Best Coffee Shops in Athens GA: Your Definitive Guide for a Perfect Brew

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Have you ever wondered what makes Athens, Georgia, not just a vibrant college town but also a haven for coffee lovers? This city, pulsing with the energy of the University of Georgia (UGA), offers a unique blend of historic charm and a lively arts scene. But, have you explored its buzzing coffee culture yet?

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What’s the best coffee shop in Athens?

The best coffee shop in Athens is Hendershot’s Coffee. Situated near the University of Georgia, it’s not just a coffee shop but a vibrant cultural hub. Hendershot’s blends quality coffee with craft beer, delicious cocktails, and live music, creating a unique atmosphere that supports sustainable practices and the local arts scene.

What makes a coffee shop more than just a place to grab a good cup of coffee? Is it the atmosphere, the unique blends, or the connection it has with the community? Let’s find out!

Best Coffee Shops in Athens, GA

Jittery Joe’s

More than just a coffee shop, Jittery Joe’s is a cornerstone of Athens’ coffee culture. With its multiple locations, including a special spot on Barber Street, it’s a go-to for many.

Here, you can enjoy not only a great cup of coffee but also a range of pastries and sandwiches. If pastries are your thing, check out my guide to the best bakeries in Athens to satiate your cravings.

It’s the perfect place to experience the warmth of Athens, whether you’re a sophomore at UGA or a first-time visitor. Don’t miss their roastery for an insider look at coffee crafting!

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1000 Faces Coffee

Situated in the heart of downtown, this shop is a testament to quality and sustainability. Known for its in-house roasting and ethically sourced beans, 1000 Faces is a favorite among those who value both taste and ethical practices. The shop’s ambiance, enhanced by local art and a friendly vibe, makes it a hub for creatives and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Sips Espresso

This cozy retreat is perfect for those who appreciate a relaxed environment. With its comfortable seating and skilled baristas, Sips Espresso is ideal for a casual meet-up or some alone time with a book. Their signature lavender latte is a must-try, and their diverse menu also includes smoothies, teas, and sweets.

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In the heart of Athens, TAF stands out with its contemporary approach to coffee culture. Imagine stepping into a space where minimalism meets comfort, creating the perfect backdrop for your reading or study sessions.

Known for its exceptional coffee and teas, TAF also delights with its baked goods. Don’t miss their almond croissants – a local favorite! This coffee shop is more than just a place for a caffeine fix; it’s a tranquil escape from the daily hustle, where every detail from the friendly staff to the relaxed atmosphere contributes to a memorable experience.

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Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar

Just a short walk from the University of Georgia, Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar is where coffee and diverse culinary worlds collide. Offering a mix of American, Bar, Mediterranean, and Pub cuisine, Pauley’s is not just about great coffee; it’s about enjoying a unique dining experience.

It’s a popular spot for both students and visitors, perfect for those looking to indulge in a variety of flavors along with their coffee. Whether you’re craving a crepe or just a good cup of coffee, Pauley’s has something to satisfy every palate.

Walker’s Coffee Shop and Pub

Renowned for its cozy atmosphere and top-notch coffee, Walker’s Coffee Shop and Pub is a beloved spot near North Campus. Famous for its Dancing Goats blend, characterized by rich caramel notes, Walker’s is the ideal place for study sessions or casual meet-ups.

Doubling as a full-service bar, it offers craft beer, cocktails, and hosts weekly events and live music, making it a versatile and vibrant part of Athens’ coffee scene.

If you’re a beer drinker, check out my guide to the best breweries in Athens.


For those longing for a taste of Europe, Buvez is your go-to destination in Athens. This unique café brings European flair, offering traditional French and German pastries alongside a variety of coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks. Buvez’s distinct offerings make it a standout, adding a touch of international charm to the local coffee scene.

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Hendershot’s Coffee

For a fusion of great coffee, craft beer, delicious cocktails, and live music, Hendershot’s Coffee is a must-visit in Athens. Situated near the University of Georgia, this place is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a vibrant cultural hub.

Hendershot’s is committed to sustainable coffee practices and actively supports the local art scene, making it a cornerstone of community and creativity. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind or enjoy the arts, Hendershot’s offers an experience that goes beyond the average coffee shop.

Ellianos Coffee Company

Known for its extensive selection of flavored lattes and blended beverages, Ellianos Coffee Company is a favorite among both locals and visitors. If you’re looking for a classic coffee or something more adventurous, Ellianos promises a satisfying experience. Their variety and commitment to quality make them a standout in Athens’ coffee scene.

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Foxglove Plantbar

Foxglove Plantbar offers a truly unique atmosphere by blending a plant store with a quaint bar. This lush, inviting environment is perfect for those who enjoy their coffee in a serene, green setting. Foxglove stands out for its innovative concept, providing a tranquil ambiance that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Bitty & Beaus and Molly’s Coffee Company

Both Bitty & Beaus and Molly’s Coffee Company are popular spots among students, thanks to their proximity to campus and quiet, study-friendly environments. These coffee shops offer a welcoming space for students and others in the community to meet, study, or simply enjoy high-quality coffee.

Each of these coffee shops in Athens, GA, adds its own unique flavor to the city’s vibrant coffee scene. They offer a blend of rich tastes, inviting atmospheres, and dedicated service. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just in search of a cozy spot to relax, Athens’ coffee shops provide a wide array of choices to suit every preference. Don’t forget to check their social media for the latest updates and events, and immerse yourself in the unique coffee culture that Athens has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated coffee shops in Athens, GA?

There are several top-rated coffee shops in Athens, GA. Some popular options include Sips Espresso Cafe, Hendershot’s Coffee, and Ellianos Coffee Company. These places serve a wide selection of coffee and tea beverages and are highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

Which local coffee shops have unique atmospheres?

Some local coffee shops in Athens are known for their unique atmospheres. For instance, Hendershot’s Coffee doubles as a music venue and often features live performances. Foxglove Plantbar combines a plant store with a small bar, creating a lush and inviting environment.

Where can I find specialty coffees in Athens?

Many coffee shops in Athens offer a variety of specialty coffees. For example, Sips Espresso Cafe serves multiple brewing methods, like pour-over and French press, and sources their beans from around the world. Another option is Ellianos Coffee Company, which offers a wide range of flavored lattes and blended beverages to satisfy your taste buds.

Which coffee shops have the best menu variety?

Coffee shops with the best menu variety often offer more than just coffee and tea. For example, Hendershot’s Coffee serves a range of beverages, including craft beers and wines. Similarly, Ellianos Coffee Company provides an extensive selection of flavored lattes, smoothies, and frappes to cater to various tastes.