The 8 Best Day Trips from Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic has more than 1,100 years of history to explore. But Prague’s prime location in the middle of Eastern Europe means it’s also easy to visit other destinations – with many sights located within two hours of the city. Between scenic landscapes, historical castles, and picturesque villages, the possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a day trip

To deepen your knowledge and cultural understanding of the Czech Republic, I recommend visiting one of the following destinations outside of Prague. 

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What is the Best Day Trip from Prague?

If you’re in Prague looking to take a day trip, consider visiting the historic and cultural cities of Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, and Pilsen. The Czech Republic has many natural wonders to enjoy just a few hours away from Prague, including the National Park Bohemian Switzerland or Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise). 

However, there is more to the Czech Republic than nature and city life. The outskirts of Prague are rich with cultural attractions and historical sites to keep any type of traveler entertained. 

Kutna Hora

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Located an hour outside of Prague, Kutna Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with plenty of historical sites to explore. The old town is full of charm, and you could easily spend all day wandering the cobblestone streets and Baroque architecture. 

But the highlight of the town is the Sedlec Ossuary. Unlike other chapels, this one is decorated with almost 70,000 skeletons.

The altar, shield of arms, and even the chandeliers are completely made out of human bone! But if that’s too frightening for you, you can always check out a few other less creepy attractions in Kutna Hora, including St. Barbara’s Church and the Italian Court.

National Park Bohemian Switzerland

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Don’t be fooled by this park’s name. The National Park Bohemian Switzerland is actually in the Czech Republic, just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Prague! With beautiful stone arches, steep gorges, and acres of wooded forest, it’s the perfect backdrop for a day hike. 

The most popular trail is the hike up to Pravcicka Brana (it’s just over a mile and perfect for families). 

More adventurous hikers can also trek to see the Cave of Fairies and Brtníky icefalls. But I strongly recommend planning your route ahead of time, as you might find yourself crossing over the border to somewhere else in Germany! 

Theresienstadt Ghetto

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Despite being one of the most harrowing day trips from Prague, visiting the Theresienstadt Ghetto is something all people should see at least once in their lives. During the Nazi regime, this area in Terezín was used to house the Jews before they were transported to the concentration camps. 

It was believed that over 88,000 people lived here during WWI, out of which 33,000 died from disease and malnutrition.

In addition to visiting the former ghetto, you can also learn more about the history at the Terezín Memorial and Ghetto Museum. The Theresienstadt Ghetto is located roughly 1 hour north of Prague, close to the German-Czech Republic border.

Karlovy Vary

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Need a bit of rest and relaxation? Then head to Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad), a charming spa resort town known for its natural hot springs. 

In fact, Karlovy Vary is the largest spa complex in all of Europe! To make the most of your day trip, I recommend buying a day pass to one of the thermal baths or hotel spas for a healing hot spring treatment!

After a few hours in the springs, you can walk around the city to enjoy the historical sights. There’s the Orthodox Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Diana Observation Tower, and the many 19th-century colonnades. 

And it’s just under two hours from Prague, so it’s easy to visit on a day trip.

Český Krumlov

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If you thought Prague was beautiful, wait until you visit Český Krumlov. With some of the best preserved Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings in the country, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a wonderland for architecture and history lovers. 

And it’s just two hours away by car or bus, so it’s easy to visit on a day trip!

The old town is dominated by the Český Krumlov Castle, a fairytale-like building dating back to 1240. This 40-room castle features a revolving auditorium, a baroque theater, and a bear moat (yes – the moat around the castle was once filled with bears and not water!).

Český Krumlov also has several wonderful museums, including the Egon Schiele Art Centrum, the Museum of Marionettes, and the Museum of Torture Law.

Karlštejn Castle

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The Czech Republic is known for its impressive castles, including Bohemia’s Karlštejn Castle. It was built in the 14th century and used to store the royal crown jewels and other valuable relics and treasures. However, there is also a chapel and several rooms, halls, and chambers that you can also visit during your tour.

The area around the castle is also particularly noteworthy, as the lush forest is ideal for those interested in hiking. 

The trail from the Karlstejn railway station to the Beroun railway station is long (~10 miles), but it boasts spectacular views of the castle along the way.

Český ráj

Also known as Bohemian Paradise, the breathtaking landscape of Český ráj is guaranteed to be a memorable day trip from Prague. 

The entire park is scattered with massive rock formations that have been shaped by years of wind and rain erosion. Prachov Rocks is one of the most popular stops in the park, with towering peaks that reach over 130 feet into the sky.

You’ll also find numerous castles, volcano plugs, dolomite caves, and even an underground lake. While you won’t be able to tick everything off your list in one day, it’s worth booking a tour or cycling around the area to make the most of your trip.


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If you’ve ever been to the Czech Republic before, you’re well aware that the Czechs take their beer very seriously. And while you can find a good pint in almost every city, there’s no better place to enjoy beer than in Pilsen, the birthplace of the Pilsner lager.

Visit the Pilsner Urquell Brewery to learn more about the history and to see how this famous beer is made (of course, it also comes with a beer tasting in their historic cellars).

But Pilsen isn’t all about beer and hops. They also have a few must-see historical attractions as well.

Tour the Pilsen Great Synagogue, admire the grand St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral or wander the dark, underground passageways beneath the old town. 

Prague is one of those great European cities that many travelers are eager to check off their bucket lists. But the surrounding area is dotted with beautiful landscapes and towns that are also worth exploring.

Thankfully, there are numerous destinations that can easily be reached within a few hours of Prague. 

So the next time you plan a trip to the Czech Republic, make sure to add these worthwhile day trips to your itinerary!