Best Margarita in Athens GA: Top Spots Revealed

In the lively town of Athens, Georgia, there’s no shortage of delicious margaritas. A wide variety of establishments offer their own unique take on this classic Mexican cocktail, catering to all preferences and tastes. Locals and visitors alike can unwind and relax with a refreshing margarita in hand, while enjoying the vibrant ambiance and delightful service offered at these popular spots.

But how do you find the best margarita in Athens, GA?

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Amature mixologist? Passionate home drinker? Check out my guide to the best liquor stores in Athens so you can mix up your margs at home!

Where can I get the best margarita in Athens?

For the finest margaritas in Athens, Sr Sol on Broad Street is a local favorite, renowned for its authentic touch and variety. Tlaloc El Mexicano also stands out with its wide selection of flavors. For a unique twist, visit Paloma Park during a festive “Margarita Kegger” for an unforgettable experience.

To help you on this tequila-filled journey, we have scoured the local scene and gathered reviews to provide an insightful guide to the must-try margaritas in town. So whether you’re a die-hard margarita enthusiast or just looking to explore the local dining scene, our curated list will help you satisfy your thirst for this zesty and delightful beverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Athens, GA offers numerous options for margarita lovers who seek quality, variety, and a memorable experience.
  • A multitude of factors such as ambiance, service, and beverage options contribute to an ideal margarita spot.
  • Visit popular margarita places at the right time and read online reviews to make the most of your margarita quest in Athens, GA.

The Best Margarita Spots In Athens

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Tlaloc El Mexicano

Located in Athens, Georgia, Tlaloc El Mexicano is a popular Mexican and Salvadoran eatery known for its delicious margaritas. This restaurant offers a wide variety of margarita flavors and tequila options, making it a must-visit for margarita enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer traditional or unique margarita variations, Tlaloc El Mexicano has something to satisfy your cravings. Their margarita pitchers are particularly enticing and perfect for sharing with friends.

Not only does Tlaloc El Mexicano serve up some of the best margaritas but they’re also one of the best Mexcian restaurants in Athens. Period.

Sr Sol

If you’re in search of the best margaritas in Athens, Sr Sol is another top-notch option. Situated on Broad Street, this authentic Mexican restaurant is renowned for serving some of the town’s finest margaritas.

You can choose from a range of margarita styles, including mezcal margaritas and classic options. What sets Sr Sol apart is its attention to detail, with salt-covered rims enhancing the margarita experience. Whether you prefer individual glasses or margarita pitchers, Sr Sol has you covered.

Paloma Park

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Nestled on Prince Avenue, Paloma Park offers a unique margarita celebration in Athens, especially during their famed “Margarita Kegger.”

Time your visit for Cinco de Mayo or any festive occasion to indulge in a memorable margarita experience. The inviting atmosphere and delightful service are just the cherries on top of this downtown tapas restaurant’s appeal.

Taqueria La Parrilla

As a hub of authentic Mexican cuisine in Athens, Taqueria La Parrilla shines with its extensive margarita menu. From the classic margarita to more daring flavors, this lively restaurant caters to all margarita fans.

Combine your drink with their mouthwatering Mexican dishes—think tacos, burritos, and chips with cheese dip—for the best experience.

Cali N Tito’s

For those who enjoy home-style cooking with a Latin twist, Cali N Tito’s is your go-to in Athens. Known for flavorful margaritas that pair beautifully with their Latin American fare, this casual dining spot offers a taste of central Mexico with every sip and bite, whether it’s carnitas or fajitas accented with organic lime juice. They also make some of the best chicken wings in Athens.

Agua Linda Taqueria

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If a cozy and welcoming atmosphere is what you seek, Agua Linda Taqueria won’t disappoint. Savor their variety of margaritas—perhaps a frozen margarita on a Saturday or Sunday—that complement authentic Mexican dishes perfectly.

The great service and comforting ambiance make it a standout among the best Mexican restaurants in Athens.

Not only that, but their rooftop dining area makes it one of the best restaurants with outside seating in Athens.

The Expat

For those seeking an elevated margarita experience, The Expat in Athens is the quintessential spot. This bar offers a delightful open-air ambiance.

Imagine sipping your house margarita, crafted with a hint of coconut or the sweetness of the strawberries, under a canopy of stars. The friendly staff ensures each oz of your drink is part of a memorable evening.

Hi-Lo Lounge

Brunch aficionados rejoice at Hi-Lo Lounge, where the brunch beverage game is strong. Known for their mimosas and Bloody Marys, a Bloody Mary Mix at your table means you can tailor a drink to your exact liking, adding that personal touch to your great lunch specials.

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Punta Cana Latin Grill

Dive into the lively atmosphere of Punta Cana Latin Grill and let their refreshing house margaritas wash over you. The attentive service and rich Latin flavors, perhaps featuring chorizo or steak tacos, create an irresistible combination for a great lunch or dinner.

South Kitchen + Bar

For those with a penchant for the sophisticated, South Kitchen + Bar offers a craft margarita in a upscale setting. Here, the best margarita mix is elevated by knowledgeable bartenders who serve up craft cocktails amid beautiful interior design, making it a prime choice for an elegant evening out.

In Athens, Georgia, the margarita adventure spans from the classic to the unique, from the casual rooftop to the upscale bar. It’s a city that caters to every margarita palate, where you can order food that complements your drink, whether you crave the incredible blend of fresh sweet strawberries or the lingering warmth of habanero. Cheers to your next margarita adventure in Athens!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which bar is famous for margaritas in downtown Athens, GA?

Sr. Sol is a popular spot in downtown Athens known for their delicious margaritas. Located on Broad Street, this authentic Mexican eatery offers margaritas in both pitchers and individual glasses.

What restaurants should I try for the best margaritas in town?

Some highly recommended restaurants for the best margaritas in town are:
– Sr Sol
– Agua Linda Taqueria
– Tlaloc El Mexicano
– Taqueria La Parrilla
– Cali N Tito’s

Are there any local favorites for margaritas in Athens?

Local favorites for margaritas in Athens include Sr Sol, Agua Linda Taqueria, and Tlaloc El Mexicano.