The #1 Best Island In The Bahamas For A Family Vacation

If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas with a family, you might feel overwhelmed as there are many islands that can be traveled to. Knowing which island is best for families is important so you can ensure that you will have a great trip for all members of your family. 

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What’s the best island in the Bahamas for families?

The best island in the Bahamas for families is New Providence Island due to its number of family-friendly resorts, activities for families, excursions that are available for people of any age, and plenty of beaches to visit. 

New Providence Island is the best island for families due to it being not only a beautiful destination to relax but plenty of things for people of all ages regardless if you have young kids who want to splash in the water or teenagers who can do more adventurous activities. 

The information in this article has been researched and reviewed by many travelers including travel experts and people with children so you know that the information is reliable and will help you to enjoy a great vacation in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas Overview

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The Bahamas is officially known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. It is a country in the Atlantic and is within the Lucayan Archipelago. It takes up 97% of the archipelago’s land area and 88% of the archipelago’s population.

It consists of more than 3,000 islands, cayes, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau on New Providence Island. 


The Bahamas were inhabited by Lucayans for many years. Christopher Columbus first saw the Bahamas in 1492 when he landed in San Salvador. The Spanish shipped the Lucayans and enslaved them on Hispaniola, which led to the Bahama islands being deserted from 1513 to 1648. 

The Bahamas then became a British crown colony in 1718. It was following the American Revolutionary War that thousands of American loyalists settled in the Bahamas and took enslaved people with them. Slavery was abolished in the Bahamas in 1834 and became a safe place for freed African slaves. Afro-Bahamians make up 90% of the population in the Bahamas today. 

The country gained independence in 1973 with Elizabeth II as the queen and led by Sir Lynden O. Pindling. Today, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas due to their economy being based on tourism and offshore finance.  


The great thing about the Bahamas is that the weather stays fairly mild all year round. There is truly not a bad time to visit if you are wanting warm weather. The temperatures and rainfall do vary depending on the season so some months will provide more sunshine than others. 

From December to March, the Bahamas are typically very crowded. People are coming to celebrate the holidays and that leads into people traveling for spring break vacations as well. In the winter months, temperatures can hover around the mid 60’s in certain parts of the country up to the 70’s.

Spring is a great time to visit the Bahamas because the weather will begin to warm up in March and April and start reaching temperatures into the 80’s. The rainier months will usually be May and June, but temperatures will remain in the low 80’s.

It is best to visit the Bahamas before hurricane season starts in early August. Hurricane season is typically the worst in August and September and many people will avoid visiting during those months due to the risk of bad weather messing up vacation plans. 

The hurricane season will go through October, but by October the risk has gone down significantly so you can travel in October or November with a low risk if you want to visit the islands before the holiday travel begins in December. 

The Best Island In The Bahamas For Families

New Providence is the best island in the Bahamas for families. It is the most populated out of the Bahamian islands and provides a great destination with family friend resorts and activities. 

Family-Friendly Resorts in New Providence

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1. Meliá Nassau Beach Resort

Meliá Nassau Beach Resort is a beautiful all-inclusive resort right on Cable Beach, which is known to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world. With plenty of activities for any age, it is the perfect place to stay with the entire family. 

The rooms have stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the hotel boasts a wonderful pool as well as resort gardens. The hotel is located minutes from restaurants, shopping, museums, and nightlife. 

The Meliá has a great kids club that is full of indoor and outdoor activities, including many games so the younger ones in the family can still enjoy their time there.

2. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a beachfront resort with plenty of amenities for the entire family. 

It has tennis and golf facilities along with snorkeling and kayaking, 8 different pools, and the largest casino in the Bahamas.

It is an extremely kid-friendly resort with activities for kids of all ages, including arts and crafts, cooking classes, toddler playrooms, and much more. 

The resort also has Baha Bay, which is a large waterpark on site. It is set on 15 acres directly adjacent to the Grand Hyatt. It features a large number of attractions that will suit all ages, so it is a fun experience for the entire family.

3. Atlantis Resort

The Atlantis Resort is one of the better-known resorts in the Bahamas and is known to be the perfect choice for families due to the large number of activities on the resort site. 

The Atlantis Resort is located on Paradise Island, which is connected to New Providence. There are two bridges that allow access between the two places. 

The resort boasts 5 different hotels, each of which provides a different atmosphere depending on what you are looking for. There are programs for kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Activities for kids include digging for treasure on the beach, games, being a trainer for the day, kids swimming pools, and a theater. 

Along with kids’ activities, there are many options for older kids and adults, including swimming with dolphins, golf, the spa, shopping, and fishing charters. 

4. The Ocean Club

The Ocean Club, which is a Four Seasons Resort, originally opened in 1962 and has been popular ever since. It is set along a 5-mile stretch of beautiful white sand beach on Paradise Island. 

There is a variety of accommodations available to cater to your needs regardless if you are traveling with a small family or a larger group. They offer amenities such as private butler service, private housekeeping, and private chef dining. 

The Ocean Club has a kids program that is available for kids ages 4 to 12 and has counselors ready to educate and help entertain kids all day long. They have activities from arts and crafts to marine exploration, to games. 

5. Sandyport Beach Resort

Sandyport Beach Resort is a laid-back island resort that provides colorful decor and island cuisine that will instantly make you feel relaxed. It is located right on the beach and provides the perfect spot to take off for incredible snorkeling and exploring off the coast. 

They offer spacious rooms in canal-front or beachfront villas that are both just a short walk away from the ocean. This resort is exceptionally kid-friendly because kids that are aged 12 and under stay for free, which is huge for families that want to visit the Bahamas. 

Family-Friendly Activities in New Providence

1. Sandy Toes Swimming With Pigs

One of the most famous activities in the Bahamas is swimming with the wild pigs. Now you can experience this opportunity with Sandy Toes. A quick 25-minute boat ride will take you to Rose Island, where Sandy Toes has a sanctuary of protected wildlife.  This is a great family activity as it involves swimming with the pigs along with snorkeling and lunch. 

2. Aquaventure Paradise Island 

Aquaventure is a waterpark located at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. It is a short trip from New Providence Island and the perfect way to spend the day with the family. 

The waterpark is located on 141 acres and overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. This waterpark has over 20 million gallons of water and boasts fun-filled activities for everyone. There are high-speed waterslides, a mile-long river ride, a kid’s water play fort, and 11 different swimming pools. 

3. Pirates of Nassau Museum

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is perfect for kids to experience and learn about the piracy that used to occur in the Bahamas. This museum is an interactive experience that is also educational. 

With several exhibits, it is a great way to spend a couple of hours as a family while learning more about the history of the Bahamas. 

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4. Happy Trails Stables

Happy Trails Stables is the only horseback riding facility in Nassau and is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the island. It is located in Coral Harbour and is only 25 minutes from downtown Nassau. It began operating in 1977 and is the longest-running equestrian tour facility in the Bahamas. 

They are open 6 days a week, and guests can enjoy scenic trail rides for almost 2 hours. You will be matched with the perfect horse for you, and children 12 years of age and older are welcome making this a great family activity. 

5. Graycliff Chocolatier 

The Graycliff Chocolatier is a great experience for the whole family. You will learn how to make your own chocolates under the guidance of a professional. It is a fun way to learn about the process of making chocolate from the time it is a bean to the moment it is a chocolate bar. 

You will learn how cocoa beans are roasted and ground into cocoa nibs, then stone-ground into liquid chocolate, and eventually into chocolate molds. Along with this educational experience, you will have the opportunity to make your own chocolate bar as well as other chocolate treats. 

6. Nassau Snorkeling

A snorkeling excursion with Nassau Snorkeling is the perfect family adventure. They offer standard snorkeling tours as well as excursions that include swimming with turtles. You have the option to choose one of their preexisting packages or create your own snorkeling package. 

Along with snorkeling, they offer tubing, fishing, site-seeing, and water skiing. Nassau snorkeling will take you to some of the most stunning locations and give you the opportunity to swim with incredible schools of tropical fish. 

7. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a great location to visit in New Providence. It is a well-known beach and absolutely stunning. With white sand stretching for miles, it is the perfect place to set up for the day and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. You can pack a lunch and spend the day or just stop for a few hours. The waters are typically calm, and it is a very family-friendly beach to visit. 

8. Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Center

The beautiful Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Center features more than 4 acres of tropical gardens that are inhabited by a wide range of animal species. It was originally founded in the 1950s and turned into a conservation center, boutique zoo, and wildlife rehab and rescue facility. 

The animals in the center are a wide range of species, including exotic and native wildlife. The center takes in injured animals that need rehabilitation and nurses them back to health. The gardens boast a beautiful array of plants and tropical flowers, including coconut palms, hibiscus flowers, and orchids.