Cozumel’s Culinary Delights: The 6 Best Mexican Food in Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico is known for some of the best Mexican food south of the border. Which are the best restaurants in Cozumel?

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What are the best restaurants in Cozumel?

Some of the best restaurants in San Miguel de Cozumel include the following:

  • IX Cool
  • Fuego by Riviera Kosher
  • Three Amigos
  • Bajau Seafood and Steak House
  • Senor Frog’s Costa Cur
  • Crazy King Burrito

We’ll discuss in more detail what makes each place one of the best Cozumel restaurants. Let’s get ready to dig into some serious authentic Mexican food at the best restaurants in Cozumel.

The best Mexican food in Cozumel

As a bit of a tourist island, you’ll find plenty of good Mexican food at one of the many San Miguel de Cozumel restaurants. We picked a few that earn top ratings across the board for serving Mayan or traditional Mexican fare.

While you are exploring the island of San Miguel de Cozumel, try some of these restaurants known as some of the best restaurants in Cozumel.

IX Cool

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Consider IX Cool a blend of Mayan food and hospitality in San Miguel de Cozumel – and feels a bit like fine dining.

Many people on TripAdvisor and other sites rave about not only the range of selections when it comes to food types but the friendliness of a staff that goes out of their way to tell a story about the food. 

The result is a restaurant that frequently wins first place in local and some national contests for fresh food and great service. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, too as Mexican dishes.

Expect a Mayan fusion blend of seafood, chicken, beans, and rice prepared by very skilled hands who know and practice Mayan traditions for getting seasoning just right.

IX Cool is also located not too far from Cozumel’s west coast, so you can take an easy gander at the Gulf of Mexico before and after your meal. 

Fuego by Riviera Kosher in San Miguel de Cozumel

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Fuego is a bit closer to the Gulf than IX Cool, giving it great hospitality, great food, and some amazing views to take in during your meal. 

Reviewers rave about the dishes served here, and no wonder since they have prime access to fresh fish to make some seriously good seafood dishes. Their website also features empanadas which look delicious. 

Fuego is a bit more focused on serving traditional Mexican food, which is nice.

You can also relax and get some mixed drinks at Fuego – try one and enjoy the view from one of the best Cozumel restaurants. 

Like IX Cool, one of the highlights is the service. Servers are able to explain the menu in English and Spanish and seem to be seriously into their jobs with a genuine curiosity about food.

The menu also provides sizes big enough to share, so you and your family or friends can decide together what to get while mixing and matching. 

You’ll experience true authentic Mexican food here in San Miguel de Cozumel.

Three Amigos

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On a map, you’ll think that Three Amigos is nearly on the water, and the truth is – that is literally seaside. The brightly colored exterior might stand out a bit in a positive way too. This is one of the brighter restaurants in San Miguel de Cozumel.

While their menu is not available online, many recommend their Mexican food staples, like simple tacos and burritos with a variety of meats and sauces available.

As a seaside restaurant, they also of course have fresh seafood available including shrimp and other fish. San Miguel de Cozumel is a great place for fish at a traditional Mexican restaurant.

Service is quite important too at a restaurant, and many of the reviews for Three Amigos indicate they deliver well with fun, attentive servers who are ready to explain the menu in detail and be quick. 

They make Three Amigos one of the best restaurants in Cozumel.

Bajau Seafood and Steak House

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As a Steak and seafood place, Bajau rises a little above the rest with Mexican food style ribs, pork belly, and steak. 

Reviewers of Bajau Seafood and Steak seem to love multiple things about the restaurant, including some of the freshest seafood and meats available on the island of San Miguel de Cozumel, and friendly service to deliver it in a manner that makes it custom – and makes sense. 

One reviewer even said that they wanted to try the rib sauce – so the server brought them a sample of rib. That’s hospitality!

Like most other restaurants on the list, Bajau is located close to the Gulf of Mexico and offers both excellent views and an easy walking distance to the beach. 

Baja is one of the best restaurants in Cozumel due to their selection of fresh food and location.

Senor Frog’s Costa Cur Mexican Food

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A few things stand out for reviews from Senor Frogs: A fun atmosphere, good Mexican food, and shots. 

Senor Frog’s believes in making a vacation atmosphere memorable, and they have a fun staff who is ready to deliver on that.

Senor Frog’s is a frequent stop for cruise passengers and serves up excellent tacos, burritos and other Mexico specialties with a flair and a smile.

There are also “American” items on the menu including burgers with some Mexican influence. Senor Frogs is also quite near the Gulf and makes finding a really good view of San Miguel de Cozumel.

Crazy King Burrito

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A couple of big standout things about Crazy King Burrito – it represents some of the best parts of Cozumel with excellent service and good food. 

Specific to Crazy King is a huge burrito, big enough for two and loaded with rice, beans, meat, and whatever else for a reasonable price – it really is delicious food – and seriously authentic Mexican food.

You might not be able to eat the whole thing while you look at the great scenic views at Crazy King Burrito. This one is located in beautiful San Miguel de Cozumel.

Which one should I pick for the best Mexican food and fine dining?

If we are being honest, all of these look good for San Miguel de Cozumel. The best restaurants in Cozumel made this list for a reason. 

Some of these enjoy a more “party” atmosphere while IX Cool is more low key. We suggest looking up reviews to see what kind of environment you prefer. 

One thing to know is that most of these restaurants are fairly close together, so a rental car or Uber should be able to get you from place to place quickly. 

You’ll also find Italian restaurants with homemade pasta during your stay.

Key Takeaways

  • San Miguel de Cozumel restaurants are known for great authentic Mexican food.
  • Among the best  Cozumel restaurants are IX Cool and Three Amigos.
  • Many restaurants are known for both delicious food and outstanding service.
  • Many Cozumel restaurants also service mixed drinks and alcohol as well as great food.
  • The island of San Miguel de Cozumel is a great place to vacation, relax, and dine.