A One-Day Cruise To Bimini, Bahamas: The Ultimate Guide

A one-day cruise to Bimini Islands is the perfect way to get a taste of the Bahamas. There are several different ways to get to your one-day-only paradise. While the Bahamas might seem like they are a world away from your daily life, they are actually more accessible than it might seem. If you are planning a quick dip off the mainland, the Bimini Islands makes for an easy one-day cruise from the East Coast. 

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What do I need to know to plan a one-day cruise to Bimini? 

Here’s what you will need to know about a one-day cruise to Bimini:

  • About Bimini, Bahamas 
  • Why it’s worth going to Bimini
  • What to bring with you
  • The best ways to get there
  • What to do in Bimini
  • Who offers the best deals

Before cruising out into the ultramarine waters of the Bahamas, you’ll need to know more about your destination, what to bring along, and what to do when you arrive. After all, the day trip is a fine art that needs careful planning to get the most out of your cruise. 

We have checked in with travel specialists to bring you the best of the Biminis using travel reviews and careful research to bring you the best one-day trip to the Bahamas. 

One Day Cruise To Bimini Bahamas

What To Know About Bimini, Bahamas 

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Let’s state the obvious first- the Bahamas offer unparalleled turquoise waters and blindingly white sand beaches. So stunning, in fact, a NASA Astronaut once called the Bahamas “the most beautiful place to view from space.”

You would think that people would be flocking to these shores, and it might become a bit crowded. However, the Bahamas has done us all a favor and broken itself into 700 distinct islands, of which just 30 are inhabited. 

In 1935 Ernest Hemingway made one of the islands quite famous. It is said he loved the sport of fishing off the Bimini islands so much that this paradise became his regular retreat. 

And so Bimini became known as a sport fishing capital and in modern days has added thunderous nightlife, high-end resorts, and excellent aquatic sports options to its repertoire. 

Here are a few things you should know before traveling to the Bimini Islands:

  • Bimini means “two islands” in the native Lucayan language. It is split into Northern and Southern halves, with North Bimini being home to the main city of Alice Town. 
  • Ponce de Leon was lured to the Bimnis in the 1500s by the legend that the Fountain of Youth was located here. 
  • The currency in Bimini is the Bahamian dollar (BSD), which is equivalent in value to the US dollar. Most shops will accept credit cards as well. 
  • The average temperature in Bimini ranges from 70F in the winter to 80F in the summer
  • The rainy season in Bimini runs from May to October with June and October being the wettest months. 

Why Go to Bimini On A One-Day Cruise

Paradise is easily in reach with the closest Bahamian Islands to the United States, the Biminis. With a day cruise leaving from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, you will easily be transported to a secluded dream world in just 48 nautical miles. 

Once you arrive in the Bimini Islands, you’ll find a whole world of underwater adventures, shopping, and watersports awaiting to transport you away from the hustle and grind of the mainland without the hassle of crossing international datelines. Not to mention a fascinating history that includes the Road to Atlantis, the legend of the Fountain of Youth, and the inspired writing of Hemingway’s “Islands In the Stream.” 

Its close proximity to the east coast of Florida means you’ll have plenty of time to make the trip there and back, with plenty of lounge time on Bimini in between. 

Why consider a Bimini Day Trip:

  • It feels like a whole new world while not leaving the east coast time zone
  • It is a foreign destination with easy immigration
  • You’ll have around six hours to check out the beaches, partake in watersports, or eat and shop in Alice Town.

What’s included:

  • Air Conditioned Boat/Airplane
  • Landing and Facility Fees
  • Transportation to Resort (check with operator)

Not included:

  • Water activities like dolphin swims, reef snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing
  • Meals
  • Extra luggage fees

What To Pack

  • Passport
  • Valid authorization for Re-Entry to the United States
  • Beach necessities

How To Get There & Around

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Seaplane: A private seaplane is the fastest way to Bimini, getting you there in just 30 minutes. While it can be costly (around $4000 USD roundtrip), you can leave and return on your own schedule, bring up to eight people with you, and pets can also travel this way. 

Commercial Place: Transport by commercial airliner will take around 1 hour. While less costly than a private seaplane (between $250-$500USD roundtrip) you are restricted to the flight schedule.


Ferry: Taking the ferry is a practical and inexpensive way to get to Bimini. The trip lasts around 2 – 2.5 hours, and rates generally run under $100 USD per passenger.

Getting around Bimini: If you arrive in South Bimini, where the airplanes land, you’ll need to catch a short taxi and ferry ride to North Bimini, where Alice Town is. 

North Bimini is only seven miles long, and you won’t likely make much use of a car. Instead, most people walk, bike, or golf cart around Alice Town.

What To Do On Bimini When You Get There

Most day cruises to Bimini will give you a solid 6-8 hours to explore. Luckily the island is small enough to get around, making it easy to facilitate all your paradise dreams.

Here are some of the best activities on the Bimini Islands:

  • Explore the island’s stunning beaches and cove lagoons
  • Go Big Game Fishing like Ernest Hemingway once did here
  • Go diving in some of the calmest and crystal blue waters in the world
  • Try a new watersport; Bimini offers stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling, to name a few
  • Rent a bike and take a leisurely ride around the Alice Town’s shops, restaurants, and bars
  • Head to one of the numerous casinos in the resorts
  • Get a day pass for one of the resorts and enjoy the luxury amenities like private pools and beaches

These are some must-see sites of interest on the Bimini Islands.

  • The Dolphin Museum House, inspired by dolphins and the Bimini seashore, was built in 1993 out of recycled materials by local author, artist, and historian Ashley Saunders. Its structure is covered in colorful tiles, shells, and sea glass. It is a museum, art gallery and eco treasure all in one.
  • Radio Beach is a hot destination for many day tourists. It is named for the nearby radio towers, the first of which was built in 1920. The beach itself is a vast swath of idyllic white sand that is fronted by a garden of coral heads, making for calm waters, great snorkeling, and excellent shore fishing. This is the perfect place to grab some picnic supplies from nearby vendors and watch the local fishermen pull in their catch for the day. 
  • Ponce de Leon once searched for The Fountain of Youth in the Biminis, and now so can you. According to legend, spring water located in carved-out limestone on the island was the source of eternal youth. If you also think it wouldn’t hurt to try, the spot is well marked with signposts and is near the road leading to the South Bimini Airport. 

Who Offers The Best One-Day Cruises To Bimini

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Several companies offer the one-day trip to paradise package, with most leaving out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Here are some of the best options for a one-day cruise to Bimini. 

By Fast Ferry

Bimini Day Cruise

Bimini Day Cruise offers a round trip from Miami to Bimini on a fast ferry with 427 person capacity. The trip lasts approximately two hours and includes a day pass to  Hilton Bimini with pool and beach access. 

Embarkation for this boat is from 6-8 am and then departs at 9 am and arrives in Bimini just in time for lunch at 11 am. You will have approximately seven hours to enjoy the Biminis before leaving at approximately 630 pm back to the mainland. 

This cruise leaves on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

A roundtrip ticket costs approximately $220 US dollars, subject to seasonal changes. 

Balearia Caribbean

Balearia Caribbean runs a fast ferry catamaran that can hold up to 800 people and over 100 vehicles onboard the roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale to the Biminis. It also has bonus amenities, including internet, a small cafeteria, and even a bar to enjoy a cocktail on the way to the Bimini Islands.

The Balearia offers day pass add-ons to both the Hilton by Resorts World Bimini and Viva Wyndham All-Inclusive Resort for all-day pool and beach access. 

The fast ferry catamaran departs at 9 am from Ft Lauderdale and arrives at 11 am. The return trip leaves the Bimini Islands at 6 pm arriving back on the mainland at 8 pm.

This cruise leaves every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. 

A roundtrip ticket costs approximately $200 US dollars, subject to seasonal changes. 

Grayline Miami

The Grayline Miami is a 600-passenger ferry equipped with a gift shop and snack counter. It is a two ride from Ft Lauderdale to the Bimini Islands. 

The Grayline Miami offers a day pass to the Hilton Resort World Bimini, where you will have access to the casino, restaurants, and private beach. A roundtrip transfer to the Hilton is included in the ferry ticket price. 

This ferry departs Ft Lauderdale at 9 am and arrives at 11 am. It disembarks from the Bimini Islands between 6 pm and 730 pm and arrives back between 8 and 930 pm, depending on the season. 

This cruise leaves the Ft Lauderdale Port every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

A roundtrip ticket costs approximately $229 US dollars, subject to seasonal changes. 

By Air

Bahamas Air Tours

Flying Bahamas Air Tours is the fastest way to get from Miami to the Biminis via a private flight. Flights are capped at nine people maximum, meaning you will likely have the whole flight limited to just your party. 

It is the peak of luxury to sail over the Bahamas, where every seat is a window seat, there are no long check-ins, and you’ll be able to maximize your time for the day on the Bimini Islands with a short travel time. 

Another bonus is that you’ll have more control over the time of takeoff from Miami and the return back from the Bimini Islands. 

The pricing for a private charter flight includes 5-star service and depends on your customization. 

Fly Tropic Seaplanes

Fly Tropic has been making customized itineraries from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas since 2009 on their Cessna Caravan aircraft. These intimate flights can accommodate up to 9 people per flight. 

This VIP experience includes complimentary valet, convenient boarding just 15 minutes before departure, and no long TSA lines. If you don’t travel light for a day trip, there’s also extra room for baggage.

By taking a private seaplane you have the added benefit of choosing your departure times on both ends of the trip, offering you maximal flexibility in your itinerary for the day. 

Pricing for Fly Tropic is by request. 

Commercial Flight

Commercial flights leave from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami to the Port Royal airport in South Bimini on a daily basis, multiple times a day on a variety of major carriers. Although the distance is the same, a commercial flight can easily take several hours compared to a private chartered flight’s 30-minute travel time due to additional check-in procedures and the additional number of passengers related to a larger commercial airport. 

Commercial flights have fluctuating prices based on the time of week and season that you fly.