8 Best RV Parks In Wells, Maine + What To Do There!

Many people in the Northeast United States like to spend some of their time during the summer in Maine. So, where are the best RV parks in Wells, Maine? Wells is a sleepy little oceanside resort town in Southern Maine that is frequented by vacationers from all over the Northeast looking for a unique vacation destination. It is known for its beaches, wildlife, forests, wetlands, parks, waterfalls, antique shops, quaint downtown area, and the boardwalk. If you are an RV enthusiast and you are looking to spend time in Wells, then where can you stay in the area?

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What are the best RV parks in Wells, Maine?

The best RV parks in Wells, Main include the Sea-Vu Campground and the Sea-Vu West Premier RV Resort, as well as Ocean View Cottages, Wells Beach Resort Campground, Beach Acres, Duval’s RV Park, Riverside Park Campground, and the Stadig Campground.

Finding a place in Wells for you and your family to hook up your RV is only the first step. Once you have that settled, the next steps include picking your travel dates, finding activities that you and your family may be interested in, identifying places of interest like parks, beaches, and landmarks, and finally, looking for restaurant recommendations. 

Not to worry. We have done all the research for you. Let us go into great detail about the best time of the year to visit Wells, Maine, and where you may want to stay with your RV. Next, let us look at everything there is to see, eat, and do in Wells that may be something that you and your family are interested in. 

Best time to visit Wells, Maine

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In general, the best time of the year to visit Wells, Maine, is between May 21st and September 30th. This is the time of the year when temperatures are going to be most ideal and when more tourist attractions are going to be fully operational. 

This would be what is considered the peak season for Wells. 

However, within this range of dates, there are other considerations to make as well.

For example, if you are looking for the least busy times during this range in order to get a better rate on your RV spot, then you may want to avoid the month of June.

The month of June in Wells, Maine is by far its busiest month. RV spots, tours, and other expenses can be marked up to a premium when compared to other months. 

The main reason June is the busiest time of the year is that this is when the weather is most favorable. 

Temperatures are warm but mild, and humidity is increasing but not high. Once you get into July and August, then temperatures can become quite warm with high humidity. 

However, July and August are still extremely popular times for the resort town of Wells, especially for those who love to spend time at the beach. Wells is home to some of the best beaches in Maine.

September and October are also popular times of the year to visit Wells, Maine as temperatures begin to drop and summer transitions into autumn. The foliage in and around Wells starts to change from green to the brightest and most vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Autumn in Maine is also a popular tourist time for people coming to take in the breathtaking scenery and to spend a little time near the ocean before winter hits the region. 

If you are looking for the cheapest time to visit that still has moderately decent weather, then you may want to consider the month of November. 

November tends to have the cheapest accommodations, however, some tourist attractions may have already shut down for the season, so if you want to see something specific, you may want to find out ahead of time the location’s specific seasonal times of operation. 

Overall, winter and spring are generally unfavorable times to visit Wells as a tourist. The temperatures can become very cold and the winds can be quite unpredictable and strong coming off the water. So again, the ideal time of the year to visit Wells, Maine is from the end of May to the end of September. 

If you are looking to book an RV spot in the month of June, be sure to book months or even a year in advance to ensure you get the spot that you need for your RV. 

Best RV parks in Wells, Maine

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Once you determine the time of year, you would like to visit and which dates would work for you and your family to take a vacation to Wells, you will need to find an RV park. There are plenty of excellent options available in Wells. Again, make sure you book as soon as you know your travel dates. 

Sea-Vu Campground

1733 Post Road

(U.S. Route 1)

Wells, ME  04090

(207) 646-7732

Sea-Vu Campground is located very near Wells Beach, Drakes Island Beach, and Crescent Beach while the campground itself overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Sea-Vu Campground has a swimming pool, playground, recreational fields, pool tables, arcade games, picnic spots, laundry facilities, an 18-hole mini-golf course, and 220 RV grassy RV sites with electric, water, and sewer hookups. Wifi is available. 

Ocean View Cottages

84 Harbor Rd.

Wells, Maine 04090

(207) 646 -3308

Ocean View Cottages has plenty of RV sites with large trees providing natural shade and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Choose from three different tiers of RV sites from basic to premium. All include water, electricity, a fire pit, and picnic tables. There is a swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and laundry facilities among other things. 

Wells Beach Resort Campground

1000 Post Road

US Route 1

Wells, ME 04090

(207) 646-7570

Wells Beach Resort Campground has 231 RV spaces available, a heated pool, rec hall, outdoor games, exercise room, mini-golf, and a playground. Almost every site has Wifi access as well as water, electricity, and sewer. There are also bikes for rent and pets are welcome as long as they are leashed at all times. 

Sea-Vu West Premier RV Resort

23 College Drive

Wells, ME 04090

(207) 517-9530

Sea-Vu West Premier RV Resort is an upscale RV park that is located within a short distance of Mike’s Clam Shack off of Highway 1. There are plenty of activities here for the whole family including playgrounds, pickleball, Bocce, a trolley service that can take you out of the park and to local attractions, basketball courts, swimming pool, hot tub, and even a dog park for the furry family members. 

Duval’s RV Park

22 Elmere Road

Wells, Main 04090

(207) 251-4794

Duval’s RV Park is a smaller RV park located just a short few minutes from the ocean and the town of Wells. Each site has water, electricity, sewer, Wifi, and cable TV access. Duval’s RV has more of a small-town vibe than other parks, however, they still do offer many of the same amenities. Prices tend to be a bit more competitive at Duval’s. 

Beach Acres

563 Post Road Us Route One

Wells, Maine 04090

(207) 646-5612

Beach Acres is a large RV park complete with on-site restaurants, a swimming pool, shopping boutiques, and bike rentals. The park is only a short walking or biking distance away from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Sites are large and open with natural shade, fireplaces, picnic tables, water, and electric hookups. Wifi is available on the premises. No pets allowed.

Riverside Park Campground

2295 Post Road 

Wells, Maine  04090 

(207) 646-3145

Riverside Park Campground is located within three minutes of Drake’s Island Beach and Wells Beach. The park is also located on the trolley system that runs between Gunquit, Wells, York, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Sanford. The Riverside Park Campground is a family-centric park that focuses on economical options for families looking for a nice summer getaway. 

Stadig Campground

146 Bypass Road

Wells, ME 04090

(207) 646-2298

Stadig Campground is still located near all the beaches of Wells and the surrounding areas, however, its location offers a different experience by offering RV sites deep within the Maine forest. Stadig Campsite is an RV park for vacationers looking for a little more immersion into nature than what other sites can offer. The sites are also among the most economical in the area, however, they still offer many of the same amenities as the other parks.  

What kind of activities are available in Wells, Maine?

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There are many activities to do in and around Wells. There are farmer’s markets, boutique shops, wildlife refuges, kayaking, canoeing, shellfishing, fishing, hunting, outdoor concerts, horseback riding, car shows, the historic theater, hiking trails, boat tours, party cruises, art galleries, go-karting, golf courses, mini-golf, arcades, parasailing, antiquing, outdoor movies, fairs, and some of the best seafood in all of New England. For more specific events, check the Wells Chamber of Commerce website

Additionally, every year the town of Wells, Maine is host to the Wells Harbor Fest.

Wells Harbor Fest

Wells Harbor Fest is a fun family festival complete with the world-famous Lobster Trap Toss World Championships. Additionally, there are plenty of food trucks, beer tents, silent auctions, a kids crabbing activity, live music, a treasure hunt, and more. Wells Harbor Fest typically takes place in June each year, so if you are interested in attending, then you may want to book your RV spot far in advance. 

Wells Brew Fest

Wells Brewfest is a yearly festival where participants get to sample beers from over 30+ breweries with more than 100 styles of beer. 

Maine Coastal Cruisers Car Show

Every year in June is the Maine Coastal Cruisers Car Show hosted in Wells, Maine. Come check out classic hotrods and muscle cars, browse the food trucks, and help vote on some winners to receive prizes and trophies. 

Wells, Maine is located conveniently on Highway 1 which runs the coastline. Once you have your RV site set up, you may want to take your separate vehicle for a road trip north to Portland or through all the other little towns that comprise the coast of Maine. 

What are some places of interest in Wells, Maine?

If you are staying in Wells, Maine over the summer, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the nation. 

From breathtaking beaches and wetlands to wildlife refugees and dense forests, the biodiversity in and around Wells is truly remarkable. Within a short driving distance of any of the RV parks and campgrounds located in and around Wells is access to some of these surreally beautiful landscapes. Here are some of the places of interest in Wells, Maine that you may want to consider visiting on your next vacation.

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife refuge is a protected wetland area where many migratory birds pass through, create homes, and feed throughout the summer. Visitors are allowed in the refuge to enjoy the hiking trails, birdwatch, spot other forms of wildlife, as well as to hunt and fish with special permissions. 

Drakes Island Beach

Drakes Island Beach is a public swimming beach located near Wells, Maine. This beach makes the perfect summer spot to swim, play in the sand, catch a tan, and picnic with your family. There is public parking available as well as restroom facilities.

Be sure to educate yourself on all the beach rules and regulations before going.  Open 8 am to 7 pm seven days a week. Parking lots close at 11 pm. 

Vaughn’s Island Preserve

Vaughn’s Island Preserve is an amazing collection of woodlands, wetlands, islands, rivers, coastland, and a variety of wildlife that is there for you to enjoy. There are parking spots, a boat launch, a fishing pier, and miles of hiking trails. Everything is carry-in/carry out so make sure you do not bring a lot of trash. Pack light and smart and leave no trace in the preserve.  

What are some of the best restaurants in Wells, Maine?

Maine is well-known for some of the best seafood not only in North America but in the world. Maine and lobster are synonymous. Aside from Lobster, Maine also has excellent oysters, fish, squid, and any type of seafood anyone could imagine.

If you are not a fan of seafood, do not worry. There are plenty of other options available in and around Wells that should be able to quell any hunger. 

Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant

From lobster tacos to chowder, to fried clams and whole lobster dinners, Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant is a staple for anyone looking for seafood in Maine. Also, during the summer months, you can find live music almost every weekend. 

Billy’s Chowder House

Another excellent option for seafood near Wells Maine is Billy’s Chowder House. Billy’s chowder house has many of the common seafood staples that you can find at other restaurants in the area, however, they do have a large selection of chowders for those who wish to warm up if they plan their vacation to Wells later in the season when the temperatures are low. 

Maine Diner

Maine Diner was actually featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive-ins and Dives television show in 2010. Many excellent lunch and dinner options, but if you are looking for a classic diner-style breakfast, then Maine Diner is the place where you can get your greasy spoon breakfast fix. 


Joshua’s offers upscale dining in a farm-to-table form with local sourcing of all menu items. Get anything from lobster to lamb shanks and as the staff pair a nice red or white with your dinner selection.