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New Bern, North Carolina Kid Activities

Everyone enjoys taking a vacation, even kids, and when we travel, it is always important to consider the needs and wants of everyone at the travel party.

When traveling with kids, no matter the age, the dynamics of the vacation change.  

There will likely be more stops for food, restrooms, and stretching legs if you are driving, and if you are flying or traveling another way, it will also have its joy and set of challenges.

Anyone who has ever traveled with kids knows that they might have to deal with boredom, overexcitement, and any number of emotional issues that can also arise on top of the physical aspects of travel.

So, when we finally land at our destination, wherever that may be, it is almost always in our minds that we need to have something for them to do. 

Sure, an onsite pool is great, as a fitness room, playground, and any number of other activities.

Once those go-to kid stand-ins are exhausted, we are left trying to figure out activities that our kids can do, and we can happily do with them to make wonderful family memories that we will remember for years to come.

Things To Do With Kids In New Bern, North Carolina 

If you’re visiting New Bern, North Carolina with your children, be sure you check out the Fireman’s Museum with your younger kids, especially if they like trucks. Besides the beach, older kids will love the Jumpin Jive Battlefield for arcade games and laser tag or the Bear Towne Escape Room.

A well-rounded vacation is a must for a family with kids and one that offers a variety of events to please everyone in the family.  

The below-listed activities will do just that when any family makes a stop in New Bern, North Carolina.

New Bern’s Fireman’s Museum

New Bern North Carolina Kid Activities 1

For a bit of history and fun, this museum in New Bern will entertain and educate kids all in one shot.  

While we know the water and all the outdoor fun will be what they want to do, this can provide an educational diversion on those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and they’ve made one too many sandcastles.

This tour can make a great diversion between lunch and a dessert or right after breakfast while mom goes shopping and the older kids want to crash at the pool.

The tour does charge a fee, but it’s reasonable and comes with an experienced tour guide that can answer any questions.

Jumpin Jive Battlefield, Inc.

For the older kids who want some excitement and fun geared towards their age group and the type of activities, they enjoy this establishment is the perfect spot for them. 

This facility has something for everyone from Laser Tag to arcade games, zip-lining, and a climbing wall.  

Kids of all ages will delight in the diversity of activities that will easily smile on all the kids’ faces!

With so much to do under one roof, it will be hard to choose which to do first.   

While this establishment has numerous activities for travelers to this area to enjoy, it must be noted that they are only open on weekends from Friday to Sunday.

Reservations are suggested and can be made online for specific activities and entertainment.

New Bern North Carolina Kid Activities 2

Bear Towne Escape Room

For something a bit different and unique, this activity is something for the kids in the travel party and the adults to enjoy together.  

Perfect for those moments when you want something completely different to do for a diversion from your beach vacation, an escape room can amuse you while working everyone’s brain a bit.

There are a few different rooms to choose from when participating that allow participants to use their smarts to solve the clues in up to sixty minutes to find their way out of the room you are in.

Reservations are suggested, and pricing varies from one room to the next based on how hard or easy the escape room is for those who participate. 

It is best to call in advance before arriving if not booking online.

This activity makes a great prelude to dinner, a bit of fun and entertainment followed by a delectable dinner.

Can I take my very young children to any of the above-listed kid activities?

Yes, you can take your very young children to the above-listed activities based upon our preference and their tolerance for noise, lights, and action.

Traveling with very young children can be tiresome for some people and make a vacation to the beaches of North Carolina seem like more of a chore and less of a vacation.

The good news is that there are numerous other activities in the surrounding area that they can participate in.

Should none of these options suit you and our children, you can take frequent breaks between these activities to provide them with some outdoor fun at a local park or playground, which thankfully there are many in this area.

Very young children are often amused and delighted by the simple things in life. 

The sand at the beach, a swim at a playground, and so forth can make them smile and provide you with some much-needed parental relief and relaxation, at least for five minutes anyway.

When traveling with numerous people in your travel group, including very young children, be sure to ask for help when you need a break for some mom or dad time to enjoy your vacation.

Older siblings or other relatives or friends traveling with you will understand and likely be more than happy to give you the time you need for a break.

Numerous other activities for kids exist in the New Bern, North Carolina area and its surrounding location, including outdoor parks, theaters, and the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, which offers fun with a side of food for the kiddos.

Creativity is important when traveling with kids. 

Thinking outside the box and finding budget-friendly activities while providing them with the excitement and newness they crave while having a good time isn’t as challenging as it seems.

Planning is very important and using the internet and online resources to find unique amusements in this area and setting up the family’s itinerary will have everyone excited about the vacation.

Closing Points

The New Bern, North Carolina area has numerous kid-friendly activities to do.  Families with children of varied ages will not lack entertainment that will keep everyone happy.

Using creativity, outside the box mentality, and internet resources can make the vacation experience to this area more interesting and enjoyable while keeping the budget down.

If you are on vacation with your family at the end of the day, you find that everyone doesn’t have a good time, so fresh air, open space, and sunshine work wonders too!

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