you use the wi-fi and sip your chai latte. Maybe it’s a Frappuccino with a side blueberry muffin and catching up with friends, whatever you do, Minneapolis has the best coffee shops to do it!

Don’t drink coffee, that’s okay, they have tea, iced tea, juice, milk, and fancy waters that will make you forget you’re in a coffee house and not a tea shop or somewhere else. With décor and an atmosphere that offers that relaxing sensation we all need to unwind and let go of the stress you will want to set aside a few minutes to enjoy your time. Most coffee shops offer other drinks, snack items, and some specific meals too.

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What are the best coffee shops in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis offers tons of great, local coffee shops to wake and warm you up. Some of the best local coffee shops in Minneapolis are:

  • Spyhouse Coffee
  • Sister’s Sludge Coffee Café and Wine Bar
  • Isle Buns and Coffee
  • Riverview Café

While you’re choosing which brew is right for you, you can sample those cookies or that pastry and listen to the diverse music choices, meet some friendly staff and plot your next visit once you take that most amazing first sip.

I may not be a big tea fan, but coffee, it calls to me even when I sleep. I made this list to help you find that great cup of coffee when in Minneapolis, so you can just get down to the business of enjoying the flavor, and I hope you enjoy it!

Spyhouse Coffee

945 Broadway Street Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

(612) 345-4348

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The crowd of this chain coffee shop is hype and youthful making it an exciting environment to imbibe that morning java. The atmosphere has that industrial look, and the menu options are oddly named but surprisingly excellent!

The energy is laid back for you to host a small party or sit lone and scroll on your phone. Employees of this cool coffee shop are knowledgeable and friendly, and they work hard to make your experience great. The food creations are interesting and absolutely delicious, and you can enjoy them indoors or out while listening to some great music.

It’s spacious and airy inside with a dark, relaxed feel, and while you can get your drink and food choices to go, you won’t be able to resist this place! What makes it so special it’s the coffee, of course, and the atmosphere.

Sister’s Sludge Coffee Café and Wine Bar

3746 23rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

(612) 722-3933

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If you have a business meeting to host or an evening get-together, this is a great spot for groups with diverse tastes and preferences. This coffee house also serves up numerous other beverages like fresh juice, crafted beers, and fruity wines it will be easy to please everyone.

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or simply drinks this coffee shop and café has a large menu to choose from and a lovely happy hour with amazing snacks. The outdoor seating area is cute and cozy for a lovely afternoon of people-watching. The interior is clean with a charming and simple design.

The seating inside is comfortable and roomy for an impromptu date night or finding a corner to get some work done. Patrons can mingle, from the wine bar side to the coffee shop side regardless of what they are drinking, which is a very nice aspect.

This coffee shop is recommended for those patrons who love their coffee on the sweeter and more exotic side, with many unique taste creations crafted by the three sisters who own this place.

Isle Buns and Coffee

1424 West 28th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

(612) 870-4466

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This lovely coffee shop usually has a line outside the door for their amazing baked good and coffee. Although it is located in a busy prime location, it is the perfect spot for sitting outside and watching life pass by.

Its yellow and black outdoor décor is appealing, while the indoor atmosphere is full-on bakery goodness with all the delicious smells that will entice you to go off your diet. The pastry and baked good items are numerous with changing flavors with the day, week, and season.

Biscotti is perfect for pairing with a wonderfully smooth cappuccino, and you won’t want to forget a package of their famous cinnamon buns for work or an after-dinner dessert. The staff is more than friendly, and it’s clear they enjoy working here as much as you enjoy visiting.

The prices are reasonable for what you go, and there is ample parking outside on the street, so you can easily access this great coffee shop at a moment’s notice. The hardest thing will be choosing which pastry for the day!

Riverview Café

3753 42nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

(612) 722-7234

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The oddly unique coffee shop, café, and wine bar is the perfect spot for your family adventure, where you can get a great cup of java, a tea, a sip of locally sourced or exotic wines, and some great food. If you have kids in your group, they can enjoy the play area for some fun and their own little adventure.

There are vegetarian choices for those with alternative diets and loads of sweet and savory pastries, which are as delicious as they look! If you like music, you will be happy taking a break here, and you’ll be even more thrilled with the reasonable prices.

The service staff is pleasant and friendly as well as skilled and devote their energy to making sure the patrons are happy. The atmosphere is exciting and busy with lots of energy and fun. The fireplaces make a great spot to enjoy a quiet romantic interlude with someone special!

The menu of this lovely coffee shop is thoughtfully designed to entice people with various diets and preferences.

In Conclusion

When you need a good cup of coffee in Minneapolis, the best coffee shops are not far away. A few steps here, a few there, and before you know it, you’re sampling the finest cold brew, macchiato, or latte this city has to offer, so slow down and savor the moment!