The 7 Best Resorts In Costa Rica For Couples

Costa Rica has some of the best resorts and hotels for romantic getaways. In this guide, we will review the top 7 best resorts in Costa Rica for couples.

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What are the best resorts in Costa Rica for couples?

The best resorts in Costa Rica for couples are Rancho Pacifico along the South Pacific, Nayara Springs close to the Arenal Volcano, Hacienda AltaGracia at the base of the Talamanca Mountains, Tango Mar in the Nicoya Peninsula, Casa Chameleon in Las Catalina, Villa Manzu and the Andaz Resort.

Costa Rica is a majestic country located in Central America. It’s full of scenic beaches, lush-green rainforests, hot springs, lots of waterfalls, amazing wildlife and a host of other natural beauties. It’s simply full of natural beauty, romance, adventure and relaxation, making it the perfect destination for couples. 

Whether you are going on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or any other romantic event, Costa Rica appears to be the ideal romantic getaway.

Like in any country, you must be cautious about your safety in Costa Rica. The good news is that tourists will find the country a safe place to visit, and all you need are a few basic steps for caution. The fact that the country has no permanent army shows how safe the country is, with no need to engage in excessive military spending.

But, with so many stunning lodges and amazing resorts to choose from, planning a trip to Costa Rica can prove to be a challenge for most couples – especially those visiting for the first time. There are some resorts which stand out among the peers, and you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to what the country offers.

 We’ve got you covered in order to help you have an optimal travel experience. To make your work easier, we’ve narrowed down a list of the top 7 best resorts in Cost Rica for lovers.

Rancho Pacifico

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Rancho Pacifico is an adults-only located in Uvita. It’s the ideal destination for couples who favor seclusion and privacy over clubs and crowds.

It’s located in one of the country’s most untouched areas. The area is sparsely populated, with only a few hotels and lodges. And out of these hotels, Rancho Pacifico stands out as the top pick when it comes to romantic getaways.

This five-star boutique-style resort is nestled high up in the mountains. And from here, you will get a view of almost everything, including the beautiful Pacific Ocean, wildlife, rainforest and amazing sunsets.

For accommodation, you get to choose between tree houses and one-bedroom villas. The tree houses provide the perfect spot for nature lovers. 

And if you are a newlywed couple, then you will love the seductiveness that the villas offer, and the privacy that comes with it. The members of staff are keen to attend to the specific needs and preferences of the clients.

There are plenty of activities to keep you engaged during the day, including on-site hiking. You can also spend your day exploring the Marino Ballena National Park, Cano Island, or the Corcovado National Park.

And once your day is over, you can book a body scrub or sunset massage at the resort’s amazing spa. From there, you can spend the evening sipping cocktails and cap it off with Costa Rican cuisine.

Nayara Springs

Set high on a hill, Nayara Springs is a five-star, laid-back luxury located close to the Arenal Volcano. Since it was opened in 2013, it has been consistently voted as one of the best resorts in the region. 

It’s set on a 15-acre tropical garden, featuring outstanding views of the Arenal Volcano.

Each private villa in this facility opens up to a hot spring, which means you won’t have to compete with hundreds of other tourists for the public hot springs in the area.

Also, there are several romantic hiking trails running from the resort to the rainforest, where you can spend the day indulging in nature. 

The trails will test your physical stamina and resilience, and they offer a rewarding challenge and experience.

The resort has approximately 50 villas and cabins. Other notable features and facilities on this resort include wrap-around decks, private outdoor Jacuzzis, hammocks, as well as outdoor rain showers, just to mention a few. 

Without a doubt, Nayara Springs remains one of the best resorts in Costa Rica for lovebirds.

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Hacienda AltaGracia

If you are a wellness couple looking for a place where you can enjoy nature’s healing and transformation, then the Hacienda AltaGracia is the perfect resort for you. 

It’s a haven for wellness, relaxation and luxury, featuring equine stables, organic gardens and a luxurious spa sanctuary.

The resort takes its wellness enthusiasts through a wide range of natural, transformative treatments, combined with mindful movement and expert-led classes. Also, there are plenty of outdoor activities, designed to encourage and inspire the guests to rediscover their connection with Mother Earth. 

You will enjoy a natural river path, participate in guided meditation and even visit a local coffee farm on a horseback.

Hacienda AltaGracia also runs a culinary program for its guests, which revolves around the interconnection between humans and nature. 

It features cooking classes, foraging adventures, and an extensive selection of gourmet meals, aimed at celebrating local cuisines and ingredients. 

And once you are done with the day, you will get to enjoy a restful night in one of the resort’s expansive casitas. Without a doubt, a stay at this wellness resort will leave you feeling refreshed and re-aligned both with mother nature and your inner self.

Villa Manzu

While Villa Manzu is a vacation private residence, it operates largely like your conventional Costa-Rican resort. You will find a host of well-trained and experienced butlers, among other hotel staff. 

It also features lots of hotel-like facilities and amenities such as a beach club and a fitness center. You will also enjoy sit-down dining, which is quite a unique experience.

At Villa Manzu, you will experience a best-in-class vacation with your favorite person. You will spend time in your private sanctuary which comes with two outdoor pools. 

Villa Manzu guests also enjoy swaying hammocks, an outdoor bar and spa, as well as snorkeling, surfing, mountain biking and golfing.

However, we should point out that the Villa Manzu comes as an exclusive package, meaning you can’t book a single room. 

In short, you will have to rent the whole facility. But if you have the money, you can have the whole place for yourself. And, you are assured of a memorable experience.  

Tango Mar

Tango Mar is another boutique-style hotel located in the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s at the heart of the scenic Quizales beach, making it the ideal spot for lovebirds who want to spend time away from the rest of the world. 

The facility is around 150 feet from the ocean, which is quite unusual since local laws require resorts to be at least 650 feet away. Therefore, you will enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean.

You can spend time lounging in the bamboo gardens or one of the outdoor pools. Also, you can go jungle biking, horseback riding or checking out the waterfalls in the area. 

Alternatively, you also can spend your time relaxing in one of the romantic pavilions.

All the rooms in the resort are simply idyllic and rustic, featuring tiki suites and four-post beds. Also, the rooms come with private Jacuzzis, where you can soak and unwind, after a whole day of hiking in the forests. 

As much as its rates may be lower than some of the other resorts in the area, the experience is one of the best.

Casa Chameleon Las Catalina

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Casa Chameleon’s resorts in Costa Rica are renowned for their luxury, elegance, beauty and outstanding customer service. 

And the one in Mal Pais, Las Catalina is no exception. It appears to tick all the right boxes for couples looking for a romantic getaway in this Central American country.

It blends beachfront views with rolling hillsides while putting a strong focus on sustainability. In fact, most of its visitors have lauded its water conservation strategies, evidenced by online reviews. 

This is in line with the fact that clients are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

This adults-only resort has 21 majestic villas, featuring cozy beds and saltwater plunge pools, where couples can spend their time in peace and quiet. 

The facility also offers its guests in-room massages, which is quite a unique treat.

And if you want to spend some time outdoors, then Casa Chameleon Las Catalina has plenty to offer. 

For instance, you can walk along the white, sandy beach, go on a horseback ride as you catch sunsets or go for a zip-lining adventure, depending on your preferences.

Andaz Resort

Most of the resorts in tropical countries appear to offer the same type of experience – spas, swimming pools, and cottages. 

While there’s nothing wrong with this type of experience, you may sometimes need something a little different from what you’ve seen elsewhere. And, this is where the Andaz Resort comes in.

The Andaz Resort offers you a unique, luxury-resort experience. Every element in this facility is inspired by the country’s rich culture. 

You will enjoy live music, interactive cooking shows, mixology classes, as well as other unique experiences.

And on top of that, Andaz also offers its guest the conventional resort experience of relaxing by the poolside, spa treatment or exploring local attractions.

Simply put, it offers the right blend of romance, exploration, rejuvenation and enjoyment.

Key Takeaways

  • Costa Rica is a great travel destination for couples
  • There are lots of world-class resorts and hotels for lovebirds
  • Different resorts offer different types of experiences for their guests
  • The rates will vary from one facility to the next