The 5 Best Spas In Boston To Treat Yourself

Boston is a busy city – there’s no better way to unwind from the hustle than a visit to one of its premium spas. Facials, massages, and steam rooms await. 

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What’s the best spa in Boston?

Whether you are local or just visiting, there are more than a few options to reset in Beantown. The best spas to indulge in a relaxing day in Boston are: 

  1. Spa at The Mandarin Oriental 
  2. Bella Santé
  3. Balans Organic Spa
  4. Skoah South End
  5. Bliss Spa

If you are looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal, the below guide will help you zone in on your inner peace. 

To help narrow your search for the perfect spa experience, I explored different spas around the area to share my firsthand reviews about what each one has to offer. So read on for an overview of the best spas in Boston.

Where to Relax, Unwind, and Get Loose in Boston

I’m always searching for ways to unwind and relax. While bustling city life can be exciting, sometimes it’s nice to take some time out and visit one of the many amazing spas around town. 

Whether you want a simple session with just a massage or facial or an entire day spent luxuriating in treatments like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, or a facial – there is something for everyone within Boston’s spa scene. 

Here are my top picks; whether you are rolling solo or with a friend, you’ve got light maintenance, or need heavy bodywork. And a glass of champagne. Or a brownie (Bliss Spa will hook you up.) 

Spa at Mandarin Oriental 

Location: 776 Boylston Street

Highlights: 16,000 square feet of relaxation. Modern and Eastern techniques. 

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This spa experience is defined by its luxurious atmosphere and uber-attentive staff.

In fact, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is considered the most premium spa experience in all of Boston. 

Not only do they offer both modern and Eastern techniques, but the Mandarin Spa also has many luxury amenities you won’t find at any other spa in the city. Clients have access to a quartz room, vitality pool, and ice fountain.

Signature therapy packages include 120 minutes of Himalayan Singing Bowls, a Millenial Posture Therapy, or anxiety-busting Inner Strength treatment. 

Each comes with access to the amenities in the facility for 45 minutes before or after a treatment. 

This spa also became the first in the country to offer the Forest Therapy Journey. This is a full-on treatment that includes Japanese-inspired meditation and massage and includes a foot mud mask and scalp massage.

Bella Santé

Location: 38 Newbury Street

Highlights: Has an integrated Med Spa with medical grade treatments. 

If you are intimidated by the price and luxury of the Mandarin Spa, a rejuvenating retreat to this spot may be better suited. 

Nestled in the popular shopping district of Back Bay on Newbury Street, Bella Santé is more than just a relaxing day – its treatments include medical-grade peels, facials, and microneedling. The space is warm, relaxing, and inviting. 

They have also won the “Best in Boston” award for their day spa experience, which is set in a cozy atmosphere.

Traditional treatments include Swedish, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue massages. They also have personalized treatments tailored towards their guest individual needs with customized body treatments and facials. 

Balans Organic Spa

Location: 216 Newbury St, 1st Floor

Highlights: Workout and relax in the same place. 

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Balans is a lifestyle-based spa that prides itself in using only high-quality organic therapies alongside an integrated Wellness Studio.

Balans Wellness Studio has quickly become one of Boston’s leading wellness centers. 

Led by the founder of Balans, Marie Aspling, who was awarded Boston’s Best Wellness Guru, the center offers pilates, yoga, posture therapy, and mindfulness. In addition, personal training sessions are available. 

Established with Swedish standards, Balans’ signature spa treatments utilize MARIA ÅKERBERG Deepskin Organics products. 

These are a Swedish-produced, plant-based, and 100% organic skincare line used in all spa services.

Signature spa experiences here include flotation therapy, CBD massages, waxing, and makeup. With the convenience of the Wellness Studio and Spa all in one place, you could spend an entire day here. 

Skoah South End

Location: 641 Tremont Street

Highlights: Facial specialists. 

If you are looking for a bright modern aesthetic and matching treatments,  Skoah South End has you covered. 

Proclaiming themselves as “Boston’s Best Facial,” this spa focuses on the face. 

They are so invested in “face workouts” that they offer a membership that is fully customizable to your schedule and needs. 

With a membership, a 45-minute facial can be reduced by more than 25% and is automatically charged to your account each month. 

There are plenty of face-centered treatments to choose from that feature dermaplaning, LED ray, and deep cleaning ultrasonic treatments. The Rue La La Treatment is a favorite among regulars. 

Bliss Spa

Location: 100 Stuart Street

Highlights: A social spa experience. 

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The ambiance of the Bliss Spa in Boston is most definitely part of the experience. Colorful leafy walls and a bright design make this a perfect gathering spot for friends. 

Lively music is tuned throughout the space, and headphones are provided for those who want to stay in their zen zone. 

Bliss Spa offers a full-on indulgent experience where small nibbles are provided to snack on, and treatments are done with clean and cruelty-free Bliss branded products. 

Facials, massages, body treatments, waxing, nails, and laser hair removal are all on the menu. The Ginger Rub, designed for the luxury seeker, is an invigorating massage legend and is highly recommended. 

Key Takeaways

  • Boston’s spa scene is vibrant and diverse, with an experience for everyone. 
  • Some spas integrate a wellness studio with pilates, yoga, and meditation classes.
  • Spas aren’t only for massages; many offer medical therapies and makeup services.