13 Fun Places in Malaga and Marbella for Nightlife

After a day of sightseeing or beachgoing in Malaga or Marbella, it’s time to get ready for a fun night out on the town. And thankfully, these two destinations on the Costa del Sol are just as lively at night as they are during the day!

From glamourous nightclubs to rocking live music venues, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to evening entertainment.

What’s the Best Place for Nightlife in Malaga and Marbella?

Malaga has a little bit of everything in terms of Nightlife. Head to Sala Gold for a traditional nightclub experience, ZZ Pub for live music, or La Tranca for late-night Tapas. Marbella, on the other hand, is a bit more upscale, with glitzy nightclubs like Olivia Valรจre, Funky Buddha, and Momemento.

But as two of the most visited destinations on the Costa del Sol, there are so many other fun places to visit for evening entertainment! I’m here to share a couple of my favorite nightlife venues where you can dance, drink, and party until the sun comes up!

What is Nightlife Like in Malaga and Marbella?

Generally speaking, nightlife in Malaga and Marbella (as well as the rest of Spain) starts late. While you’ll often find people having drinks in the late afternoon/early evening, most people won’t really get started with their night until after dinner, which can be anywhere from 9 PM to 11 PM.

On the weekends, nightclubs will usually open around 11 PM or midnight and close early in the morning. However, tapas bars, pubs, and more laid-back venues will close much earlier.

My Favorite Nightlife Venues in Malaga

As a relatively big city, Malaga has evening entertainment for all types of travelers. From laid-back beach bars and pubs to cocktail lounges and nightclubs, the options are as diverse as they are fun.

1. Sala Gold

When it comes to trendy nightclubs, Sala Gold is arguably one of the most famous in Malaga. They are open every night of the week and throw some pretty fabulous themed parties. Think choreographed dancers, light shows, live music, etc.

The crowd tends to be on the younger side (they stay open until 6 AM or 7 AM, after all!), but it’s still a very tourist-friendly venue. While the dance floor can get quite crowded on the weekend, you can always opt for a VIP table if you want a more spacious and exclusive place to hang out.

2. ZZ Pub

When I went to ZZ Pub for the first time, I was a little shocked at how small this live music venue was. But with friendly bartenders, a lively atmosphere, and awesome music, it quickly became one of my favorite nightlife venues in the entire city.

There are shows almost every night of the week. I’ve seen some pretty good rock and pop bands here, but you can also find punk, jazz, blues, rockabilly, funk, and more.

3. AMAZONIA by Wenge

As one of the trendier places in Malaga, AMAZONIA by Wenge is my go-to nightclub when I want to get dressed up. The entrance fee is a bit more expensive than other clubs, so it does attract an older 20s to 30s crowd, as well as tourists in town for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

4. Velvet Club

Can’t decide between live music or a nightclub? Well, Velvet Club is the perfect mix of both. Come here on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to catch one of their shows. Bands tend to be more indie/alternative, but they sometimes have DJs that play before and after if you want to get your groove on.

5. Theatro Club Mรกlaga

It’s really hard to describe what the vibe will be like at Theatro Club on any given evening. On some nights, it’s a chill place to go with friends to enjoy good drinks and some dancing. On other nights, it can be a massive, out-of-control party (in a good way!) with live concerts, drag shows, or even flamenco dancing!

For this reason, I highly recommend checking out their calendar of events on their website before coming.

6. Bambu Music & Drinks

Bambu is relatively new in the Malaga nightlife scene, but it is quite popular with young and trendy partygoers and tourists. Although it’s a small and intimate venue, it never feels overcrowded or crammed in, like many of the other nightclubs in the city.

The only downside is that music (which is always reggaeton) comes from a playlist. On busier nights, there may be a DJ, but you’ll likely be paying entrance fee just for the fun crowd and good service.

7. La Tranca

If you’re looking for a late-night tapas place (or just a good all-around bar to grab good food and drink), La Tranca is it. No matter what time of the day, this place always seems to be buzzing with locals and tourists alike.

The bar has a distinctly Spanish feel, although the eclectic decor of records and vintage posters does give it a more hipster vibe. But with cheap drinks, tasty snacks, and a fun crowd, La Traca is a good option for those wanting to spend their night like a real Malagan.

The Best Places in Marbella for Nightlife

Two women going to in Malaga Spain

The nightlife in Marbella is quite different from what you’ll find in Malaga. This area caters to luxury travelers, which is evident by the sheer number of upscale clubs and venues. But if you’re looking for a more laid-back place to enjoy a drink or two, then don’t worry. Marbella has plenty of cocktail lounges, pubs, and beach bars for you, too.

1. Olivia Valรจre

If you want to see and be seen, head to Olivia Valรจre. This quintessential Marbella nightclub attracts the rich and famous – whether they’re celebrities, socialites, yacht owners, or influencers.

The venue is beautiful (the inside of the club is built to resemble the Mezquita in Cordoba, while the open-air terrace is modeled after the Alhambra Palace). It is open every day, but check their calendar to see if there are any world-famous DJs, artists, and musicians scheduled.

2. Funky Buddha

With a prime location in Puerto Banus, Funky Buddha is the perfect mix of fun and glam. The Thai-inspired interior makes this a very pretty place to party, even if the entrance fee and drinks can be a bit expensive. It also doesn’t open until 1 AM, which means you better be prepared for a long night out!

Funky Buddha also has another nightclub located further inland, which happens to open early (10 PM). They also have an outdoor area, which is nice if you want to enjoy the warm summer evenings.

3. Pangea

Pangea is another place in Marbella where you can rub shoulders with the wealthy. In addition to interior space (which is complete with VIP lounges), they also have a rooftop bar which boasts panoramic views of the Puerto Banus harbor. The atmosphere is lively, although it feels a bit more like a cocktail lounge rather than a nightclub.

4. Momento Marbella

Momento Marbella is one of the most exclusive clubs in all of Marbella. Located inside a stunning architectural temple-style building, this restaurant/nightclub/bar is the epitome of high class.

Come for the delicious Nikkei food, upscale-themed parties, and celebrity sightings. But just be prepared to pay a hefty price tag for the privilege.

5. Joy’s Bar and Nightclub

For over 50 years, Joy’s Bar and Nightclub has been entertaining Marbella with its live musical evenings. Whether you’re here to see a live pianist, saxophonist, rock band, or cover singer, you can bank on having an enjoyable time here.

It’s located right by the harbor in Puerto Banus, so guests are generally more tourists rather than locals. You can also come during the day if you want to have front-row seats to see all the mega yachts coming in and out of the bay.

6. Havana Hemingway

Take a walk along the harborside promenade in Puerto Banus, and you’ll likely see a line of people waiting to get into Havana Hemingway. This self-proclaimed disco cocktail club has free entry every night of the week and some incredible themed parties that go until the early morning.

You’ll find go-go dancers, live saxophonists, rhythmic percussion shows, and more. Plus, they have a decent restaurant in case you’re feeling a bit hungry while you’re there.