Best Asian Food in Athens GA: Top Restaurants and Must-Try Dishes

Athens, Georgia isn’t just known for UGA; it’s also a hotspot for amazing food, especially its Asian cuisine. Whether you’re a student, a local, or just visiting, you’re in for a treat with the variety of Asian dishes available here.

best asian food in athens georgia

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In Athens, every food lover finds something to enjoy. The city’s Asian food scene is diverse, offering everything from sushi bars to Chinese classics and Vietnamese delights. The downtown area is particularly vibrant, filled with restaurants that will take your taste buds on an adventure.

Top Picks for Asian Cuisine in Athens

Taqueria Tsunami

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This place is a fusion wonder, blending Latin and Asian flavors. Rated highly on Tripadvisor, it’s known for its unique dishes like Asian-style tacos and veggie bowls. It’s a must-try for anyone looking for something different and delicious.

Thai Spoon

If you love Thai food, this is your spot. Also boasting great reviews on Tripadvisor, Thai Spoon serves up authentic Thai dishes like Pad Thai and various curries. They also cater to vegetarians with tasty veggie options.

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Mandarin Express

Craving Chinese cuisine in Athens? Head to Mandarin Express. This gem is celebrated as one of Athens’ best restaurants for Chinese food. Their menu is a treasure trove, featuring everything from dumplings to fried rice and various stir-fries.

Loved by both tourists and locals, Mandarin Express is your go-to for experiencing the true essence of traditional Chinese cooking.

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Shokitini shines in downtown Athens as a top-notch Japanese restaurant. It’s particularly famous for its vegetarian sushi rolls, along with appetizers like seaweed salad and vegetable tempura.

The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere, combined with its innovative approach to sushi, makes it a standout. Shokitini’s sushi is not just tasty but also a feast for the eyes, making it a must-visit for sushi lovers.

In fact, it’s one of the best sushi restaurants in Athens!


For the ultimate sushi experience in Athens, Utage is the place to be. Renowned for its vast selection and emphasis on freshness, Utage caters to all sushi aficionados.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just a casual fan of Japanese cuisine, you’ll appreciate their dedication to creating perfect sushi rolls. Utage’s commitment to quality ensures a memorable dining experience for every guest.

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Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar

In the heart of Athens, Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar offers a relaxed and enjoyable sushi experience. This laid-back spot is perfect for those who love sushi but prefer a casual dining atmosphere.

Known for its beautifully crafted sushi rolls and friendly service, Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar is a favorite among both locals and visitors from the University of Georgia. It’s the ideal place for a casual meal, where the focus is on great sushi and a welcoming environment.

Siri Thai

For authentic Thai cuisine in Athens, Siri Thai is the place to be. This cozy restaurant is beloved for its genuine Thai flavors and inviting ambiance.

Whether you’re craving a spicy curry or a comforting noodle dish, Siri Thai offers an authentic Thai dining experience that’s both enjoyable and memorable. It’s a standout choice in Athens, perfect for anyone looking to indulge in the rich tastes of Thailand.

Peking Restaurant

Peking Restaurant is known for providing a classic Chinese dining experience in Athens. With a menu featuring a variety of Chinese favorites, this restaurant is a great spot for those who appreciate the deep, rich flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine. The welcoming environment at Peking Restaurant makes it a popular choice for a genuine taste of China’s culinary heritage.

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The Table Bistro

The Table Bistro, part of Athens’ diverse Asian food scene, offers a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes. The Table Bistro is a must-visit for those exploring the varied and flavorful culinary landscape of Athens.

New Red Bowl

New Red Bowl adds to the diversity of the Asian culinary experience in Athens. Though specific details about its offerings are not mentioned, its presence in the local food scene indicates that it’s a noteworthy spot. Whether it’s for its ambiance, menu variety, or quality of dishes, New Red Bowl is an essential part of the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine available in Athens, GA.

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In the heart of Athens, Georgia, a vibrant and diverse Asian culinary scene awaits food enthusiasts of all kinds. From the relaxed sushi ambiance at Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar to the authentic Thai flavors at Siri Thai, the traditional Chinese delights at Peking Restaurant, and the diverse dishes at The Table Bistro and New Red Bowl, Athens offers an array of Asian dining experiences.

Whether you’re craving sushi rolls, flavorful curries, or mouthwatering dumplings, Athens has it all. The city’s commitment to quality, welcoming atmospheres, and a rich tapestry of flavors make it a food lover’s paradise. So, explore the Asian cuisine of Athens and indulge in the rich and varied tastes this classic city has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some must-try dishes at these Asian restaurants in Athens?

Each restaurant offers unique delights. At Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar, try their beautifully crafted sushi rolls. At Siri Thai, savor authentic Thai curries and noodles. Peking Restaurant offers traditional Chinese favorites, and The Table Bistro and New Red Bowl have diverse menus catering to various tastes.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at these restaurants?

Yes, many of these restaurants offer vegetarian and even vegan options. Siri Thai, for instance, provides a range of vegetarian Thai dishes. Sakura Hibachi & Sushi Bar also offers vegetarian sushi rolls, and The Table Bistro and New Red Bowl are known for catering to diverse dietary preferences.

Can I find craft beers at these Asian restaurants in Athens?

Yes, some of these restaurants offer craft beers to complement your meal. Athens is known for its craft beer scene, and establishments like The Table Bistro and New Red Bowl may have a selection of craft beers to enhance your dining experience.

Are these restaurants suitable for special occasions like birthdays?

While these restaurants are more casual in nature, they can still be excellent choices for celebrating birthdays or other special occasions. The welcoming atmospheres and diverse menus make them versatile options for memorable gatherings.

What is the best way to explore Athens’ Asian food scene?

To make the most of Athens’ Asian food scene, consider embarking on a culinary adventure, trying different restaurants and dishes. Don’t forget to explore the classic streets like Lumpkin Street and enjoy the inviting patios for a delightful dining experience.