The 4 Best Places To Eat In Greensboro: Worth every penny!

Choosing a restaurant can be difficult to do in a city as big as Greensboro. With numerous options, merely thinking about it can take the fun out of dining out.

No one ever wants to eat at a less than an exceptional restaurant. The mere idea of paying tons of money for the food that does not meet our expectations can have anyone deciding to order pizza and stay in for the night.

That being said, some restaurants in Greensboro go above and beyond when it comes to preparing an outstanding meal that brings patrons back repeatedly for years to come.

Below is a small sampling of the best restaurants in Greensboro, North Carolina, that exceed expectations in every way, restaurants that should be on everyone’s bucket list for places to eat.

Blue Denim

Diners who visit the Greensboro area will love this Southern Creole Cajun restaurant. This family-owned restaurant offers up authentic Southern dishes at their best.

The atmosphere is elegant industrial meets classy business casual with just the right touch of Southern charm. It is a great place to host a business lunch or a quick stop when attending a show, with its comfortable but small cozy space.

Parking might be limited, but the food is so good that it is well worth the few extra steps needed to get there to savor true Creole cooking with a slight twist, with dishes of Catfish and Shrimp and Grits expertly prepared by a knowledgeable and skilled chef.

Each dish is artfully prepared to create a visually memorable experience that matches the taste and flavors of its ingredients.

Locals highly recommend this restaurant for its exquisitely prepared menu selections that use locally sourced ingredients and are served by friendly and personable staff. The plates of food are overflowing and satisfying for the price, and when you are done, you will wish you had more; the food is that good!

Green Valley Grill

Vacationers visiting this area will appreciate the visual beauty of this restaurant and the unique Mediterranean flair of the menu items, which are served up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Serving artisan cocktails, craft beers, and other beverages alongside the delightful menu choices. Patrons can dine indoors or outside, but reservations are not accepted for outdoor dining; requests can be made but not guaranteed.

The modern décor and comfortable seating will relax the mind as you unwind after a crazy day and reconnect with friends and family for a lovely meal.

Plates of food are artfully prepared to be as appealing to the eyes as they are to the tastebuds. Every dish will be perfect, from a breakfast of Rustic French Toast to a brunch and lunch of Crispy Cauliflower or a dinner of Braised Lamb Stifado.

Desserts are on the menu, as are wine, beer, and cocktails. Reservations are required as tables book up fast, but dining guests will not be disappointed.

913 Whiskey Bar and Southern Kitchen

This modern restaurant serves up succulent eats, more than ample portions in a relaxing environment that will have dining guests returning again and again.

Pricing is reasonable, and one nice option this restaurant offers is shareable for dining guests who want to sample a selection with a friend.

The menu is extensive with sandwich options, kids’ menu, starters, dessert, and drinks. On Sundays, they serve a delightful brunch as well. The interior décor is elegantly rustic and warm, and they can accommodate private parties for whatever occasions dining guests need.

A large selection of drinks is offered at this reservation needed dining establishment. Visitors won’t be disappointed by the food, atmosphere, or drinks and will want to make return visits when in Greensboro.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

For diners looking for top-notch cuisine served by friendly and considerate staff in a beautiful atmosphere, this place is the perfect stop for an intimate dinner, party, or special occasion.

Menu options change bi-monthly as this restaurant focuses on local seasonal ingredients for their beautifully prepared southern menu favorites.

This restaurant offers both inside and outside seating, and reservations are always necessary.

With a classic modern atmosphere with both tables and booths and dining at the bar options, there is plenty of room to move about and share a quiet moment while dining.

The outdoor décor is spectacular with tons of lush greenery, creating the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal or other romantic get-together.

The menu is immense with a delightful appetizer called the Voodoo Short Rib Bread. Other menu choices include exotic mushroom creole, spicy Nashville fried chicken sandwiches, and plenty of sides to round out any entrée.

What food is Greensboro known for?

A food that Greensboro is known for is the Neese Country Sausage. With its humble beginning as a sausage that was sold out of the back of a wagon, the Neese Country Sausage is still as popular today for tailgating parties and everyday eats as it was back a hundred years ago.

Let me just tell you if you have never tried Neese’s sausage you are missing out. There is only one brand of sausage cooked in our household. I will admit on occasion we tried a few other brands but we always come back to our favorite Neese sausage. I like everything from the mild to the spicy. (Hint: try some crumbled and mixed with egg and cheese for breakfast! You can thank me later!)

The members of this family-run business continue on the many events that brought them to where they are, such as attending the North Carolina State Fair.

Another food item that Greensboro is known for is the Boar and Castle Sauce. Born originally in a restaurant by the same name, this sauce is one of a kind. While the drive-in restaurant that shared the name and was its origin is no longer around, the sauce and its legacy continue to live on.

When it comes to local restaurants and local ingredients, these two foods are on the menu in Greensboro to delight patrons and keep the rich history of these foods and this city alive.

Closing Points

Dining out is all about the food, and it should always be good, feeding not just the body but also the mind and soul.

If we follow that principle, it will always help guide us to great food no matter where we are. Thankfully in Greensboro, North Carolina, that isn’t a problem with these fantastic restaurants to choose from and enjoy!